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Ciao, I am Dani! On this page, you will find detailed and comprehensive travel guides I wrote to help you traveling this beautiful planet Earth.

Between other things, all guides include:

  1. The Best Attractions to See and Activities to Do
  2. A Map of the Hotspots and How to Move Around your Destination
  3. A Full Analysis of the Budget you might Need
  4. Curiosities and Cultural Trivia to Enrich your Visit
  5. What to Pack for your Destination
  6. First-hand Tips & Suggestions
  7. Within the mix, you might also find some Beer Degustation Tips!

I hope you will enjoy my articles.

Feel at home!

– Dani

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Most Popular Guides

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If you haven’t seen Bali yet, this is where you should go next! The Earthly Paradise, Island of Gods and home of Bintang!

mallorca destination


Sea Vibes, Stunning Nature, Fiesta and Tapas. The Queen of the Mediterranean, an Island to Live and to Love!

cuba travel guide-min


Between Colours, Rhytm and an Aged-Rum Flavour; Cuba is a surprising and deeply proud Island rich of History and Social Fights.


“Follow your Dreams,

before your dreams will follow you”

– An Inspireful Woman I met