Mallorca: 10 Fun Activities Away from The Beach

Who said that Mallorca is only sea and beaches? Whoever was, he couldn’t have been more wrong!

In fact, the Queen of the Balearics is an island that never sleeps which offers a great variety of entertainment possibilities also away from its sunkissed shores. Cultural heritage, massive parties, hike trails, ancient caves, vintage trains or challanging games… Mallorca has it all!

In the following article, I sketched a list of my favourite TOP 10 fun and interesting things to do in Mallorca away from the beach; perfect for a rainy day or just for a change from the classic “beach & eat routine”. 

As I feel extremely passioned about this island and all its hidden corners (having spent here over three years of my life), it hasn’t been easy to pick my 10 favourites; so at the end of the list I also thought of leaving you some runner-up suggestion too ;D



The Best 10 Things to Do in Mallorca

away from the Beach

 1. Visit Palma!

The city of Palma, located on the west coast, is a lively urban center boasting an immense cultural heritage. Hub of countless festivals and events throughout the year, it is considered the pulsing heart of Mallorca.

Elected in 2015 as the n1. Best Place to Live in the World by the London Times (and scored regularly in the top10 since then), Palma is indeed a vibrant city with an incredible array of attractions and activities to offer.

Firstly founded by the Romans, and then ruled by the Byzantines and the Moors until the birth of the Spanish nation; Palma shows it’s long-lasting history through its well-maintained architectonical masterpieces which find their culmination in the Cathedral of Santa Maria.

The city streets swarm with wine and tapas bars, handicraft shops but also extremely modern malls. As the old town is almost entirely closed to traffic, strolling around the tiny alleys is a relaxing and laid-back experience. Anything you’re looking for, in Palma you’ll find it! 

If it’s your first time visiting the city, my best suggestion is to start your journey from Plaza de España (the main bus/train connection hub) and walk your way to the Cathedral from there. The best way to truly live Palma is, in my opinion, to get lost in it!

Don’t worry too much about your route (you’re going to find it anyway!); just focus on the bright colors, the music, the street artists, and the alluring scents. Enjoy the chill atmosphere, breath, exhale, and cheer the slow passing of time. Palma is a city to enjoy and to live in.


2. Take a Tour to Soller on this

overly-Centenary Train

The Soller’s Train is a legendary old-school exceptionally well-maintained wooden train that started its operations in 1912 that connects the city of Palma (on the west coast of the island) with Soller (on the North Coast).

The full train ride takes approximately one hour up to Soller. From here, it is possible to switch to a vintage wooden tram and continue the journey until reaching the enchanting Port of Soller, within an additional 30 minutes.

On the way, the train’s passengers are offered incredible views of rural Majorca: orange and lemon trees, olive groves, the grey and green rocky mountains of the Serra the Tramuntana, and charming hidden villages.

Soller and its ports are marvelous places to visit and an optimal choice if you’re looking to enjoy a couple of drinks in a peaceful environment while admiring the surrounding mountains and wondrous azure sea.  

The ticket price for the train is 25 Euros until Soller and 7 Euro more for the Tram to the port. For the coming back, you can always consider the faster and cheaper bus 211 (around 7 Euro), not so scenographic but definitely convenient.


 3. Try your Ninja Skills at Palma Jump


Did you ever watch American Ninja Warrior and always wondered how would you perform on those tracks? Do you want to join an out of the ordinary, fun and healthy experience in the heart of Palma? Try Palma Jump!

Palma Jump is an impressive trampoline park in the heart of Palma, a playground for children and adults alike. The facility contains 50 huge trampolines, basket trampolines, equilibrium fight ground and an entire Ninja Warrior track where you can test your balance, reactivity and fitness skills.

The jumping park is open every day of the week and one hour costs 10 Euro (which believe me, it’s more than enough! You’re body and legs will be aching after one hour already!). Jump Palma is something you won’t expect to find in Mallorca but which you’ll love it at first sight: it’s like turning back child!

Important to note, is that Jump is not indicated for people with health problems (legs, knees, cervical spine etc.). If you have one of those, keep reading this article and we’ll find the perfect activity for you too;D

Here is the website with all the required information about Jump Mallorca.

 4. Rent a Small Boat and Enjoy the Coastline


 Away from the beach doesn’t necessarily have to be in the hinterland direction: why don’t explore the sea and observe the coastline from afar at your own pace?

In recent years, in Mallorca there are few services that started renting small boats that won’t require you to own a licence.

My favourite of those, is Embark from Santa Ponsa (West Coast), which lets you reserve a boat directly on the internet with clear prices, checking-in is smooth: ten minutes and you’re ready to go.

I have to admit that, although slightly pricier than other activities, having full control on a boat and choosing where to drive and what to visit in total freedom is a thrilling experience. Close to Santa Ponsa there are the Malgrat Islands (natural reserve), the secluded  and incredibly charming Calo d’en Monjo, the Bay of Camp the Mar and much more.

Also, did I mention that the boats are also equipped with bluetooth speakers and fridge? Remember to carry on those sweet beers and some champagne before leaving the dock for enjoying the full experience! 😉

 5. Hike through the Serra de Tramuntana

The Serra de Tramuntana is an impressive mountain range spanning all over the North-Western coast of Mallorca which has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2011 under the Cultural Landscape category.

The entire mountain system, which covers 30% of all Mallorca’s territory, is nothing less than a perfectly-preserved geological masterpiece: compared to the rest of the island indeed, mass tourism and aggressive urbanization didn’t reach this far yet.

Both the biodiversity of the area and the mountain scenery are outstanding, making the Serra a perfect destination for eco-tourism and also for a day-escape away from the golden beaches. Spanning over 90km in length, and 15km in width; the Serra de Tramuntana offers hike trails for all tastes and fitness conditions.

Depending on the track you’ll choose, expect to walk past fresh mountain lakes, rocky precipitous cliffs, holm-oak woodlands, charming ecological villages, and traditional rural farms.

Personally, I love the hike trails around Calvià (Calo des Monjo, Sa Bruta, Cala Fornells), Andratx, Banyalbufar, Estellenc, and Port Pollensa.

NOTE: Hike Trails are, on average, poorly signaled by road signs (if shown at all!). I would strongly suggest downloading the app Maps.Me and utilize the GPS to orientate yourself.


6. Party Wild at BH Hotel

The BH Hotel, located in the heart of the infamous sin-city of Magaluf, is the paradise for young pool-party lovers.

Are you looking for a waterpark? BH! Are you looking for the best gym in town? BH! Are you looking for pool parties? BH! Do you want to see the best DJs in the world? BH! You want all of the previous while also enjoying all-you-can-eat and drink? Then you should definitely visit BH!

As you may have understood from the previous, the BH Hotel is an institution in Magaluf. The Hotel (adults-only), in addition to hosting its regular guests, also opens its doors every day with one-day passes for anyone willing to join the party and all the park’s facilities.

The average age of guests ranges between 18-35, making it a great one-day activity for all youngsters looking for fun and new experiences. The day pass costs 50Euro and includes everything (waterpark, 3 pools, music, gym, drinks, and food for the whole day).

 7. Visit the Charming Valdemossa

Valdemossa is a hidden gem within the Serra de Tramuntana.

Built on a wide valley’s slope at the beginning of the 14th century, the city of Valdemossa is an eye-catching secret beauty: old stone walls, narrow and crooked cobble-paved alleys, concealed art galleries and handicrafts shops, laidback rural atmosphere and nature immersion… all without forgetting to keep an eye on tourism facilities.

Visiting the whole village can take between one and two hours. The place is ideal to aimlessly stroll around, gently sip a drink in the shade of broadleaved trees, and discovering the culture of the Majorquin hinterland. 

You can reach Valdemossa with the public bus number 210 from Palma, although I would suggest renting a car and self-drive if you have the chance: like that, you could then continue on a journey to the North to the picturesque Banyalbufar or to enjoy the sunset at the cliff of Sa Foradada.


 8. Visit the Caves on the East Coast

The East coast of Mallorca is studded with unbelievable complexes of natural caves.

The commercial and touristy Cuevas del Drach (or in English, Dragon Caves), the artistic Cuevas dels Hams (Fishhook Caves), or the acclaimed Dantean Cuevas de Arta, are all great options to spend a couple of hours on a rainy day. 

All of the previous caves are jammed with millions-year-old stalagmites and stalactites and the paths are truly breathtaking. What makes the caves of Mallorca so worth visiting though,  it’s the human touch: powerful, colorful illumination and enchanting music are added to every cave to bring them to life, create a story and a message.

Personally, I truly enjoyed the Cuevas del Hams, as they’re less touristy than the more famous Dragon Caves but as enticing.

No matter where you’ll go through, think about bringing something warm if you’re the kind of person the suffers the cold easily: the caves are chilly (14-18°C) also in summer, especially in those parts where you walk several dozen meters under earth.


 9. Challange your friends with Karting


Who doesn’t love Karting? Did you know that in Mallorca there’s not one, not two, not three… but six (!!!) karts facilities?!

If you want to take a day away from the beach, why not challenging your friends with an exciting racing competition? No matter where you’re staying, one of the tracks is for sure close to you: Circuit Mallorca (Arenal), Go-Kart Can Pastilla (Palma), Kart Magaluf (Calvià), Karting Cala Millor (East coast), Karting Magic (Alcudia).

Yes, in Mallorca apparently they really love karting! ;D

Furthermore, and perhaps my favorite, the last facility is Ekarts Mallorca, an indoor track with last-generation electric karts, located just at the doors of Palma and within the Festival Park shopping center (Marratxi). Pricewise is convenient and trust me, lot, LOT of fun!



 10. Visit the Palma Aquarium


The Palma Aquarium is an educative experience for everyone, from children to elders.

Located just south of Playa de Palma, the Aquarium in numbers counts an impressive 55 tanks, 5M liters of water, over 8000 marine specimens, and over 700 (!!!) single species. The museum follows a path that brings visitors through the different ecosecosystemsthe Mediterranean Sea and beyond.

In total, it takes approx. two hours to visit the whole museum without rushing; one hour more if you decide to join the optional attractions of the Water Dome (a 4D cinema about the world of whales) or the Shark Vision Boat. The Aquarium also boasts outdoor gardens to enjoy the good days and a couple of dining facilities (of course, at inflated prices).

Before going, I wasn’t too excited (having seen larger aquariums in my life), but I have to admit that the Palma Aquarium has been a positive surprise: educational, spotlessly clean, and full of curiosities!

Runner-Up Bonus: Have Fun Shopping at Fan!


If you can’t stay away from shopping, then you need to pay a visit to the FAN!

FAN is the largest shopping center on the island and it’s conveniently located just in the outskirts of Palma, close to the international airport.

The commercial park has enormous shops from all major international brands for any given category: H&M, Primark, Mango, Decathlon, Carrefour, Primor, Gamestop, Tiger… if you’re looking for something specific or just a good deal, you’ll find it in FAN!

The parking is free and the center is open Monday to Saturday + the first Sunday of every month. In addition to shops, there are also toy parks for children, a cinema and several restaurants for all palates and pockets.

An honorable mention goes to “100 Montaditos”: a shamingly-cheap Spanish Tapas&Drinks food chain that offers every tapa (or ice-cold beer!) for just 1 Euro. As a man, I find it a lovely place to stay while patiently waiting for my girlfriend to finish shopping ;D I am sure, many other men felt the same!




Mallorca is not only its sunkissed beaches; the whole island is a living ecosystem!

In this article I wanted to give you a glimpse into the countless leisure possibilities available all over the island and for all profiles. Did you find it useful? Do you want to signal me something more to include in this list? Or you just need first-person information about one of the previous?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Thanks for reading.


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