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About-us - Lost on the Route

Lost on the Route is a diverse, bubbly and innovative travel blog written and edited by Dani and Isa, a couple of Italian dreamers moved by a relentless wanderlust and hunger for discovery! 🙂

In the blog you can find articles about Van Conversion, DIY, travel trivia, curiosities, itineraries, and tips for traveling smarter and saving money.

Objectives of Lost on the Route

Lost on the Route is a travel blog that we cultivate from day to day with two goals in mind:

1. Making a contribution to the community of van and RV enthusiasts.

We publish detailed, free, and comprehensive conversion guides to make it easier for anyone to approach this amazing world, understand how it works, get their hands on their DIY vehicle, and save money by doing it!

2. Inspire more and more people to follow their dreams and travel more.

Traveling for us is life, and with this blog we want to tell the magic and often underestimated simplicity of traveling, as we see it through our eyes, helping others to overcome the anxiety of leaving, get out of their comfort zone, and discover this immense and kaleidoscopic world we find ourselves in.

Why the name “Lost On The Route?”

dani and isa of lostontheroute

Many of you asked us where the name came from, so that’s how we came up with it 🙂

The concept of “getting lost” if you think about it, is something fascinating, because it can be used in so many situations.

You can get lost on the road in a literal sense when you don’t see a sign, but also in love when a story becomes too hard to handle, and you don’t know which way to go.

You can get lost in a career path when you can no longer find meaning in what you are doing, or in the “middle of the walk of your life”, to quote a famous Italian poet…

Often, in our western culture, we see “getting lost” as something negative, a mistake, a failure.

Losing is also the opposite of winning after all!

That said, for us, “getting lost” is a fascinating concept that we always liked to embrace.

our orange van in Benitses, Corfu, Greece

One can get lost outside one’s comfort zone, outside one’s mental patterns, outside that “normality” which then actually if we look closely does not exist … and one can get lost so far away to the point of really discovering ourselves.

When we get lost, our brain kicks in, wakes up from the torpor of routine, takes off the autopilot that makes us live and relive the same days only to forget them, and puts the reins of our time back in our hands.

dani and isa in andorra - clock of salvador dali

Accepting that we can “get lost” is something we find wonderful.

It is the peace of mind of accepting that we can make mistakes, that we do not necessarily have to follow paths already mapped out for us, and to enjoy the path of travel and life as it comes, with all its intricate forks, crossroads, joys and difficulties.

Once we decided on “Lost” (it sounded better in English than in Italian ahah), we chose “on the Route” for two reasons:

  • On the one hand, a dream we have in our drawer is to travel the iconic Route 66 in America,
  • on the other, the word “Route” is ironically similar to “Routine,” but putting it after “Lost” creates the totally opposite meaning, which is why we immediately liked it so much

And so nothing…we needed a name, and we found it: Lost on the Route- “Lost” because we like to get lost, and “on the Route,” because we like to get lost in the streets of the world and our lives, but absolutely not in a rut! 😀


How did our Logo come about?

our logo was born first!

If you have already seen the photos of our orange campervan, surely you have already done 1+1.

Yes, today our logo depicts our stylized little house on wheels!

One curiosity, however, that leaves everyone amazed each time we tell it, is that the logo was born long before the idea of self-converting an orange van!

When we created the logo it was early 2020, and we came up with the idea of using a van because for us it symbolically represented “traveling slow.”

We colored it orange because at the time we worked in a hotel and our uniform was orange (on the About Us page you can find out a little more about our history if you are interested 🙂 ).

I mean, when we started the blog we had an orange van logo, but without, however, knowing that a few years later, an orange van would become our home: absurd!!!

About a year after starting the blog, while searching among many vans to camper, a beautiful orange VW Crafter jumped out at us.

It was in good condition and at a great price (perhaps precisely because it was orange!).

At the time I remember how we moved our eyes to the logo, then onto the ad, and back to the logo a couple of times: it seemed impossible but it was him!

It was as if fate was calling us!

In short, we purchased it, converted it, and the rest is history!

Therefore, that’s the reason why the van depicted in the logo is a VW Transporter and not a VW Crafter😉

Our Favorite Places

“What is the most beautiful place you have visited?” is a question we are often asked, and of course always puts us on the spot!

The more you travel, the more memories you accumulate (each one special for different reasons) , the harder it becomes to choose!

Finding a single answer is therefore quite impossible, even more so being two people!

That said, below we have tried, and these are our favorite places visited so far, for various reasons:


  • Dani: Tokyo and La Paz
  • Isa: Istanbul




  • Dani: Praia do Mojambique, Brazil
  • Isa: All of them!!! (the sea is all beautiful!)




  • Dani: Vietnam
  • Isa: Turkey


  • Dani: Levi, Finland
  • Isa: Trentino, Italy


  • Dani: Uyuni, Bolivia
  • Isa: Meteora, Greece




  • Dani: Brunei
  • Isa: Corfu in Spring


  • Dani: Matera
  • Isa: Alberobello



  • Dani: North Cape and the United States
  • Isa: India

Do you want to find out more about Us?

dani and isa

On this page we told you about our blog Lost on the Route.

If, on the other hand, you are also interested in finding out more about us, Dani and Isa, who are behind this website, on this page we have tried to put down on paper our story and share some more interesting facts about us🙂

If you have questions instead, try consulting our page of frequently asked questions!

Then if you want, you can always find our contacts hereand write us a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible! 🙂