Converting a Van: All the Camper Products I’ve Used and Where to Buy Them

camperize a van - products and useful sites to convert a van into a camper DIY

Where to look for useful tools, accessories and products for campervans?

Is it better to rely on local stores or online?

In this article, I’ll share my experience and show you what I used for my project.





As I like to repeat, the “assembly” in a camper project takes a lot (sometimes a lot!) of time, but still always less than it takes to get to that point, and it’s just the last part of the journey.

Figuring out what you’re doing, figuring out what products you need, and then finding them at an affordable price certainly takes up a lot more time than it will take you to assemble them (and a lot more time than you think!).

For this reason, I decided to write this article in which I tell you about my experience. First, I’ll reveal the websites I’ve relied on the most to find materials/accessories/tools useful for my project, then I’ll give you some advice on when to choose physical stores instead of online ones, and finally I’ll leave you a roundup of items that I have personally purchased (after extensive research!) and that may be useful to you.

Have a great read! 🙂


1. Do-it-Yourself Camper Products – Best Online Stores

Online commerce is nowadays a viable alternative to physical stores for the vast majority of products, and this also applies to items useful to convert a Do-It-Yourself van.

In fact, to convert a van, you often need more or less specific products that are difficult to find in physical stores (especially if you’re converting in a small town, as mine was).

Fortunately, we live in a world where everything is just a click away and nothing is too far away.

Personally, I can say that without the web, I would never have been able to get my hands on all the products I wanted and used to convert my van. In fact, the web often offers fast delivery and prices so competitive that even the largest physical store chains pale in comparison (not for all products, but for many!).

Below, I’ll leave you with links to the websites I relied on to find most of the products I used to build my Do-It-Yourself Camper.


amazon prodotti camper furgone camperizzato


Amazon is the world’s leading online retailer and has a huge variety of all kinds of products, including of course those you might need for a Do-It-Yourself Camper.

Personally, I have ordered more than 100 products from Amazon and the convenience for the end user is really undisputed. I couldn’t have done without it!

If you plan to buy more products, you can certainly benefit from subscribing to Amazon Prime (3.99Euro/month or 36Euro/year).

The Benefits of ordering with Amazon Prime are:

  • Shipping costs are Free
  • Damn fast delivery (24 – 48 hours)
  • You can try a product for 30 days and if it doesn’t meet your expectations (or even if you don’t need it anymore!) you can send it back without shipping costs
  • If you have to make a return, the courier comes to take back the package directly to your home (no shipping costs)
  • You can find everything

If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet, I’ll drop you a line This Linkto try it out for free for 30 days.


LOGO CAMPING-LIFE.IT - articoli per camper e furgoni camperizzati


Camping Life is an Italian site specialized in articles for campers and camping in general.

On this site, I found many RV specific items that I couldn’t find on Amazon or in physical stores.

From here, I ordered most of the products I used for my van’swater system.

The Benefits of ordering from Camping-Life are:

  • Very fast shipping, can compete with Amazon
  • Very Competitive Prices
  • A crazy variety of items for campers
  • Specific hard-to-find items and products


batterie litio italia logo - batterie per camperizzare van litio


Batterie Litio Italia is the new website of, a small Italian company that sells quality lithium batteries at incredible prices.

Personally I bought from them 3 lithium batteries of 100ah each, and I found a very good quality for a price that is half of most stores in Italy.

Shipping time is long (up to 60 days), as the batteries are imported directly from Chinese manufacturers. If you’re not in a hurry though, the convenience is really great.

The advantages of ordering from Batterie Litio Italia are:

  • Lithium Batteries at Low Prices
  • Reliable Company and Good Customer Service






One of the leading sites in Italy for solar panels and energy solutions, with a giant catalog and a very good customer service.

Personally, I ordered my solar panels and the various parts/cables to mount them from here. If you’re thinking about installing a small PV system on your RV too, this is the site to look for.

The Solar-Energy Point technicians gave me a free consultation to study with me the best system for my needs and were very kind to answer all my questions and concerns.

The advantages of ordering from Solar-Energy Point:

  • Quality Electrical and Photovoltaic Products
  • Solar Kits for Camper ready
  • Free consultation to find the best solution


obelink articoli per camperizzare logo


Obelink is a site that specializes in RV and caravan accessories.

Personally, I recommend you take a look at it from time to time. Not all products have the lowest prices around, but sometimes you can find really good deals.

For ceiling fans, electrical accessories, plumbing, windows and accessory extras, definitely Obelink is a site to check out.

mister barche accessori per camper e fai da te


It’s no secret that boats and RVs have a lot in common: both can be small, self-contained houses.

Systems that may work for one, may do very well for the other and vice versa. That’s why, even though the site is called Mister Boats, I recommend you take a look at it.

The site offers a large quantity of pieces for the water system, kitchen, bathroom and furniture. Personally, I bought an Isotherm fridge for my camper from here: fast delivery and competitive price. logo articoli camper


Alibaba is China’s largest Markeplace: here, Chinese manufacturers sell their products directly from China.

Unlike the previous sites, with Alibaba you need to ask for quotes for the products you’re interested in and negotiate terms with the various manufacturers.

Shipping, being from China, generally takes longer than other sites, and you often have to pay customs fees to import products.

Having said all that, in some cases the factory prices found on Alibabà can result in enough savings to justify a long wait and time to clear customs.

For example, I ordered a JP Heater Combi (an identical Chinese copy of a Truma Combi) from Alibaba and, including all charges, I paid 1100 euros compared to an estimate of 3500 in Italy (-70%).

camperglass logo finestre per camperizzare van furgone fai da te


Camper Glass is a British site specializing in windows for camper vans .

The very well done site offers windows for almost any type of van and all the accessories to mount them.

Apart from that, there are also step-by-step videotutorials to help you with editing.

Being a British site, therefore from 2021 outside the European Union, the products ordered from the site must pass through customs. That said, the process is fairly quick and you can expect to get your products in 15-20 days.

Personally, I couldn’t find the windows I wanted for my VW Crafter here in Italy (2 rear windows and one side window) so I decided to rely on Camper Glass.

The service was very good, windows arrived on time and well packaged. For that, I feel like recommending them.

2. Converting a Van: When Convenient Physical Stores

where to buy products to convert a van - camper do-it-yourself

Online stores definitely allow us to save quite a bit of money on various products, and also get our hands on those specific products that we would otherwise never find around us.

That being said though, by RVing my van I have found that there are so many other things worth buying near us. Below, I leave you with a list of what I think makes the most sense to research locally:

  • Screws,Hooks and General Tools: screws, hooks, screwdrivers, files, wrenches, pliers, general glues, general work tools etc. are all things that can be found in any city or town. Buying them locally gives you three advantages: you can see them before you buy them, you can buy them the same day you need them, and probably some Chinese store near you sells them at much lower prices than those you find on the internet.

  • Timber and bulky materials (e.g. for insulation): it is difficult to find someone on the internet who can quickly send you bulky and heavy materials. Also, shipping costs are usually expensive and making a return is almost impossible. In the case of planks, wood panels, or insulation materials, I recommend looking around you for a lumber mill and/or material/construction companies. They will certainly be able to help you find the materials you need, and maybe even give you some professional advice on how to use them or how to modify them to meet your needs.

  • Specific Fittings: If you need a specific part (a pipe fitting, a gasket, a lug of a specific size, hooks, joint pieces, etc.) rely on your local stores! You can bring them your problems ( 😉 ) and get them to tell you for sure what part you need. The cost is usually low, and you have the advantage of being sure that what you bought is right (without having to wait to return it in case it doesn’t work).

  • Electrical Cables: Electrical cables are generic materials, the same everywhere. Normally you pay per meter, and the more you grow in section, the more the price increases. For that, I recommend buying them locally from some electrical store. Doing so will allow you to buy cables as you need them, and possibly get advice on the section if you’re unsure of any steps.

  • Flooring: personally, I think the floor is something to be seen and touched. Although even online sites can send you samples, I’d recommend (once you’ve decided on the material) visiting a few local stores to get a wider range of choices.


  • Decorations: decorations are very personal and go by taste. From my experience, I can tell you that it’s much more fun to decorate slowly as you find items in your path. Also, since space in a camper van is very tight, you need to carefully measure each item each time to make sure its dimensions fit your project.



The physical stores I frequented most during my experience of convertion have been Chinese stores (those that have everything, but really everything), DIY stores, carpentry and craft stores (curtains, plumbing, electrical etc) … and I must say that I rediscovered corners of my country that I did not even know existed! 😉

That being said, in the next chapter I want to show you all the products I’ve ordered online (so many!) to help you get an idea of what you might need.



3. Products I Used to Convert My Van

products bought online

Now that I’ve told you about the stores both online and physical where I found the materials, accessories, tools and various components to convert my van; below, I offer a list of all the products I ordered online.

Personally, I think I have Iordered about 80% of all the products I used from the internet, so don’t be too surprised by how long the list is 😉 Except for the things I’ve already mentioned in the previous chapter, I found the internet to be much cheaper and more convenient.

I’ve divided the list into categories to help you find the right products you might need at different stages of the conversion. During my conversion experience, it took me forever to find the products I needed and I browsed site after site. I hope the list below will help you put in a lot less time than it took me!

For your convenience, clicking the image of any product will take you directly to the Amazon page (or the site where I purchased it) should you also be interested in buying it or simply interested in understanding the qualities of the products you need.

For the sake of transparency, I would like to point out that I participate in the Amazon Associate program and that for any purchase made through the links on this site, I receive a small commission that I use to support the costs of this blog, obviously at no extra-cost to you ? )

Let’s cut to the chase, and here’s the list!



Roller Shower Door

Self-adhesive shelf

Stretchable Clothesline

Ventilation Grid

Porta rotolo di carta igienica da parete - autoadesiva, senza foratura, impermeabile, antipolvere

Waterproof Roll Holder

Rubinetto Miscelatore Bagno Monocomando per Doccia da Incasso per camper

2-Way Mixer

Copriwater Sedile WC Universale

Universal Water Cover

raccordo per botte di acqua piovana con attacco per tubo flessibile

Fitting for Tank

Round Modified Gravity Water Inlet Filler Tanks Caravan Camper Trailer

Refill Nozzle

Piletta di scarico per doccia

Shower drain

Filtro dell'acqua da avvitare alle pompe dell'acqua a pressione.

Water Pump Filter

Fiamma 02478-01 Vaso di Espasione

Expansion Vase

Shurflo Trail King 7 – Pompa dell'Acqua

Shurflo Trailking 7 pump

tubo polietilene per camper blu 12mm

Polyethylene Pipe (11mm Blue)

tubo polietilene per camper rosso 12mm

Polyethylene Pipe (11mm Red)

tubo carico scarico camper vanlife 40mm

S/load tube(40mm)

raccordi rapidi per camper furgone van convertito fai da te

Quick Couplings for Tubes (11mm)

set di stringitubi di varie dimensioni per impianto idrico camperizzare van

Hose clamps

Hose reel for refill


Schermo Dispositivo per il Controllo delle Batterie – Victron BMW 712 Smart

Lithium Battery Control Screen

Caricabatterie intelligente per camper

Smart Charger

Stretchable Clothesline

Smartradio per VW Crafter

Smartradio for VW Crafter

Samsung Smart Monitor M5 27" in risoluzione Full HD

SmartTV and 27'' Screen

Supporto TV universale (Orienta, Inclina, Ruota) per prodotti per furgone camperizzato

Universal TV Mount

Telecamera Retromarcia Specifico Per Furgone Con Luci Led sprinter crafter

Rear view camera for Sprinter/Crafter

interruttore fusibile per camper - prodotti per camperizzare

Circuit Breaker Fuse (300A)

fusibile a interruttore 50a per camper - impianto elettrico

Circuit Breaker Fuse (50A)

Interruttore 60a per camper - prodotti per van camperizzato

Fuse to Switch

VICTRON Energy VICTRON VE.Direct Dongle Bluetooth Smart - prodotti per camperizzare

Victron VE Direct Bluetooth

spina vimar - prodotti per camperizzare un van

VIMAR plug (AC)

Multipresa a 6 prese e 4 prese USB - prodotti per camper fai da te

Multi-Socket Shoe (3000W)

Set capicorda - prodotti per camperizzare un furgone

Copper Lug Set

Victron, Orion-Tr Smart, caricabatterie, 12/12-30A (360W)

Victron B2B Battery Charger

prodotti per camper Victron Phoenix Smart IP43 - Caricabatterie 12/30 (1+1), 12 V, 30 A, Bluetooth

Column Loader

Victron 8719076025436 BlueSolar MPPT 150/45-Tr (12/24/36/48V-45A), blu

Charge Regulator Victron

bus bar per camper fai da te conversione furgone

Box Bus-Bar

scatola fusibili per auto - prodotti per camperizzare un van

Car Fuse Box

Prolunga IEC 3 per Colonnina

IEC extension cable 3 for column

Doppia Presa da Parete USB 12V - prodotti per camperizzare fai-da-te van

Double USB 12V socket

Schwabe 61480 Spina di Alimentazione CEE PRODOTTI per camperizzare van furgone

CEE Power Plug

GIANDEL 3000Watts Inverter a onda sinusoidale - prodotti per camperizzare un furgone

Inverter Giandel 3000W

Isolatore batteria intelligente Scatola Portafusibili, Portafusibili Lama ATC/ATO con Indicatore LED e Coperchio Protettivo per Camper

Fuse box 12V


Foglio per l’attenuazione di forti luci LED - prodotti per camper

Attenuating Sheet for Led

Nastri Led 10 m autoadesivo - 300 LED, Impermeabile IP65, Alimentatore5A 12V, Telecomando a 44 Tasti

Multicolor Led Strip 12V

Interruttori a 12V pulsanti rotondo - prodotti per camperizzare van accessori ed articoli

12V Switches

Acegoo - Faretti led da incasso 12V

Acegoo Recessed Spotlights 12V

Acegoo DC12V Interruttore dimmer 12-24V

12V Dimmer Switch


12V PC fan

crimpatrice accessori per camperizzare van

Crimping Pliers


Wire Stripping Pliers


nastro adesivo di velcro per camper - camperizzare un furgone

Adhesive Velcro Tape

Seal Up Original - Spray Sigillante Bituminoso Impermeabilizzante Nero - per camper

Black Waterproofing

Rotoli Nastro Sigillante Autoadesivo

Self-Adhesive Sealant Roll

Sikaflex-521 - Sigillante resistente agli agenti atmosferici e ai raggi UV

Sikaflex 521 glue for exteriors

Membrana anti-umidità a rapida essiccazione - Mapei 124810, Mapegum WPS

Waterproof Membrane

nastro sigillante mapei per doccia camper

Shower Sealing Tape

Molle idrauliche a gas, con Viti, per Sollevamento di porte, armadi, mobili,

Hydraulic Springs

Silicone sigillante trasparente Saratoga

Transparent silicone

angoli in metallo

Metal Corners

Confezione da 100 supporti per fascette di fissaggio

Cable Tie Mounts

Sega a tazza in metallo duro - per camperizzare un van

Metal bucket saws

Rotolo di Nastro Adesivo in Alluminio - barriera vapore camperizzare furgone

Aluminium Adhesive Tape

nastro isolante per tetto furgone - camperizzare un van prodotti

Self-adhesive insulating tape

Smalto Acrilico Multiuso Nero

Black Multipurpose Acrylic

Adesivo Spray Super 77 Colla PER CAMPER

3M 77 Spray Adhesive

Scala Telescopica - prodotti per camper

Telescopic Ladder

Nastro Adesivo Elettrico

PVC Insulating Tape

fascette da elettricista - camper fai-da-te

Cable Ties

Nastro Butilico per Ventola Furgone Camper

Butyl Tape 2mm

Dima per Fori a Tasca

Pocket Hole Drilling Jig

Occhiali di sicurezza

Safety Glasses

set trapano avvitatore a percussione

Percussion Drill

levigatrice elettrica per camperizzare un furgone

Pocket Hole Drilling Jig


tavolo lagun girevole per camper

Lagun Table Stand

luci da lettura a 12V per camper

12V Reading Lamps

Hanging rack

Blackout Thermal Curtain

Pressure Curtain Rod


fornello a gas per pic nic camper campeggio

Pic-Nic Gas Fire

porta scottex - camper fai da te

Wall Paper Tray

mensole in legno per camper

Spice Rack Shelves

prodotti per camper - bollitore 1000Watt

1000W Water Kettle

articoli per camper - piano ad induzione a due piastre

Induction plate

lavello lavandino per campe

Built-in Sink

Pull-out Faucet

prodotti per camper - bollitore 1000Watt

1000W Water Kettle


maxxfan deluxe ventola


Levellers Thule for Camper

Telescopic Table

JP HEATER - riscaldatore per campervans

JP Heater Combi

4. Do-it-Yourself Camper Products – Conclusion

In this article, I’ve left you with tips on where to look for useful products for your RV project online, and advice on when it’s best to choose physical stores around you over web stores.

If you have any questions about any particular products and could use a specific review, let me know in the comments below and I’ll do what I can to help (these are all products I’ve personally ordered and used for my project!).

Similarly, if you have any doubts, find any inaccuracies or want to report some other site that might be useful to others to camper their van, let me know in the comments and I will edit the article to make it more complete 🙂

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in the next guide!




Writing detailed articles like this takesa lot of time and effort..

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For a content-creator, knowing that you are being read and that your efforts are useful to someone is the best motivation to keep writing and doing better 🙂

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