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Do you dream of converting a van into a campervan all DIY?

Are you looking for information on how to design, homologate, cut, glue, build, or insulate a van?

Whether you’re a complete neophyte, or an experienced outfitter, on this page you can find a library of all the articles we’ve written over the years on the topic of do-it-yourself RVs to supplement the Mega-Guide to Van Conversionreally a mammoth guide!)

I thought to put all these insights on this separate page so you can quickly get to what interests you most, without wasting time scrolling through the whole main guide 😉

All guides are free and in-depth, plennty of details without leaving anything for granted.

Also, at least once a year each article is re-updated to stay current (mobile life technologies are constantly evolving!) 🙂

Happy research, and good work!!!

Ps. dream big! 😀


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“Dropping everything, converting a van and leaving full-time, is not madness.

I think it’s much crazier to dream about it, and out of fear never do it!”

– Dani