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On this page, you will find gift ideas for travelers, ideas for gifting a surprise trip, and everything related to “giving” someone a travel-related experience 🙂

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Our Handmade Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers (“dreamcatchers” in English) nowadays have become a symbol of freedom and can really be found everywhere: in hippie beach bars, on top of children’s beds in bedrooms, and even in starter-kits for the true instagrammer-vanlifer (*sarcastic tone*) 😉

Few, however, know the original meaning of these talismanic-lucky charms whose origins date back to Native Americans: if you are interested, find out more about it, we have written an entire article on the meaning, history and symbolism of dreamcatchers.

If, on the other hand, you want everything right away, in summary dreamcatchers are fluttering, evocative good luck charms that, according to Ojibve and Lakota (two Native American tribes) traditions, serve to keep nightmares away and filter the good dreams.

According to legends, each component of a dreamcatcher has a specific meaning, although of course it is thenup to the eyes of the beholder to give it the value and meaning he or she best believes.

Over the past few years, Isa (the creative half of Lost on the Route) has combined her work (painting on canvas) with her passion for these objects that have so fascinated her, to the point that she has begun to weave so many kinds, mainly inspired by the places we visit.

If you might be interested in either supporting the Lost on the Route blog or receiving one of these colorful handmade good luck charms to beautify a place you love, below you can find some of the work she created 🙂


Handmade knot by knot, unique pieces inspired

to the beauties of our planet earth 🙂

handmade dream catchers - for home, RV and local - travel patterns

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