Mallorca: Top 10 Best Beaches

“Every Year, over 13 Million Tourists

come to Enjoy the Beaches of Mallorca”

Mallorca boasts a whooping 262 beaches and over 60 flying a blue flag: sandy and rocky, large and small, wild and developed, nudist and family-friendly… there’s truly one beach for every taste!

The strategic position of the island, just few hours away from all European major airports, makes Majorca a convenient and ideal destination for short getaways, family holidays, crazy wild weeks or long-term stays alike.

For this reason, in the summer months the beaches are packed, but almost never to the point of being uncomfortably overcrowded. Mallorca’s beaches are always alive, social and the atmosphere (like on the whole island) is relaxed and chill at all times.

In the following list, I’ll show you my favourite 10 Beaches on the island, briefly tell you about what facilities they offer, and lastly, I’ll give you some insider tips on when to go and how to best enjoy each of them.

Let’s Get Started: Best Beaches in Mallorca!

1. Es Trenc

Let’s start with the largest beach in Mallorca: Es Trenc!

This white-sand beach extends for 3,5km (60m wide) on the Southern Coast of the Islands. The sea is emerald-azure, the depth of the water increases gently and waves are never too high; behind the beach are sand dunes and wild Mediterranean scrub.

Overall, Es Trenc is still a quiet undeveloped beach: the only facilities you’ll find are a couple of small “chiringuitos” (bar on the beach) but you’ll likely have to walk a bit to reach them. My best advice for a day to Es Trenc is to bring your own cooler, fill it with ice, food, and, of course, lovely cold beers to enjoy under the warm Majorcan Sun.

Don’t forget to bring a beach umbrella too, there are no trees nor shade, just wilderness, and dreamlike waters. In summer the areas in the proximity of the parking get quite crowded if you want to have more space for yourself I would suggest walking 500m in either direction.

2. Cala Mondragò

On the Eastern coast of Mallorca, located within a natural reserve and enshrined by a thick pine forest, is Cala Mondragò.

Hidden in a secluded cove, the Cala Mondragò boast Caribbean-like water, always calm sea, and two communicating beaches: Cala S’Amarador (the larger one) on one side and 5 minutes walk through a rocky path, Font de n’Alis (the smaller one).

In the beaches’ proximities, for convenience there are two restaurants and a couple of chiringuitos too, offering different dining options, from full meals to Spanish tapas and cold drinks. Both beaches are guarded by lifeguards, which makes the place ideal also for families with children.

To reach the beach, the parking is 15 minutes away by walk and it costs 5 Euro per car. In the summer month, the beach gets very crowded (due to its beauty!) but don’t despair, it is large enough to accommodate everybody!


3. Port d’Alcudia

On the North-Eastern side of the island, we find Port d’Alcudia and it’s 1,8km-long blue-flag white-sand beach.

Wide, spacious, and fully equipped with anything you may need (beach umbrellas, volleyball fields, showers, wifi, restaurants, bars, night-clubs nearby, etc.), the Alcudia beach is an experience to witness. The water depth is low, the sea bottom descends almost horizontally, the sand is hard and thin and you’ll find facilities for all kinds of watersports.

After a long day at the beach of Alcudia, sipping a drink or enjoying a meal (possibilities are endless) on the shore while watching the sun setting, is so beautiful as convenient.


4. Calo des Moro

A classic postcard from Mallorca, Calo des Moro is a tiny cove on the South-Western coast of the island which made a great name of itself on both travel magazines, Instagram, and blogs alike, due to its secluded location and its paradisiacal azure-transparent water.

Inserted in a natural reserve, the cove is reachable only by hiking, the walk takes approx. 20 minutes depending on where you park.

The beach here is extremely small (and by extremely, I mean extremely!) and in summer it gets so crowded so fast that it’s impossible to find a meter of sand-free. Furthermore, descending to the beach requires good conditions as there are no stairs but only a steep dirt path from the cliff.

Personally, I believe Calo des Moro to be a beach on Mallorca that most of all will make your jaw drop and steal you all words except for “wow!”; it’s just that gorgeous!

Still, because of the crowds, if you’re visiting in high season I would suggest visiting early morning or late afternoon, or otherwise, just plan a one-hour bathing-stop at Calo des Moro before or after spending the day at the nearby beaches of Es Trenc, Cala Mondragò or Cala Llombards.

5. Cala Mesquida

We remain on the East-Coast of Mallorca where we find Cala Mesquida, a spacious and well-kept beach for everyone. 

In fact, this blue-flag beach is divided in three parts.

The first one, smaller but fully equipped is ideal for families or people looking for more comfort. The remaining part of the beach is free for all, perfect if you come with your own towel+beach umbrella. Following a small path on the right (South) side of the beach, you’ll also reach the last part of Cala Mesquida which is almost entirely a nudist area.

The sea bottom of Cala Mesquida plunges gently and it’s rich of colorful fishes. Reaching or leaving the beach in high season during peak hours may be hard as the road is narrow and most tourists park on the both sides of the road, but don’t worry, this cove is worth a full day stay too!


6. Playa de Palma

The most convenient beach if you find yourself around Palma: just a short bus ride away!

The Playa de Palma is a 5-km beach that stretches from the outskirts of Palma to the South, to the neighbouring Villages of Can Pastilla and S’Arenal. 

Flying also a blue flag, the Beach of Palma offers all comforts you may need (toilets, showers, beach-umbrellas, sunbeds, sports facilities, water activities…) while dining options are endless (beach bars, restaurants, pubs are all beachfront).

Overall, being incredibly close to the numerous hotel and resorts in the area, the Playa the Palma is extremely alive and vibrant during the whole day. After sunset, the nightlife develops all around the coast, overviewing the sea.

If you’re planning a “beach & party” trip with friends, staying around Playa de Palma may be a good choice for you!


7. Playa del Mago

Sitting on the West-coast, just South of Magaluf, Playa del Mago is a tiny clothing-optional cove boasting an incredibly azure sea and suggestive wild panorama.

Crystal clear waters and a secluded position away from too many indiscreet eyes are the main reasons naturists choose this place, which still is visited also by non-nudists too.

The beach is kinda small, if you plan to lay down in high-season I would suggest you arrive early morning (to avoid having to lay on rocks). The beach is only reachable by taxi, car, or walking (about 3km from Magaluf). 

8. Banyalbufar

The less touristy and visited entry of this list!

The Bay of Banyalbufar, located on the North-Western side of Majorca, is a place to see to believe!

After crossing the Serra de Tramuntana to reach the village, visitors need to descend an extremely steep and narrow concrete street until improvised parking on a rocky cliff will appear; then from there walking 10 minutes more to reach the beach.

The bay seems like an aquarium for how transparent the water is! The relatively low number of visitors, jointed with the high cliffs enclosing the bay, makes visiting this beach an intimate and private experience year-round. The beach is rocky, not the best one to lay down perhaps, but the context is worth it all!

To note, that the only way to reach the beach is with a private vehicle (car or scooter) and decent driving skills (the street is steep and if you cross with vehicles in the opposite direction, you should be able to maneuver in hard conditions).


9. Sa Calobra – Torrent de Pareis Canyon

Many people choose the boat to reach this isolated beach.

Seeing the over 10km-long downhill twisted road to reach it on the other side, I can totally understand why. Still, if you have the chance to drive, do it!

Sa Calobra is en extremely hard to reach bay perfectly dovetailed within the Northern cliffs of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. The beach is the extremity of the Torrent de Pareis Canyon, an enclaved area that can only be reached by walking through a man-sized stone tunnel.

If you’re looking for a wild experience of discovery and to stay away from mass tourism, nothing beats Sa Calobra! If you have the time, I would suggest getting there by self-drive (scooter is ideal!), as on the way you’ll witness a stunning and secrete part of Mallorca that nobody expects to see and very few actually do!

Mountains, cliffs, sea, and pure uncontaminated nature; that’s what Sa Calobra is all about! A tiny sustainable village with few bars-restaurants-hotels fifteen minutes from the canyon is the only trace of humanity around.


10. Playa de Tora – Paguera

On the western coast of the island, at the doors of the iconic Beverly Playa Hotel, we find our last blue-flag beach of this list (and one which I personally adore!).

Playa de Tora is one of the two wide beaches of Paguera. Equipped and free for all, Tora Beach is the perfect place for families and couples wanting to enjoy a relaxing and fun atmosphere.

Lifeguards are on site, watersports and boat excursions all start from the berth just at the end of the bay, and large trees offer shade and space for picnics.

Behind the beach (where toilets and showers are available), the boulevard of Paguera is filled to the brim with alluring and decently-priced restaurants, tapas bars, and tourist shops where you can find any articles you may be searching for.



These were only 10 (my favourites!) of the numerous beaches Mallorca has to offer. I hope you found this article useful to plan your upcoming trip, get some inspiration and choose what best works for you! So, which are your favourite beaches in Mallorca and why? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Also, between one cold-beer and a gin-tonic, don’t forget that Mallorca is not only about beaches!

If you want to know more about the other incredible leisure opportunities this magnificent island has to offer, be sure to check out the following article of this guide Mallorca: 10 FUN Activities Away from the Beach; you’ll see Mallorca with all different eyes afterwards ;D

Thanks for reading! 🙂


Did you like my article and found it useful? Do you have any question or would you like to leave further information?

Leave a comment below and let’s get in touch! 🙂


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