Work and Travel: 70 Ideas for Earning While Traveling the World!

Traveling full-time is a dream that many people cherish, but which not everyone unfortunately believes is possible, and even fewer are able to achieve.

After all, to travel you need money, and to get money, unless you have received a large inheritance, what you will have to do (like all of us mere mortals) is one: work! ;D

Working while traveling is not easy: it takes patience to plan, courage to take the plunge, determination to reinvent yourself, and above all, a good deal of flexibility to adapt.

That being said, if you really want something and are willing to put your whole self out there, rejoice because nothing is impossible, not even making traveling your own job! πŸ™‚

In this article you will find 70 ideas of jobs that can allow you to travel the world while supporting yourself financially, as well as lots of tips on how to find them.

working while traveling - ideas of jobs to do that allow you to travel

You love to travel and wouldn’t want to

ever unpack the suitcase?

Do you dream of Working While Traveling?

In This article you will find 70 ideas

Of jobs that will allow you to

Sustain Yourself and Travel the World! πŸ™‚




To travel, you need money.

Not a lot, but enough.

As much as you can travel Low-Cost (I spent years of my life with a backpack on my back and sleeping in the worst hostels to travel as much as possible while saving as much money as I could),it is almost impossible to travel indefinitely at No-Cost, that is, without working.

Those who say otherwise are lying knowing they are lying: planes, gasoline, food, entrance fees to attractions, tolls, visas, internet sims–no matter how much everything can be cut to the bone, a little travel money is always needed.

If you are thinking about turning your life into a permanent trip, probably you already came to the conclusion that you need money to travel and the fateful question surely already popped into your head, “What job can I do that will allow me to travel and earn enough to live at the same time?”

In this article, I give you 70 ideas of jobs that you could do while traveling, useful links on how to find them and some personal reflections that could help you change your life and become a full-time traveler.

Let’s start right away, on the hunt for your geographical independence! πŸ™‚

1. Volunteer/Stage work

volunteer work and internships abroad - travel and support yourself

In this chapter we look together at jobs that can allow you to travel as a volunteer (but not only!), perhaps without breaking through in monetary terms, but still earning more than enough to support you as you explore new parts of the world.


WORKAWAY AND WORLDPACKERS works as a volunteer

Worldpackers and Workaway are two fantastic platforms that allow people to find volunteer jobs around the world and do cultural exchanges.

This platform, is a bulletin board for individuals and associations looking for volunteers to help them in their daily lives and projects.

In return for the work, the volunteer normally receives room and board, and in some cases even a small monetary lump sum to cover expenses and other extras (excursions, internet, experiences etc.).

Often, the accommodation is right in the host family’s home, which makes these experiences unique for discovering the culture of a place, really “living” the local life and, in case you are interested, learning the language as well.

Feeding kangaroos in Australia, building a school in Tanzania, cleaning house in the fjords of Norway, harvesting rice in Indonesia, caring for cats in Thailand, a tour guide in Morocco, cleaning statues in a garden in France–really on these platforms you can find the most absurd jobs, In truly remote and dreamy places.

Whether you want to take a sabbatical, travel while spending little, contribute to sustainable projects to improve our planet, or have unique and memorable life experiences, a Workaway/Worldpackers stint certainly could be for you!

We, traveling and living in an RV, occasionally stop where we find a project that inspires us for a few weeks: so far they have all been great experiences and we can only recommend it! πŸ™‚

Useful Sites for Finding Volunteers/Internships Around the World:


works as an au pair

Au Pair, is an option open mainly to girls that involves living with a foreign family and helping a few hours a day with housework and children in exchange for hospitality, food and a small allowance.

They say “au pair” girl because you are effectively integrated into the family and treated as an equal to any other member. In recent years, many families are also willing to accept au pairs.

Au pair is widely practiced in the United Kingdom and the United States, although by searching one can find opportunities just about everywhere.

If you like children, are interested in experiencing living with another family in another part of the world and maybe improving your language skills, working as an Au Pair can be a solution to travel to a new place, learn a new language and support yourself by working abroad πŸ™‚

Useful Sites for Finding AuPair Jobs:



If you have never stayed in a hostel before, give yourself a gift and spend at least one night there!

I personally love hostels madly, I have indelible memories collected in hostels on the 5 continents and my dream has always been to open one!

Hostels are accommodations for low-cost travelers and backpackers, where you do not book a single room, but a bed.

The rooms are full of bunk beds, and each time you never know who you will share a room with.

The common areas are made for socializing and getting to know each other: there may be regular events, there may be excursions, relaxation areas… each hostel is a microcosm unto itself, where usually there is a great sense of the culture and philosophy of life of those who designed and created it.

The vast majority of hostels operate thanks to volunteer travelers, which is why finding a job in a hostel is so easy: bartender, housekeeper, entertainer, recepctionist, tour guide–in a hostel you could find yourself doing all that and more!

Normally, volunteers are not required to have any specific skills; hostels offer room and board in exchange for 2-3 hours a day of help. The work is not heavy, and if you like socializing and meeting people there really is no better job than this.

If you are between 18 and 40 years old (although there really is no age in hostels in my opinion!) and want to live somewhere away from home at a very low cost, working in a hostel might be for you!

In addition, hostels offer jobs of even a few weeks, so you can change places and environments often πŸ™‚

Useful Sites Where to Find Hostel Jobs:


works abroad traveling on a farm

Agriculture has its own rhythms.

Farms and farmers must follow them.

Often hands are not enough. Solution? They are looking for temporary staff!

Seasonal work in agriculture requires in the vast majority of cases unskilled personnel who are in excellent physical condition. Extra arms are always in demand and and always will be needed!

Whether it is picking apples, pumpkins, olives, strawberries or potatoes, if you are willing to put yourself out there, it is possible to find a fruit picking job during all months of the year: of course you will need to travel to be in the right placeπŸ˜‰

If it’s a few days, you can find volunteer programs that let you experience it in exchange for a few hours of work.

Beyond that, however, working in agriculture as a picker is also a job that can pay very well, depending on the country you are in .

The most popular country for farm work is definitelyAustralia, which offers a one-year Working Holiday Visa to travelers between the ages of 18-30, which can be used to travel Australia one year, but having to work in agriculture for at least 84 days.

Here the hourly wage can be up to 30Euro/hour. The cost of living is certainly high, but with this salary it is still possible to support yourself amply and travel for a year, perhaps even returning with a decent nest egg.

If you like to be in touch with nature, exercise and keep fit in the countryside, traveling and working on a farm might be for you!

Useful sites for Working Holiday and finding jobs on the Farms:


working abroad as a babysitter - jobs traveling

With the current times, parents have less and less time to stay at home with their children, and more and more are resorting to a babysitter(s). Not only in Italy, but a little bit everywhere! πŸ˜€

To work as a babysitter you don’t need specific studies, however you need seriousness, love for children, responsibility and of course a lot of energy (this is coming from someone who was a kindergarten teacher for a couple of years πŸ˜‰ ).

The hourly wage, not bad at all. Some babies are very quiet, others can be more restless, however, if you like children, this could be a nice part-time job to support you for periods abroad and have fun doing it!

Obviously, babysitting is not a job that allows you to move every day (you will have to stay in one place for a few weeks/months), but it is definitely an experience that can give you so much, as well as being a chance to get to know a foreign family and a new culture.

If you are creative, and maybe you can also teach some foreign languages (like Italian abroad πŸ˜‰ ), you will surely be even more appreciated and well-liked.

Ps. To dispel a myth: yes, men can be baby-sitters too if they have passion for children, and they can do it really well! We are in 202X now! ;D

Useful Sites for Working as a Babysitter Everywhere:


Working in international festivals to support themselves by traveling

Do you have a particular passion? Maybe you love a genre of music madly? Or are you passionate about art? Or of food? Or of sports?

Working at large festivals and events, it is definitely an option to travel at no cost (even if for short periods), put some money away, and experience one of your passions from the inside .

Whether it’s handing out food, shovelling beer, helping at an info-point, acting as a translator or helping with event organization, if you are flexible finding a job at festivals is by no means a mission impossible. The pay may be higher or lower, but it is normally enough to at least cover the cost of the trip and experience.

One piece of advice I’d like to give you though, once you find what’s right for you, is to apply and send in your application as soon as possible: the more popular the festival, the more demand there will be πŸ™‚

Useful Sites for Finding Jobs in Festivals and Events Abroad:


Earn money by traveling abroad as a military

The military is a somewhat out-of-the-ordinary and sometimes unfamiliar job, a service to one’s country and a life experience.

First, it needs to be made clear that working as a military member does not necessarily mean “going shooting.”

In fact, many Army divisions serve to support distressed areas and provide security services to communities, IT, logistics or financial services.

There is certainly no shortage of opportunities to travel and experience new cultures during military service thanks to the many military bases scattered around the world.

Certainly, the military is not a job for everyone, it is not the easiest option to support yourself by traveling, and it is not a job where you discover foreign countries as a mere “tourist,” however, it is a job that allows you to travel, so I decided to include it in this list. The pay of the rest is often very good!

In conclusion, the various military trainings and training one receives can also be useful at later times in the civilian arena.

Useful Sites for Finding Jobs in the Army



working traveling abroad in a ngo

Devote one’s time to others, learn about a difference reality, do good and increase one’s knowledge.

Working for a nongovernmental organization, NGO, volunteer or nonprofit (or whatever we want to call them), is definitely an experience that can both allow you to travel and grow as people.

There are nonprofits around the world that deal with almost anything-from solving economic problems, social problems, environmental problems, political problems, architectural problems… you are spoiled for choice!

Some charities ask for an offer to accept you as a volunteer (and these I would say you could set aside right away if your goal is to travel while supporting yourself!).

That said, many others instead offer room and board and some even respectable salaries (not because NGOs are “nonprofit,” that means they cannot pay their employees…).

Turn the globe, point your finger, and surely wherever it falls you can be sure that there is a NGO with some interesting project ready to welcome you. Below are some sites where you can begin your research!

Useful Sites for Finding Volunteer Jobs in NGOs

2. Employee Jobs for Traveling the World

salaried jobs that allow for travel

In this chapter we look at opportunities for salaried jobs that could allow you to work while traveling.



travel by being a professional sportsman at a competitive level

Getting to play a sport at a competitive level, even to the point of making it your job, is a dream that many people cultivate from childhood.

As one moves up the ladder in a certain discipline (which can be soccer, cycling, table tennis, skiing, swimming, canoeing, a marathon…but also an e-sport lately!) it is normal to challenge increasingly strong opponents even across national borders .

Participating in events and shows of a certain scale is an opportunity to combine the useful with the enjoyable: traveling to work, but also to visit and immerse oneself in foreign realities.

Of course, getting to practice a discipline at a high level is not easy, especially if you are no longer very young (like yours truly), but some people make it! πŸ™‚

How to Turn a Sports Passion into a Full-Time Job

  • Give it your all, train and aspire to become number 1 in what you do πŸ™‚


travel working as a sports coach

In addition to the sportsman himself, you could still think about getting into a supporting role on some sports team (coach, organizer, instructor, massage therapist… it takes imagination and commitment, but nothing is impossible if you really want it!).

Teaching a sport can be a very lucrative job, either with an employee contract or (as we will see below) as a self-employed person. Obviously, having an employee contract will require adherence to the schedules of the relevant team, however, there will certainly be no shortage of options for travel and movement.

How to Find a Job as a Sports Instructor

  • Contact sports teams in the discipline you are most interested in and showcase your qualities as a professional πŸ™‚



work as a tourist entertainer in resorts and hotels

For some it is merely a “summer job,” for those who have done it (including me for as many as 8 seasons!) it is simply the greatest job in the world .

Being an entertainer means making people happy who work all year round to enjoy a vacation, it means giving smiles and happiness and believe me, there is nothing more satisfying!

Being an entertainer all starts with attitude, and like all jobs it is not for everyone! If you have an open attitude and eagerness to learn, this job can teach you a lot: how to play sports, how to dance, how to paint, how to DJ, how to organize events, how to speak different languages, how to speak with a microphone, how to keep an audience’s attention, how to overcome shame, how to be more confident.

The animator is a job that can be done in seaside areas (summer tourism) as well as in mountains (winter tourism), very popular on the Mediterranean, in the Caribbean, in Thailand, and in resorts in Africa. Often, all it takes to get caught is a few foreign languages (sometimes not even that), and a desire to learn.

Villages/hotels normally give room, board and a salary (which can start from 800-1000Euro as a base, to well over 2000Euro after a few seasons). The nice part of working as an entertainer, besides having fun, is that by living in a hotel you have no expenses and you can set aside salaries to travel once the tourist season is over πŸ˜‰

Useful Sites for Finding Jobs as a Tourist Entertainer


working while traveling on a cruise ship - ideas for working while traveling

Working on a cruise ship is a full-time job traveling the world.

Jobs on cruise pachyderms can range from navigational officers, to kitchen or housekeeping staff, entertainment, customer service, technical operators, and very very much moreπŸ™‚

Contracts on cruise ships commonly work in the following way (not always, but almost): you travel and work without days off when the ship is setting sail. The days off are then given all at once when the cruise ship reaches port or at any rate after a period of 3-4 months (depending on the contract).

The rhythms are tight, the staff housing maybe not the most luxurious in the world, however, the salaries for this kind of work are really good and by working you have the opportunity to land anywhere in the world!

Of course, one must have a strong stomach and above all be flexible in enduring several days in the middle of the sea with no possibility of abandoning ship πŸ™‚

Useful Sites for Finding Jobs on Cruise Ships


working on a plane traveling the world

Being an airline pilot requires study and many hours of flying, while being a flight attendant is a much more accessible job even without prior training.

If you love to fly, don’t suffer from jet lag, and have no problem waking up in New York and falling asleep in Tokyo, stewardess and steward are jobs that would certainly interest you.

The easiest way to start a career as a flight attendant is to start with the low-cost airlines (they have fewer requirements), get some experience and then move onto the more premium airlines (which maybe require a little more experience and other skills, but also pay much better!).

Useful Sites for Finding Jobs Traveling on Airplanes


what jobs you can do while traveling: chef, waiter, bartender ideas

Everyone has to eat, everywhere.

In the world today it is estimated that there are over 25 MILLION restaurants! And that’s not counting hotel restaurants, and then bars!

Some are small and familiar. Others are immense. Just think that each of these restaurants needs cooks and waiters, perhaps even for multiple shifts throughout the day.

You know what that means right? That there will be no shortage of work in the restaurant industry (as in the hotel industry)! Being flexible both mentally and geographically is the key to finding a restaurant job abroad.

In restaurants, foreign languages are always a bonus, as are smiles, cooking skills and friendliness. If you are considering a change of location and need a quick job, looking into the restaurant industry might be a good place to start. As in all jobs, the more you specialize, the easier it will be to find work (an experienced cocktails bartender does not need many languages to find work anywhere in the world!).

Useful Sites to Find Work in Catering



jobs to do while traveling: working in construction

Building roads, building houses, bridges, boats or monuments matters little!

Being a builder means having to move as needed to meet ever-changing needs: once you finish one construction, you move into the destination of the next. Cantoners, masons, engineers, architects, tilers, consultants and many others work in construction.

Despite the fact that there are construction companies that operate only in local areas, there are many that also operate on a national or international scale, and where relocation offers excellent opportunities to combine work with travel and have their travel expenses reimbursed.

Useful Sites for Finding Construction Jobs that Allow for Travel.


tour guides - jobs that allow you to earn money by traveling

One job that I personally think is wonderful is tour guiding: working traveling expensed, in always different places, with always different people!

The job of a tour guide is not for everyone; it requires a lot of patience, flexibility, kindness, charisma, adaptability and often language skills. If you don’t think this is a problem for you though, this might actually be a job for you!

Accompanying larger or smaller groups to explore foreign cities and nations is a way to travel ourselves, to constantly immerse ourselves in different cultures and to always learn about different perspectives.

You can choose to be a tour guide in your home country,or join some large tour operator and accompany visitors to any part of the globe. Normally, tour guides in addition to all paid travel expenses receive a respectable salary. If you enjoy being in contact with people, why then not turn it into your job? πŸ˜‰

Useful Sites to Find Jobs as a Tour Guide


working on the road in the world as a truck driver - jobs traveling

99% of what you see in front of you, whether in stores or online, has probably been, is, or will be transported by a truck to get to you!

Wheeled transportation is still the No. 1 system for transporting goods, and it doesn’ t look like it will decline in any near future (have you ever seen the truck lines at the borders between one nation and another? They are miles long!).

Truck driving is an essential job in today’s society (increasingly sought after by the way!), allowing one to explore one’s continent far and wide, and travel from the largest cities to the smallest villages. It is often lonely work, suitable for those who like to spend many hours with themselves and for those who do not mind being several days or weeks away from home.

To be a truck driver, what you need is a CQC license (professional freight license), which costs around 2000euro (course+exam) and a lot of passion for driving.

Useful Sites for Finding Jobs as a Truck Driver



jobs that allow you to travel: massage therapist

Massage therapist is a profession that is in high demand by luxury hotels and spas in tourist areas, but not only that, and can be done all over the world and at all ages: where there are people, there is an opportunity for massage!

With global age advancing also, more and more people are requesting the services of massage therapists, whether for relaxation or therapeutic purposes.

If you can use your hands and have no problem getting in contact (in the truest sense of the word!) with people of all kinds, massage therapist might be a job for you! Hourly pay can vary greatly, and it depends mainly on the company you work for and your experience.

If you choose to work as a massage therapist in hotels or cruise ships, you may receive room and board in addition to your salaryπŸ™‚

Where to Find Work as a Massage Therapist


ski instructor - jobs you can do while earning and traveling the world

Ski (or snowboard!) instructor is a seasonal winter profession .

If you can ski well, and you love to spend your time outdoors on the snow in the mountains, why not turn it into a job?

Ski instructor is a not necessarily full-time profession, which is nevertheless very well remunerated (in the Dolomites, where I live, a one-hour ski lesson can be paid over 100Euro quietly πŸ˜‰ ).

Wielding a few foreign languages (even at a basic level) can help you expand your audience of possible customers, but also your choice of destinations (Dolomites, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, the U.S., France, Australia to name a few places with major ski facilities).

Useful Sites to Find a Job as a Ski Instructor



working while traveling: diving instructor

A relatively rare job, but in high demand in so many seaside locations around the world.

In fact, more and more people want to experience the adrenaline rush of diving and exploring the depths of seas and lakes (if you have never done it, I recommend it, it is an amazing experience!), but to do it safely, it is important to do it with experienced people.

To become a dive instructor you need to take a course, pass swimming/swimming tests, and obtain a certification. Once you get it, you can go wherever you want and start both diving and teaching at various diving centers around the world.

The main advantage of this work is that you can do it anywhere there is demand (niche areas or highly touristy areas). In addition to this, however, you can also bank on a job in the wilderness that will allow you to do every day what so many people experience perhaps only once in a lifetime.

If you love the sea and are attracted to the deep, diving instructor might be the right profession for you to dive into πŸ˜‰

Useful Sites for Becoming a Diving Instructor


working while traveling: the consultant

A consultant is an expert in a specific subject who makes his or her knowledge available in exchange for remuneration.

If you have in-depth knowledge about a topic, if you have a degree, or otherwise think you can offer a useful counseling service to a specific target group of people, why not put your skills to use and become a counselor? By being a consultant one can travel to one’s clients, or work online thus gaining almost total geographical freedom.

The consultant can be free-lancer (i.e., working on his or her own), or to work in a consulting agency.
There are all kinds:
diet counseling, business counseling, marketing counseling, sustainability counseling, legal counseling, beauty counseling–the list is truly endless! πŸ˜€

To find a consulting job, the first thing is to start with your skills and what you can do. If you don’t think you have any knowledge of value, don’t beat yourself up and remember that you can still study and work to obtain it by becoming an expert in a subject you are passionate about πŸ™‚

How to become a Consultant

Specialize in a specific topic and find specialized companies that offer that type of consultation


working while traveling: the travel agent

Do you love talking about travel, telling about places and discovering new ones? Why not try then to find a job with a travel agency?

Travel agents are often required to travel in person in order to experience the destinations, services, and experiences that they will then be offering to their clients.

Knowing how to create photos, videos and social advertisements of the places you visit are definitely qualities that could help you in no small part in finding such a job.

Many travel agencies have physical locations in cities and towns, while others are entirely online. In addition to travel agencies, however, you could also look for work in the opposite direction: become a promoter for a hotel, hotel chain, or tourism municipality and travel to promote your product to travel agencies in different countries.

How to become a Travel Consultant

You can try sending CVs and making contact with Tour Operators, Local and Online Travel Agencies


work traveling on yachts

Did you know that you don ‘t have to be a millionaire to be able to sail a yacht in the middle of the sea?

If sailing yachts across seas and oceans is your dream, know that you could turn it into a job.

Cooks, Stewards, Sailors, Machine Operators, Hubs, Carpenters, Officers, Divers, Masseurs…even Pizza Makers! The same people are often sought on private yachts as are needed to operate cruise ships, except that here the environment is normally much more luxurious and private.

The salary is normally very good and working on such niche ships is a chance to get to know different people thoroughly, make relationships in each port, discover the world and at the same time grow your work experience and your niche of contacts.

If your heart beats fast to travel across the seven seas and you feel in good physical and mental condition, looking for a job on yachts might really be for you!

Useful Sites for Finding Jobs on Yachts


remote telecommunications work

A job that for decades has been threatened by automation, but still for the moment endures and employs millions of people around the world. Remote workers no longer operate solely from call-centers, but nowadays they can operate from wherever they want.

Jobs in telecommunications that offer great geographic freedom includetelephone support, chat workers, social media managers, and many other customer service-related positions .

To find a job that gives you a good degree of freedom, you certainly need to look a little bit: not all companies allow their employees to work from anywhere; but that doesn’t mean they all forbid it.

Personally, I have friends who work remotely in customer service at hotels, AirBnb, Apple, and Google and really enjoy 100 percent geographic independence.

Speaking a few more languages certainly helps, but it is not strictly necessary. It all depends on the service and the company you will have to work for.

Where to Find Remote and Telecommunications Jobs

Ads for this kind of work can normally be found on the Internet; it is important to always check the seriousness of the company offering the work.



working in reception traveling and earning

All hotel occupations (cooking, cleaning, waitressing etc.) can be done almost anywhere in the world whether in a restaurant or hotel. One profession, however, that is properly typical of hotels is definitely the receptionist.

The receptionist is the first impression a customer receives when he or she walks through the door of a hotel and certainly a key figure in the smooth operation of any hospitality facility.

The receptionist is normally an 8-hour job, the job of which is distribute rooms, coordinate the various hotel departments, and find a solution to customer requests and problems. It’s a job where it’s fairly easy to find entry-level positions that don’t require as many requirements (organization, responsibility, an outgoing nature, and languages are obviously a big plus!) and where you can grow well And, once you have accumulated some experience, travel a lot.

In fact, worldwide
it is estimated that there are over 187,000 hotels
: imagine that each of these has at least 1-2 receptionists (the largest have as many as 20 or more!) and you can well understand how there is no shortage of work in this position: you are spoiled for choice!

How to Find a Job as a Receptionist

  • Choose a destination, and then start searching for Hotels, Lodging, or B&Bs.
  • Receptionist jobs are also often advertised online



work as a performer or artist - earn money by traveling

Can you dance well? You could join an international dance company or work in some big amusement park around the world! Can you juggle? You could join a circus! Are you an artist, an acrobat, a magician, or otherwise have an uncommon talent? Well.
the entertainment world is always looking for talent!

Personally, having worked in show business for 8 years I have known artists of all types and nationalities, and the truth is that if you can amaze you can really do it anywhere!

If you don’t think you have special talents, but you feel that showman could be your job, remember that you can always study and improve, either through online courses (I’ll leave a few below), or perhaps by doing a stint as a tour animator or by offering yourself as an actor at some local theater.

To be an artist who can amaze, the first one who has to believe it is you!

Useful Sites and Courses for Finding Work as an Artist in the Entertainment World



working on photo shoots - earning and traveling while working

Working in film allows you to earn money and travel at the same time. Of course, as many actors will tell you, if you plan to become an actor here, the apprenticeship is long and it takes a lot of passion and determination.

Finding jobs as extras is easy, especially if you look intriguing or out of the ordinary. Becoming a sought-after actor/actress a little less so.

The good news, however, is that even if you hate putting yourself in front of a camera, you could still work in film!

You may be wondering how? Well, think about the fact that to shoot films, actors are just the tip of the iceberg: art director, cameramen, costume designers, make-up artists, rigging staff, extras, video-editors, assistant directors, set designers… the cast that it takes to shoot a film goes far beyond what you see!

If any aspect of making films or video clips is part of your passion, specialize in that area and you will see that your service over time will become more and more sought after and, as you progress in your career, the chances of traveling will increase more and more!

Useful Sites and Courses for Getting Started in Filmmaking


jobs that allow you to travel: the journalist

Working as a journalist, whether it is for a TV, newspaper, or online outlet, is a job that can provide ample geographic freedom .

To report a fact, the reporter often moves from area to area, paid and expensed by the company he or she works for.

Initially you are likely to have to start as a freelancer, or your area of movement may be provincial or regional, but over time a journalist can progress to international.

To be a journalist you obviously need a lot of passion for writing, a lot of perseverance, knowledge of the language and a critical spirit. Some journalists write only online, which provides ample freedom of movement, but at the same time requires a great deal of time management skills.

Where to start to become a Journalist

  • Study Journalism, attend an internship at a news outlet of your liking, or prove your worth with writing pieces edited by you.
  • Starting a personal blog can just as well be a good start to prove your worth: create a blog in minutes with
    Wordpress on Bluehost
    (a great host service, which I personally also use for this blog)

3. Autonomous Jobs that Allow for Travel.

self-employment that allows for travel

In this article we look at self-employed jobs (so VAT number or private company) that could allow you to support yourself by traveling.



teaches languages and travels the world

Nowadays there are fantastic apps and online courses for learning anything, including foreign languages.

That said, the value of a language teacher is something I personally consider irreplaceable (this is coming from someone who has been a teacher and has learned 6 foreign languages!) and obviously I am not the only one who thinks so.

Education being a local and face-to-face (not mass) thing anyway, there is always demand for language teachers. In today’s world, foreign languages are a value, and those who do not see their usefulness are either blind or have never traveled!

If you speak at least two languages fluently, why not teach one? Nowadays, lessons can also be given remotely through a computer and various sites that connect teachers and students.

You could, for example, teach Italian to an English speaker, or English to an Italian speaker, or choose any other combination of languages! The world is full of students dying to learn a foreign language, and thanks to technology you could travel wherever you want while working at the same time πŸ˜‰

The hourly wage for a foreign language teacher can start from 10Euro to over 50Euro! If you think it might be something you enjoy doing, the first step is to put yourself out there!

Useful Sites for Proposing Yourself as a Language Teacher



what jobs you can do while traveling: writer and ghostwriter

Does writing relax you, stimulate you, and/or would you do it as a job? Do you write well and have something to tell? Why then not become a writer?

Writing is a self-employed job that allows you to travel and be anywhere, yet at the same time requires a lot of discipline, passion and organization of your time .

The hardest part of this profession is getting started, publishing the first book and making yourself known. The further your writing career goes, the more you make yourself known and the more you refine your style, the greater your response will be in terms of popularity as well as income.

To begin with, a good idea might be to think about what you might write about: what are you passionate about? What makes you wake up in the morning? What moves you through the day? Is it a sport? Is it a hobby? Is it the boredom? Think about how to make that something interesting for others and you will see that the words will come to you πŸ™‚

Alternatively, if you enjoy writing, but don’t think you have yet found the right inspiration to write something of your own, you could sell your writing services as a freelance ghostwriter (i.e., writing texts/articles for others to publish in their books, blogs, or magazines–for a fee, of course).

Useful Sites for Proposing Yourself as a Freelancer Writer or GhostWriter



traveling and renting rooms as a business

Do you have a second home or a vacant apartment? Do you have a house where you live, but your dream is to leave and travel? Or do you have an RV, but your dream is to travel to Japan and you can’t take it with you?

Renting is a very well-paying job that allows you to support yourself by traveling. Unfortunately, it is not for everyone, as it requires some initial “luck” that unfortunately not everyone has. However, if you fall into the category of people who have something to rent, why not do it?

There are many online platforms that allow people to rent homes, rooms and even mobile vehicles.

Of course, renting is not as easy as simply putting an ad online: you have to arrange for cleaning while you’re traveling, you have to make sure that your property is covered by insurance, and most importantly, that it is always in the condition to be rented (maintenance).

Do your math, make your plans, and if it all adds up you’ll be ready to go! πŸ™‚

Platforms where to Rent Rooms, Apartments and More



work traveling - tattoo profession

Tattoo work itself is artistic work that can be done anywhere in the world-all you need is a machine with a needle, ink, and a person who wants to get a tattoo (not hard to find these days!).

That said, to become a professional tattoo artist, you need study and experience. In the end, it is a job that if done correctly can be extremely profitable and can give lasting memories to one’s clients, but if done amateurishly it can soon turn into a nightmare!

If you have a passion for tattoos, are creative and enjoy drawing, investing in a good tattoo course could be the first step in creating a freelancing profession that allows you to
travel wherever you want in the world.

At first the pay will be low (as with almost any job when you are starting out), but as your portfolio of work grows, surely the price you can charge future clients will grow as well.

Courses to begin your career as a tattoo artist



What jobs can be done while traveling? yoga instructor

Tight work rhythms, traffic, cars, junk food, monotonous and unsustainable routines–in some contexts today’s world is becoming truly dehumanizing.

Fortunately, more and more people are realizing this and are beginning to revalue their time and seek escape routes to relieve tension and return to the helm of their lives.

Fitness, meditation and yoga are definitely three wellness options that can help people feel better and take care of themselves.

If you seek a healthy lifestyle, want to travel and turn a hobby into a paying job, why not specialize in teaching others how to take care of themselves? To teach yoga, meditation or fitness all you need, besides a good course and in some cases a license, is yourself and a mat! πŸ˜‰

Courses to Become a Yoga or Fitness Instructor



jobs to travel - freelancer photographer

Are you passionate about photography? Well, you will be pleased to know that there is no shortage of demand for professional photographers!

As much as we all have a camera in our pocket these days (our cell phone), taking quality photos is something that almost none of us know how to do, which is why we often resort to the services of professional photographers.

To become an expert in photography you need to study a lot (composition, shooting techniques, editing programs, effects, lighting, subjects) however, you will be happy to know that there are very well done online courses that can teach you virtually everything you need to get started. Of course then, the leap forward is made with experience!

Photography is a job you can do by traveling almost anywhere: you can photograph events, weddings, hotels, parks, nature, countries, beaches, events–you can sell services in person or online.

It’s all about finding your niche: specialize in what you love to do and turn your passion into your dream job!

Courses to Become a Photographer and Sites Where to Sell Your Freelancer Services




jobs to travel - drone pilot

In addition to the photographer, even more modern and even more in-demand professions that enable work and travel are the drone pilot and the videomaker.

Filming with a drone is not for everyone, and so many businesses are interested in unusual perspectives from the air (think hotels, hotels, restaurants, but also manufacturing industries, agricultural realities, tourist municipalities, and whatnot!). Photos and videos with a drone are really valuable different perspectives to create impactful marketing campaigns!

To become a drone pilot what you need is obviously a drone and take a short course! To become a professional, what you need is many hours of flying, passion, willingness to try, fail and try again (this is coming from someone who has been flying a drone for a couple of years).

An extra service to enrich the package you can offer, besides making the videos, is to know how to edit them in an appealing way according to the needs of your clients: the videomaker. Also to do this, what you need is knowledge (courses) and accumulating experience πŸ™‚

Best Drones for Getting Started, Flight and Video-editing Courses.



travels working as a surf instructor

Do you love surfing, the sea and waves? Do you love living in the summer, are you in good physical condition and would never get off the beach?

If your answer is still “yes,” then becoming a surf instructor might be for you!

Surfing is a sport that has exploded in popularity over the past few decades, and more and more people want to get into it!

Practiced mainly everywhere on ocean coasts (from Portugal to the United States, Brazil to Thailand, Vietnam, Ireland, Australia, SouthAfrica and more!) if you are a surf instructor you will have no trouble finding work. To teach you will probably just need a little English or a little Spanish, you don’t need a lot of language skills πŸ˜‰

Obviously, traveling abroad and meeting many different people, this is a job that not only pays, but also allows you to practice foreign languages, learn about different cultures and experience dream places.

Last but not least, besides being a great job and a way to travel, it is also a profession that allows you to keep fit and have a body to be envied πŸ˜‰

Courses to Become a Surfing Instructor and Find Instructor Jobs Worldwide



works as a housesitter in many cities around the world

A relatively new job, but one that is gaining momentum especially in large cities, but not only.

House-sitting involves living in other people’s homes for free (and sometimes for a small salary) while the owners are away, and taking care of them.

The main tasks of a house sitter are related to the normal maintenance of a home: watering plants, feeding and cleaning pets, keeping clean, and picking up mail. In exchange for small jobs, in this case it is possible to find free housing in large cities around the world: periods can range from a few days to entire weeks or months!

House-sitting is hardly a full-time job, and this gives you the opportunity to take on or lead other projects in the meantime: great especially combined with other remote professions!

Useful Sites for Finding House-sitting Jobs



works as a personal trainer remotely

We have already talked about fitness and yoga. Starting from there, you could take another step and specialize in personal training.

The role of a personal trainer is to follow a person specifically and help them achieve their goals, whether physical or behavioral.

To become a successful personal trainer, in addition to studying, it is important to learn how to sell your service convincingly and exceed your clients’ expectations so that they will be the ones to recommend you to the next ones.

As a personal trainer, you will not need to find many clients as with other jobs, but to find a few, fair and determined ones. By following different clients, you will get to travel to new places all the time and manage your geographic location as you see fit.

Moreover, thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to offer Personal Trainer services online as well (thus becoming even more geographically independent!).

Useful Sites for Working Online as a Personal Trainer




travel and work creating jewelry and costume jewelry

Making costume jewelry, even quality costume jewelry, still requires small materials and little space. Moreover, jewelry can be sold in any corner of the planet: the passion for ornaments has no geographical or cultural borders!

Realizing this, you have probably already realized that creating and selling jewelry is a job that can be done just about anywhere, in downtown Milan as well as on a deserted Parati beach in Brazil!

It’s all about finding your “niche” and creating a line of jewelry that is attractive to the people around you: if you plan to sell your creations on a Hippi beach in Ibiza, ethnic jewelry might work very well. At the same time, if you plan to sell in front of a metal concert, you can be sure that jewelry with Viking or Satanic references would go for the most ;D

It’s all about creating not for yourself, but for those around you πŸ™‚

Useful Sites for Getting Started in Jewelry Making




Traveling and being a street artist as a job.

Do you sing, dance, are you a magician, acrobat, musician, juggler, painter, comedian, clown, portrait painter, fire-eater, chess player, or otherwise know how to do something out of the ordinary? Do you feel you have a gypsy soul and the streets of the world are your home?

In that case, you could definitely consider becoming a street artist! During my backpacking trips, I have met so many people who travel and make a living from their art.

Definitely not an easy job, it takes a lot of determination, an outgoing character and ability to attract an audience. That said, it’s also true that it’s a job you can really do anywhere and it’s ageless: it all depends on your ability to surprise and amaze πŸ™‚ Maybe becoming a street performer won’t make you filthy rich, but it is certainly affordable and potentially very rewarding to work and travel the world!

How to Become a Street Artist

  • Find your passion, excite, experience adventure and challenge shyness!




jobs for traveling: geographic arbitrage

Geographical arbitrage means buying cheaply in one country and reselling for a lot in another: it may be buying lithium batteries in China to resell them in Italy, or buying Balinese bags in Indonesia to resell them in Paris!

As you travel around the world, you find many low-cost products that could be worth a fortune in your home country: where there is a big difference in price, there is a big opportunity for profit!

Automating transportation and sales are jobs that require commitment and obviously a small amount of capital to get started, however, once you have started your business, taking advantage of geographic arbitrage could give you a way to work while traveling anywhere you want.

Courses for Understanding and Leveraging Geographic Arbitrage



Create and sell your own product to sustain you while on the road

Take a product that exists, think how to improve it, make it 10 times more practical/useful/cool than the original, and sell it.

To create a product that works, you don’t need to re-invent the wheel every time: start with your passions, start with what you use every day, and think about how you could improve it.

You can create physical products and outsource their production, or you can create digital or downloadable products and in this way gain the freedom to move anywhere and work while traveling anywhere you want.

Creating a viable product requires thinking, trying, failing, and trying again. The hardest part is to jump in: only by making mistakes do you learn and eventually really make it! If you don’t have big capital to invest to get started, why not go for a digital product? Analyze what you can do, what your passions are, and what you can offer to make life easier for someone else. You will see that the right idea will come to you! πŸ™‚

Marketing Courses for Creating and Marketing Your Products




traveling by being a musician

Successful musicians give concerts all over the world.

Whether your genre is rock, metal, blues, punk, pop, opera or orchestra, if you can take your work to a professional level the chances of your work taking you on the road are very high indeed.

In the end, to hear live music you need an artist in attendance, which is why artists often have to move around to arrange their own concerts.

At the beginning of a music career, you start by moving on your own region, then on a national scale, and hopefully on an international scale.

In addition to playing in a band and making records and concerts, there are also musicians who sell their songs, sounds or creations online. More and more Youtubers, videographers and filmmakers are looking for original arrangements to best accompany their videos!

Useful Sites to Learn to Play an Instrument or To Sell Music Online

    – Site for Selling Own Compositions

  • Udemy
    – Site for Courses on Anything, including learning to play instruments




WORKING REMOTELY as an online translator

Translation from one language to another is becoming increasingly automatic: just think of automated software such as Google Translate, DeepL or, even more recently ChatGPT.

Does this mean that there is no more room for human translators? Not at all at all!

As much as technology is making great strides, the human way of writing is still invaluable and in a myriad of contexts cannot yet be replaced by machines: this article for example was entirely written by me, sweating and sipping a cold beer (things no machine will ever have the pleasure of doing) and if you are reading it instead of having simply asked an artificial intelligence to find you ideas of jobs to do while traveling, it means that you too see the value of the human experience in writing πŸ˜‰

Human translation services, are for this reason still in high demand: whether for translating articles, books, websites and more.

It is not that technology should not be used; on the contrary. Technology supports the work of translation, but the ultimate review of concepts, tones, and end result is always up to a human (at least for now heheh).

If you are fluent in more than one language and have certificates testifying to your skills, offering services as a freelance translator is a lucrative job that you can do anywhere, so certainly on the road (all you need in the end is a computer).

Useful Sites for Finding Jobs as an Online Translator or Obtaining Professional Certificates

  • Fiverr
    – Offer Translation Services as a Freelancer

  • Gengo
    – Employment site for translators




remote jobs: selling online courses and traveling

Can you paint? Create a course to teach others how to do it!

convert a van into a Do-It-Yourself motorhome.
? Create a course to teach others how to do it!

Can you cook healthy or vegan? Create a Course!

Do you know how to take pictures? Create a Course!

Do you know how to be a plumber? Create a Course!

In today’s world we live in an era where everyone likes to learn how to make their own things, and thanks to technology it is possible to share our knowledge and passion with hundreds of people anywhere in the world!

Online courses are a very profitable business that allows you to work while traveling and at the same time make your knowledge available to improve the lives of other people!

Personally, I like a challenge, and every month I set aside time to take at least one online course: so far I’ve done some on technology, photography, fitness, marketing, cooking, you name it! Who knows the next one I’ll follow won’t be yours ;D

Useful Sites for Learning to Create Professional Courses and To Sell Them



earn money by traveling ideas: model or model

Do you have a killer body? There is nothing wrong with exploiting it!

The fashion, marketing, and film industries (and many many others!) are always on the lookout for models who can wear their products, and they are willing to pay travel and big bucks if they see a financial return in you.

To become a model you can try on your own, or lean on an agency. Unfortunately, this kind of work is restricted only to those with particular physical characteristics (not always and only young and beautiful, but very often that is the case!) and therefore it is not something that everyone can do. That said, if you fall into the category, why not use your best years to gain experience, contacts, and especially travel? πŸ™‚

Useful Sites for Finding Jobs as a Model



working as a nanny or caregiver around the world

With the current times, parents have less and less time for their children, and the elderly alone are getting more and more.

Because of this, the demand for professional nannies and caregivers is growing greatly, both in cities and smaller towns, in Italy and abroad.

The role of a nanny or caregiver is to care for an elderly person or educate children for long periods (we’re talking months!), somehow becoming part of the family. These roles go far beyond just “babysitting” and require more study, dedication, empathy, experience and passion.

If you know how to build a professional profile as a care-giver (nanny or caregiver in English), you will certainly have no trouble finding employment. Knowing the language of the country where you will be working certainly is a big plus, but being fluent is often not required. Doing this work can also be a way to hone your language skills and learn about another foreign culture from the inside.

Last note, as much as they are not conjugated to the masculine in Italian (tato? badanto?), nanny and caregiver are jobs that in the 2020s can now be covered very well by both women and men, the important thing is not the gender but the passion and empathy one exerts toward one’s clients.

Useful Sites for Becoming a Professional Nanny or Caregiver


WORK requiring travel: pornstar

Are you vaguely sexy and have no remorse whatsoever about showing your body in front of a camera? Does the idea of experimenting with your sexuality with different people excite you and are you able to pay no mind to the ill tongues of the well-wishers? Do you want to unleash your inner fire and get paid to do it? Well, the porn route can be an option to work doing what you like and travel at the same time.

Working for a hardcore company may give you a way to travel to other locations even abroad to meet your/your partners, while working on your own on some erotic platform may be you who can decide where, how and with whom to work.

A positive side of a career in porn is that the obstacles to enter (heheh) are few, however, it is also true that making (heheh) a career takes a lot of perseverance and working your ass off. In addition, there are the difficulties in balancing work and private life to take into account, and here it is easy to fall foul (eheh okay I’ll stop!).

Pay per performance depends a lot on how much you can “excite” your audience; it can be starvation as well as very high. When the result of a free choice, a career as a porn actor/actress is a job that deserves respect like any other, which is why I felt compelled to include it in this list of jobs that allow you to travel πŸ™‚

Useful Sites for Starting a Career in the World of Hard

4. Digital Nomad Jobs (with computers!).

digital nomads jobs

In this chapter, we see what are the most common jobs done by digital nomads (those who travel and work only using computers and an internet connection).


camper accessories cost - how much does it cost

If you think blogs are things of the past or now obsolete, let me remind you that you are reading this article on a blog!πŸ˜‰

Blogs, are websites where one or more writers (called “bloggers”), write about topics they are passionate about, exchange ideas and solve problems for their readers. There are (very few) blogs that generate millions a year, there are (very few) blogs that generate a more than decent salary, and there are (very many) blogs that generate absolutely nothing.

To build a successful blog that can keep you traveling, you need a topic you are passionate about, enjoyment in writing, a willingness to put yourself out there, study (a lot!), and above all, a lot of perseverance and time .

Not because you choose to travel, you absolutely must write a travel blog: far from it! You can travel and at the same time talk about the topic that suits you best: camping, dogs, diet, fitness, pasta, economy, ice cream, shoes, modeling, anime, movies… the important thing is to choose a topic that is interesting not only to you, but that is followed by a community of fans πŸ™‚

I started my blog LostOnTheRoute in 2020 as a hobby to talk about my passions (travel and DIY RVing), and only after 3 long years and (something like 300 articles long!) has it started to generate me an income that allows me to work on it full time and survive (I don’t say “earn” because that would be too big a word still, but at least survive xD).

Starting a blog is simple and takes a few minutes, growing it to the point where you can travel on it takes a few years of work, creativity and dedication. However, if you are determined and want to embark on a wonderful adventure (when a blog grows, you start to meet so many people and it’s beautiful!), why not give it a try? πŸ™‚

Ps. if you feel like learning about my blogging experience, let me know in the comments below and I could write a mile-long article (as per my usual xD) about it πŸ˜‰

How to Start Your Career as a Blogger



digital nomad jobs ideas: the social media manager

Social media is the television of the new millennium, and for many businesses and institutions it is essential for making themselves known and marketing their products.

That said, there are many people who just can’t or won’t handle social media (I put myself in the category! haha) and would gladly pay someone to take care of it.

If you understand marketing and enjoy creating content (posts, photos, videos, stories, reels etc.) to the point that you would like to do it as a job, social media manager might be the right job for you.

Becoming a social media manager, means taking care of the online image of other people, businesses or institutions by managing their social accounts (facebook, twitter, instagram, TikTok etc.) and cultivating their various communities.

Since it is a feasible job even “remotely”, is an ideal job for those who aspire to a life as a digital nomad: what you basically need is a good internet connection, a pc, a phone and some marketing/business knowledge to know how to sell your service (the more your portfolio of jobs and clients grows, the easier it will be to find new ones!).

Below you will find courses where you can educate yourself and platforms where you could start proposing πŸ™‚

Courses and Useful Sites to Become a Social Media Manager


jobs to travel as digital nomads : the graphic designer

Today’s communication is increasingly visual, and succeeding in gaining visibility is increasingly complicated. Hence, eye-catching logos, creative infographics, uniquely designed websites, and level-headed graphic products are increasingly in demand!

The graphic designer, does exactly that: creates innovative graphics, illustrations and concepts for their clients for a fee.

The hourly pay of a graphic designer can get to be very high (even 50+Euros/hour!), however, to get to very good levels and make a name for yourself takes a lot of study and experience.

Certainly, to become a graphic designer it is important to learn how to masterfully handle the most popular editing programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Canva, DalleAI etc.), and knowing how to use a graphics tablet is no small plus!

There are professional, college and even online courses for you to learn! The advantages of becoming a freelancer in graphic design are the ability to manage one’s own schedule and, of course, to be able to work while traveling to every corner of the world-a great job to become a digital nomad.

Courses and Useful Sites for Becoming a Graphic Designer


remote jobs to earn while traveling: web developer

Did you study computer science? Do you know how to program? Are you a code-hungry nerd? Are you passionate about new technologies and artificial intelligence?

Well, you will certainly be pleased to know that the services of web developers are always in super demand and often well remunerated as well. The web developer is someone who can work on many projects remotely, simply through a computer connected to the Internet. Remote work = Freedom to travel wherever you want.

The areas you can specialize in are almost endless: creating apps, creating programs, designing websites, computer security-everything you’ve ever seen on a computer exists because someone programmed it!

The most difficult step, again, besides acquiring the skills needed to implement your service is also in itself getting the skills to sell your service: fortunately there are many marketing courses online that explain exactly how to market yourself πŸ™‚

Courses and Useful Sites for Working as a Freelancer Web Developer




being a blogger or youtuber for traveling

Can you really make money from Youtube? Well yes, Youtube is perhaps the platform that best repays content creators for their efforts. To give you a rough idea of how much you can earn on Youtube, a good average (which I can confirm by having a small youtube channel) might be 6-7Euro per 1000 views.

Depending on the subject matter and how much money businesses are willing to pay to place their advertisements, the earnings per thousand views could be much higher or lower.

To start earning with Youtube, what you need is to become a Youtube partner by enrolling your channel in the Youtube Partner Program. To do so, however, you will need to have uploaded videos to your channel and met minimum goals: 4,000 hours of views and 1,000 subscribers.

Becoming a successful Youtuber takes time, enthusiasm and perseverance: producing quality content takes time and sweat. If you like editing videos, if you have something you are passionate about and want to talk about, or if you just want to make funny videos, On Youtube there is room for everyone: put in the hard work, and in time you will get what you seek: the geographic freedom to travel and work at the same time while supporting yourself through your videos!

Where to Start


Being a business influencer and traveling

We hear a lot about“influencers,” but what are they and how do you become one?

The job of an influencer is a bit like what promoters of famous brands or product placement in movies did in the last century: to show through their channels (in today’s case “social”) products or services, explain their features, demonstrate their value, and lead their viewers (now called “followers”) to buy them.

Essentially, it is an advertising job, where, however, instead of producing a billboard or video ad, advertising is done using one’s persona, lifestyle and social channels.

Becoming a successful and enduring influencer requires consistency, genuineness, charisma, ethics, and above all, the ability to produce and offer content that helps followers meet their needs and not simply download products for short-term financial return.

The work of the influencer is a freelance job, which allows you to select which projects you want to take part in and which you do not, and being a freelance and mostly digital job, it confers the ability to manage your own time and thus travel while working.

Useful Resources for Becoming an Influencer



dropshipping - remote work from a distance

Drop-shipping is essentially a business of products without inventory.

Opening a drop-shipping business means becoming a middleman, and it works like this: a customer orders a product from you (on your site or any platform), you receive the order, send it to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer takes care of shipping it directly to the buyer without going through you.

You make money on the price difference or a percentage of the total sold by the producer (essentially you get paid for moving the goods).

Creating a good drop-shipping business that lasts a long time takes work and time: you have to find the right products, make deals with manufacturers, handle customer service and how to refund any returns.

That said, it is a job that can be done entirely using a computer, telephone and an Internet connection. That is why it rightfully enters the list of jobs for digital nomads, which guarantees wide geographical freedom by working.

Courses and Useful Resources for Drop-Shipping



travels the world and works as a spiritual mentor

In the span of one’s life, it is normal to feel lost sometimes (I started the blog “LostOnTheRoute” precisely because without working during the 2020 lockdown I felt “LostOnTheRoute”).

You can get lost in terms of work and not know which way to go, you can find yourself suffering from depression, you can find yourself at a point in your life without goals or without the mental energy to achieve them.

In all these cases, a spiritual mentor can come in handy.

The work of a spiritual mentor, which can be done in-presence as well as online (and those who then enable work while traveling), helps their clients feel better about themselves, make healthy choices to improve their lives, and generate positive habits to achieve their goals and feel satisfied.

The branches in which one can specialize are many, as are the various philosophies of life that have arisen from the dawn of humanity to the present. During my travels I have met many spiritual mentors (also called “masters,” “gurus,” “monks,” “mentors,” “meditation teachers,” etc.) and I really must admit that I see the full value in them!

To become a spiritual tutor you have to choose what to focus on, create a service (online course or face-to-face tutoring classes) and find the right channel to offer it to people who may be interested in it.

How to Become a Spiritual Tutor

Delve into what you are passionate about, reveal new aspects of life, promote yourself via social or in person


5. Jobs Requiring Study/Experience

jobs to travel that require study and experience

Below you will find jobs for which years of study and/or practice are needed before they can lead you to support yourself and travel at the same time.


Turn travel into your job: be an ambassador or work in an embassy

Theambassador is a foreign ministry figure whose job is to represent his or her nation in a foreign country.

It is a job of the utmost responsibility, and to become an ambassador requires studies (usually university) and a lot of apprenticeship in the various embassies (as assistants). In short, it is not a job in which you can improvise; you need years of preparation.

That said, the job of ambassador is a profession that allows one to travel and live abroad while being handsomely remunerated. Ambassadors normally stay in a foreign embassy for periods of 2-4 years before being rotated to another location.

University Addresses for Working in an Embassy

  • Economics, Law, Political Science or Related courses



work as a remote engineer - geographic freedom

An engineer’s main tool is his or her brain.

Then come the tools, which nowadays are increasingly computers and softwares. Because of this, engineering is a job that offers high geographic mobility nowadays, whether done on its own or contracted by companies.

To become an engineer, it is necessary to complete undergraduate studies, and the subjects in which an engineer can specialize are again truly endless: robotics, materials, architecture, biomedicine, agriculture, space-there is something for everyone!

Once an engineer, it is possible either to work for companies or to strike out on your own and open your own consulting or design service. Whether it’s traveling to your clients or traveling and working remotely, if you want to choose a career that allows you to move that of engineer might be for you!

How to Become an Engineer

  • Study engineering (there are all kinds of specialized addresses)




working as an archaeologist traveling the world

The job of the archaeologist is to excavate and unearth pieces of the histories of earlier civilizations.

As you can well imagine, you cannot do this work everywhere, but it is necessary to travel from time to time to the areas where the sites under study are located. This could mean to Italy (it is full of archaeological sites!) to study the Romans, to Egypt to study the ancient Egyptians, to Peru to study the Maya, to Cambodia to study the Khmer empire, and so on…).

The world is full of lost history, and the archaeologist’s job is to unearth it.

To become an archaeologist again requires a bachelor’s degree, which is why it is not a job in which one can improvise. Pay is normal and can vary greatly depending on the project you participate in and the funders, but overseas travel expenses are usually always always funded and covered πŸ™‚

University Addresses for Working as an Archaeologist.

  • Studies in Archaeology, Ancient History, Conservation, Restoration of Cultural Heritage, Philology, Literature, Architecture, History of Antiquity and Related courses


works as a geologist - ideas of jobs that allow you to travel

Unlike the archaeologist, the geologist does not study ancient civilizations, but simply the lay of the land.

As you can well imagine, geologists don’t sit around looking at rocks all day: they can deal with monitoring volcano eruptions, the danger of floods, landslides, and of course the impact of all human structures on the environment.

In all the specializations he or she may take, much of a geologist’s work takes place outdoors in contact with the land and the people who live there. Some projects may take geologists to the most remote corners of the earth (volcanoes in Hawaii? South Pole?) where no tourist would ever set foot.

If you are passionate about the earth and its preservation, geologist could be a job to combine the useful (money money!) with the enjoyable (discovering new places all the time) πŸ™‚

Academic Addresses to Become a Geologist

  • Studies in Geological Sciences




travel working as a biologist

To conclude with the scholars of our planet, we find the biologist.

A biologist is one who studies the biosphere, thus all living things on earth: from animals, bacteria, fungi and plants. The biologist’s work takes place partly in the laboratory (doing analysis) and partly around the globe: it may be on a remote island in Hawaii, inside a Volcano, or even at the South Pole!

In the most remote places in the world is where the strangest species hide, and
there are remote places that really only biologists can reach
(with often government research funds!).

Becoming a biologist requires study and sacrifice, but if you love nature madly and nothing makes you happier than working with it, this could be your dream job to combine your love of nature with your love of travel.

University Addresses for Working as an Archaeologist.

  • Studies in Biology or Biological Sciences



digital marketing expert - remote jobs for digital nomads

Social media strategist, SEO expert, backlinks builder, viral content creator, online image consultant, brand strategist… professions in the Internet world are wasted and each finds its value with different clients.

If you’ve never heard of some of the titles I’ve named, go ahead and eliminate them already from your list of potential jobs for traveling, they’re probably not for you (or at least not in the immediate term ^^’).

If, on the other hand, you have done studies in any of these subjects, what you probably need is to open your eyes and figure out how to use this knowledge to combine your profession with travel. All “online” professions in fact, with a little organization have the potential to allow you to move πŸ™‚

Find Digital Marketing Courses



jobs that allow you to move and travel - poker player

An unusual job,
not suitable for anyone without years of experience
, much self-control, steady nerves and above all responsibility.

If you have ever happened to watch some high-level poker tournaments, you will have noticed how the best players are always the same. Well, they are proof that poker can be a job, that it can pay very well and that it can allow you to travel all over the world “playing” online.

Here, however, is the magic word “play.” And yes, because poker is basically a game of chance, and a game if you have luck against you will lose it even with all the skill in the world. Players who make a living at poker are those who, in addition to playing a lot (even without money before taking the plunge!), understand the law of large numbers and realize that they can only make money by using their superior skill in a very large number of games.

Therefore, unless you have tremendous experience in poker, I would advise you to stay away from it. On the other hand, if this game fascinates you and you might like to make it your job (life) someday, know that you can start training online by challenging lots of fans and without paying a euro!

Learn Poker By Playing Without Money



work as an online trader

Other fairly risky work. Here again we find the word “play” in the stock market.

Well, in the stock market you don’t “play”.

Having two international master’s degrees in business I can confirm this:
only those who know what they are doing make money in the stock market!

Without education, unfortunately, everything is lost! That’s right! You may have the wind in your sails one day, but sooner or later if you don’t understand investing, risk protection, and financial analysis, you are bound to lose it all.

If, on the other hand, you have studied finance and a starting nest egg to invest, well in that case you might consider investing in what you have studied and putting your knowledge to use.

To invest in the stock market or cryptocurrencies, you can open a private account on various online platforms (making sure they are legitimate-there are many scams!) or work for an investment bank or fund and invest other people’s money on their behalf (getting a percentage of it).

The jobs of a trader or financial analyst are jobs that can almost always be done remotely, so the chances of travel are often high.

If you have no knowledge of finance but still want to invest in the stock market, you are better off with a bank or fund that will do it for you (knowing what they do and with guarantees!).

Useful Sites for Studying Finance and Investing in the Stock Market




event organizer and support crew

Working in an event agency (or creating your own!) is certainly another job that will kick you out the door every day and around the globe.

If the events covered are weddings, you probably won’t be moving much from your region (never say never!)… however, they could be the latest birthdays, or music festivals, or international festivals, or sports events… the larger the events handled by the event agency, the greater the likelihood of being able to move and travel!

Becoming an event planner/organizer takes time, experience, determination (as with any job!) and a little luck to start in the right place. Obviously, the more in-depth studies on the subject you have conducted and the more specific skills you have in your portfolio, the easier it will be for you to find the job you are looking for!

To gain experience, you can always find jobs even as a support “crew” (catering, photography, event organization etc.) that will add up to make you a unique and valuable person in your field!

How to Become an Event Organizer

Where ever you want to go, look for event-related businesses, search online classifieds, or create your own business from scratch!



works wherever you are as a hacker

Okay, so when you hear about hackers you must be imagining some evil guy in a dark room trying to create total panic and take over the world while chugging chocolate chip cookies… well, stop right there!

The figure of the hacker, though often portrayed in movies as a negative figure, is actually nowadays a highly respected digital profession, sought after by major hi-tech companies and above all very well paid.

A hacker, is one who has greater knowledge than almost anyone else in code, computing, and softwares, and who can be employed either to “crack” flawed security systems or to protect them and make them more secure. Hackers who work in the light work on cybersecurity: so protection of IT systems, protection of personal data etc.

If you have uncommon computer skills, a hacker job could allow you to earn and support yourself while traveling. Then it will be up to you, whether you choose good or try to conquer the world πŸ˜‰

Courses to Become a Hacker





The English term “Expat” describes the man or woman who works in a company in his or her own country but is transferred for long periods of time to a subsidiary in another country (while receiving wages from the mother country).

The possibility of becoming an “Expat” is common in large multinational companies, especially if they are expanding. The benefits of working as an Expat are to move abroad and support yourself by traveling. All travel is paid, as is usually also the accommodation abroad.

Moreover, in most cases you enjoy a very high salary in a country where the cost of living is generally lower (and thus you can enjoy a more affluent lifestyle).

To become an expat, unfortunately there are no courses, it depends on your skills and the strategies and needs of the company you work for. If you are aware of expansion plans or otherwise staffing shortages in the place as you work, proposing to relocate might be an idea to spark an opportunity πŸ˜‰


be a singer

A job that requires study, imagination, creativity in structure and (unfortunately) also some innate predisposition.

We can all learn to sing, however, few of us can aspire to turn it into such an overnight job without having an incredible voice given to us from above.

Becoming a successful singer is a dream for many, but few really make it. It is a job of study, passion, sweat and a lot of determination: you have to write your own songs, arrange them, pitch them, be criticized, try again, try again and try again.

If music is life to you and singing doesn’t scare you…why not give it a try? After all, you can’t know how it would have gone if you never tried πŸ˜‰

Useful Sites for Learning to Sing


working remotely as a nutritionist - professions for traveling

More and more people nowadays are dissatisfied with their physique. Many people jump headlong into fitness to lose weight and fail after a few months! This is because a healthy routine does not start with exercise, but with diet and what we put into our bodies.

The nutritionist’s job is exactly that: to help other people feed themselves better and achieve their goals.

To become a certified nutritionist, you need years of study and a degree in Biology or Nutrition Science. Therefore, it is not easy to “improvise” as a nutritionist: you need to understand food, nutritional properties, the human body and its reactions, and much more!

However, if you are fascinated by the idea of becoming a nutritionist, a college course might be right for you! Needless to say, nutritionist is a well-paying job that can be done very well remotely, and therefore offers excellent travel opportunities πŸ™‚


University Addresses for Working in an Embassy

  • Biology or Nutrition Science



being a comedian to work anywhere

Have you come all the way down here and still
you haven’t found even ONE suitable job that allows you to support yourself by traveling?

After all the effort I put into writing this article and racking my brains with all of myself?

At this point I would be inclined to say that your forte is likability, which is why a job as a comedian might be right for you!!! eheh

All kidding aside, comedy has many shades, from the most idiotic to the most intellectual, and it can be interpreted in so many ways! It is a profession that makes people laugh and, if done with love, one of the most beautiful ones in my opinion that exists: giving smiles is something that is priceless!

To become a successful (and therefore well-paid and free to travel!) comedian, you need to find your own way of making people laugh… and this is only done by experimenting, trying, imitating and trying again, without shame and with patience πŸ™‚ Successful comedians are not born, but with time you can become one πŸ™‚

Small note: I saved the profession of comedy for last because. has always been a bit of a dream in my drawer… working as an entertainer I was a comedian for a few years, but at the moment this passion is back in the drawer… but who knows, maybe soon I’ll decide to give it another shot πŸ˜‰ )


6. The Jobs that Allow for Travel – Conclusion.

jobs that enable travel - great list - conclusion

And here we are at the end of this very long article!

In this post we have seen together as many as 70 jobs that could allow you to earn and at the same time travel and as well as many sites to start your research or training from πŸ™‚

Of course, there are many others-and that’s why I’m asking you now:

Did you find what you were looking for? Do you know of other jobs that could be added to this list? Did you find the article helpful, would you like to make any notes or have any suggestions for improvement?

Let me know in the comments below! (I’m always glad to chat with friends πŸ˜€ )

For the time being, I thank you for reading,

And see you in the next article! πŸ˜€



Writing detailed articles like this takes a lot of time and effort..

If you liked it, can I ask you to leave me a feedback message in the comments at the bottom of the page?

For a content-creator, knowing that you are being read and that your efforts are useful to someone is the best motivation to keep writing and doing better πŸ™‚

Let me know what you liked or what you think could be added.

If you’d like, you can also share the article to help other people find it!

Thanks for the help πŸ™‚

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