Free Fake Cruise Ticket Template for Gifting A Surprise Trip! 😀

In this brief article, you find an easy-to-customize Template to create a Fake Cruise Ticket / Boarding pass, to use for gifting a surprise trip, making a prank or anything else you might have in mind 🙂 

Free Fake Cruise Tickets Boarding Pass Templates for all Companies

Are you looking for a Creative Way to reveal

a Surprise Cruise Trip?

Here you’ll find the Free and Easily-Customizable

Fake Cruise Ticket you need!



Are you planning to gift a surprise cruise to a loved one, but you feel bad for not having anything physical to wrap and hide?

I know what you feel: gifting a trip is one of the most awesome presents you can do to a travel-lover, but it’s hard to put it in a box to create that cliff-hanger feeling the other person will feel it when unwrapping it.

I found myself in the situation of having to gift a surprise trip several times in my life, and gifting a customized Boarding Pass, being that for a plane or for a cruise trip, is one of my favourite ways to reveal a surprise trip in a creative way!

After all, holding a boarding pass in our hands, is something that moves the thought of traveling in our minds, frees the emotions and creates a positive sense of anticipation.

As I created in the past the tickets for myself, I thought of putting them freely available online for everyone in the same situation to customize and enjoy ;D

In the following paragraphs, you can download the Template and I’ll show you how to rapidly download and customize a fake airline ticket for your needs!

Enjoy! 🙂



All you Need before Starting: Powerpoint of Keynote

To Open the Fake Cruise Boarding Pass Template we offer you on this blog, all you will need is:

  • Microsoft Powerpoint (on Windows),
  • Keynote (on Apple), 
  • or Impress (Open Office) 


Download Fake Plane Ticket Template – For Free


Click the Button below to download the Fake Plane Ticket Template.


FAKE cruise ship ticket - Customize and Print


Once you have got the file, just double-click to open it with Microsoft Powerpoint (or Keynote for Mac Users).

 The template is composed by four slides (and six different templates).

Choose the Template you like most.

On the left side, you find the instructions on how to customize your cruise fake ticket to your needs.

Hereafter, I summarize the available tweaks and customization options you might be interested to check out.

How to Customize it? Easy Guide! 🙂



Step 1. Click on Anything you Want to Modify 

royal carribean - Fake Cruise Boarding Pass Template

Customizing the Fake Plane Ticket Template is extremely straightforward: just click on ANYTHING you want to change, and edit it according to your preference. It’s that easy 🙂

You can change any information you see: Titles, Name, Dates, Destination, Message, Logos, Background Photo etc.

If you need, you can translate the text to another language too just by clicking on it and re-writing it.



Step 2. customize fonts and colours of your fake plane ticket


Give some character to your fake cruise ticket!

You can change the color of the texts (or leave them black like an original airline ticket), the borders and the background color too!

To change the background colors, simply click on the color, then click the tab “Format” and change the color with the option “Fill Color”.




You want to make your fake cruise boarding pass even more epic?

Then why not adding a QR or Bar Code (like in the original tickets), but hiding a secret message within it?

Within a QR Code, you can hide a picture, a message, a video, a download, an URL, a map… any digital content you want! Imagine the possibilities ;D

To create you own QR, simply go on the website QR Code Generator, sign-up for free, decide what you want to encrypt, and create it!

Once you have it, download the code in JPG format, and paste it right where you want it on the boarding pass.


STEP 3.2 qr is not your thing? just choose an icon instead!

icons for fake boarding pass template

If you believe the QR Code to be something that doesn’t add anything to the purpose of your fake cruise ticket template, why not inserting a destination icon instead?

On the last slide of the file, I already prepared many icons for you to choose from. Simply copy the one you think fits better, and paste it where you need it to add an extra customized touch to the ticket 🙂

If you don’t find any icon that fits your purpose, I can recommend you to run a fast search on Flaticon.

(Their icon library is enormous and I am sure you will find what you need 😉 .

Download it, paste it in the ticket, resize it and it’s done! 😀


STEP 4. print YOUR fake cruise boarding pass ticket ON cardboard

Double-check all info and spelling.

Once everything is set, now all is left is to print you fake cruise boarding pass ticket!

Personally, I suggest you to don’t print it on a normal A4 paper. Try to use a harder one instead, like the one that it’s used for real tickets.

With the proper paper, the feel will be right and the fake cruise ticket will resemble even more closely a real cruise boarding pass ticket.

If you’re not printing from home, simply save the fake cruise ticket template as a PDF and bring it to a printing shop in that format on your phone or on a USB stick.

Print, cut it carefully with scissors and you’re ready to fake your cruise! ;D


STEP 5. if it’s for a present, why not wrapping it in an unconventional way?

Now you have your fake ticket. We all know you didn’t print it to yourself, don’t you?

Most likely you printed it to impress, prank or surprise a very special someone 😉

In that case, if revealing a surprise trip is what’s on your mind, you are in luck: we have two more articles you might want to check out to complete your surprise, that might help you to bring it from great to epic!

You can find the links here below 🙂



how to reveal a surprise trip boarding pass

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to Reveal

a Surprise Trip (pt.1)

surprise trip announcement - 5 creative ideas

5 (MORE) Creative ideas

for a memorable surprise

trip announcement (pt.2)



Fake Plane Ticket Template – Conclusion

6 different cruise boarding pass templates to download, customize and print - Free Direct Download

Did you find the Fake Cruise Ticket you were looking for?

Was it easy enough to download and edit according to your needs!

Let me know in the comments what you used it for, I am always happy to receive some feedback,

it’s what most motivates me to write and create new content! 🙂

I wish you a lot of happiness in your life,

See you in the next article! 😀


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Fake Plane Ticket Template to Customize | Free Download

In this brief article, you find an easy-to-customize Template to create a Fake Plane Ticket, to use for gifting a surprise trip, making a prank or anything you else you might have in mind 🙂   You want to surprise a special someone with a Surprise Trip? Or you...

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