Mallorca Travel Guide:

The Queen of the Mediterranean

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Mallorca (or Majorca in English), with its 3.640 km², is the largest of Balearic Islands and one of the most renowned and famed jewels of the Mediterranean Sea. Golden sands, charming coves, quaint villages and ravishing azure water are but a few of the reasons that attract every year over 10 millions tourists every year.

Personally, I spent almost four years of my life on this island (when I wasn’t travelling, I made this Mallorca my home-base) and I had the lucky chance to explore it and savour it far and wide.

Therefore, in this Mallorca Travel Guide I decided to share with you my passion for Mallorca and bring you to a journey through the most alluring sunkissed beaches the island has to offer, the entertaining activities available away from the shore, the slow paced life at the shade of the olive groves and the culinary delights that transform every siesta in a fiesta.

Salty vibes, Fun & Nature. 

Mallorca is for Everyone, an Island to Live and Love!

Mallorca offers leisure activities for all ages, which makes it the perfect destination for families, couples, groups of friends, party animals and elderly alike! The beaches are world-renowned, but fewer people know that the mountains of Mallorca, the Sierra de Tramuntana, are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The locals are extremely talkative and cheerful, like only Spanish people can be. The festive atmosphere created by them, is something that surrounds visitors the moment they land at the airport and that brings them back to the island over and over. As the saying goes: “You never visit Mallorca only once”.

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Is Mallorca for you?

Whether you like to hike, lay at the beach, practice sport, party hard, or visit cultural sites, Mallorca has it all and got you covered!

The island is a destination that seems truly made for enjoying the pleasures of life, relax, and take back control of time.

Relatively affordable prices, extreme safety, and great international connection make the island easy to visit and enjoy. Excellent Tapas and Spanish food add the cherry-top to this fantastic destination.

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Main City: Palma 

Name: Mallorca (in Spanish) or Majorca (in English) means “major Island”, being Mallorca the largest Island of the Balearic Archipelago and of Spain

Country: Spain

Population: 869.000 people

Currency: Euro

Language Spoken: Spanish is the official language in Mallorca, together with Mallorquine (a local dialect). Being an island living of tourism, it is common to find international poliglots speaking several European languages.

Plugs: Mallorca, like all of Spain, utilizes type C and type F plugs, on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.

Safety: Mallorca is extremely secure and crimes are almost unheard of. Said that, I would suggest you to keep an eye of extra care on your belonging on the beach during high season, as petty bag thefts sometimes occur. 

Credit Cards & ATMs: All international card circuits are accepted in Mallorca, ATMs and exchange houses are everywhere and you can always pay by card.

Internet: 4G Internet is widely available everywhere in Mallorca. Most bars and hotels also offer free Wi-Fi.


“You Forget the Time, You forget the Loneliness,

Mallorca is not Far at All!”


– Chris Wolff

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