Mallorca: The Budget

Mallorca, How much do you cost Me?

Mallorca is an island for all pockets!

Being super-connected to all major airports in Europe (the Palma airports serves over 175.000 flights a year, in summer over 600 flights from all over Europe land on the island every day) reaching the island is relatively cheap if you find yourself within the Schengen Area.

Food and beverages are well-priced (way less expensive than the nearby funky Ibiza!) and food variety and quality are both great. Infrastructures are modern, reliable and convenient (transportation, connectivity, etc.); natural attractions are free (beaches, mountains etc.) and retail prices in shops are accessible.

All in all, if you’re in Europe (or planning to visit it!) and you’re looking to spend a holiday of total relax in a warm and welcoming environment, Mallorca is the deal for your buck! Prices of course vary during the year, being competitive in high season (summer) and shockingly cheaper in the low season (spring-autumn).

In this article, I’ll discuss in order the prices of travelling to the island, the accomodation options and price ranges, costs of transportation, average cocktails and dining costs and ultimately I’ll leave you a list of the prices for the most interesting attractions on the island. Enjoy! 🙂


Let’s Go Budgeting!

1. Travel Cost to Mallorca

Traveling to Mallorca from all over Europe is relatively inexpensive.

Flights from major hubs (such Berlin, Milan, London, etc.) range between 50-90 Euro (go and back), while from minor or further away airports range between 120-200 Euro (ex. from Stockholm, Helsinki, Warsaw, etc.).

As for all flights, flexibility with the departing/returning dates can unlock you better deals while fixed dates may cost you slightly more.  The Palma Airport is an international airport but doesn’t receive intercontinental flights (if you come from outside Europe, you’ll first have to do a stopover in a connecting airport – normally Madrid or Barcelona).

Your best bet to check the prices and availability for your dates is to run a research on Skyscanner. the best website/app to swiftly find the best flight deals around. If you are interested in other travel apps that can help you to travel on a budget, be sure to check out my article Top 15 Essential Apps for Smart Travelling.

2. Accomodation cost in Mallorca

With more than 80% of its economy related to tourism, it’s no wonder Mallorca offers unending accommodation possibilities. In fact, the island is filled to the brim with exclusive resorts, family hotels, luxury villas, party hotels, Airbnbs, homes for rent, and all in between! You just have the embarrassment of choice.

Prices peak in high season (June-September) while in low season (spring-autumn) they fall by a whooping 50-80% due to the large offer but lower demand. In the winter months (Nov-Feb) more than half of the hotels on the island close their doors for renovations and to wait for the following season.

If you’re visiting in high season, accommodation will likely be the major dent in your budget (but don’t worry, compared to several other destinations you’ll be able to save on most other voices – transportation, food/drinks, attractions, flight).

Following, I’ll briefly discuss each accommodation possibility and give you average price ranges for each. For getting a punctual estimation for your time period, I suggest you check Airbnb, Booking, or read the article  Top 15 Essential Apps for Smart Travelling which will help you find the best deals!


Resorts / Hotels / Hostels

Perfect if you want everything ready and just don’t want to care about the details. A large variety of hotels offer their rooms with an all-inclusive formula (convenient if you don’t plan to move around the island) and animation/night shows for both children and adults is a big thing in Mallorca (I was working as a chief entertainer too! ;D). 

Mallorca has over 3000 hotels to choose from, from super string budget ones, to all major premium hotel chains such as Barcelò, Vibra, Hilton or Marriott just to name a few (here you can also check out the latest Marriott promotions too :).

Following are indicative price ranges for high season (July) and low season (March) for a double room (consider the price is for two persons and might include full all-inclusive benefits).

  • HOSTEL: 60-80 Euro/night – 20-70 Euro/night (the hostel/backpacker scene is not developed in Mallorca)
  • 2 STARS Hotels: 70-120 Euro/night – 25-70 Euro/Night
  • 3 STARS Hotels: 80-200 Euro/night – 30-100 Euro/night
  • 4 STARS Hotels: 130-280 Euro/night – 60-130 Euro/night
  • 5 STARS Hotels: 250-500 Euro/night – 130-300/night

Of course, if you put time into searching you may find even better deals! Imagine that there are hotels on the island also offering a full week in summer as low as 200Euro with all-inclusive package (it’s like 30 Euro a day!).

If you need suggestions to find the right hotels for you and your group/family, drop me a message below and I might be able to help you find it:)




If you’re looking for the best saving deals or extreme luxury alike, Airbnb is the place to check! On the platform the variety of flats-houses-villas is huge and if what you’re looking for is a more private and intimate experience, you should definitely think to go for one of those.

As a rule of thumb, the more people you are, the more convenient Airbnb becomes. Personally, I see two persons as the minimum to make Airbnbs economically better than hotels. In addition to the economy though, you might want to consider additional facilities that Airbnb has compared to hotels (etc. kitchen, washing machine, etc.).

Prices for a two-people (or more) flats range in summer from 50+ Euro/Night + Service Commission and low season/winter 30+ Euro/Night + SC.

NOTE: The prices of Airbnb don’t fluctuate so heavily as prices of hotels do between the year.

If you’re interested in renting luxury villas (good for you!) Airbnb is also the best platform to look for those; the options are endless and for the price, well…the sky is the limit! ;D




As said many times before: Mallorca is not only its beaches! Indeed, in the last decades, rural tourism in the hinterland of the island saw great development, and so did accommodation options in the area.

Fincas (in Spanish) are traditional farmhouses, cottages, or rural villas, normally located within a larger agricultural terrain. In Majorca, many of those have been renovated with modern facilities (many have a private pool too) and adapted to tourists’ needs.

Visited especially by families, Fincas are a choice of sustainable tourism where children can enjoy a fun, relaxing and educative environment immersed in nature between plants and animals.

The prices for Fincas in summer range between 100-250 Euro/night for the whole house and its facilities, overall a very competitive price against both hotels and Airbnb villas.



3. Transportation Cost in Mallorca

As we have seen more in-depth in the article Mallorca: Hotspot Map and How to Move around, the transportation options to move around Mallorca are essentially four: public buses, private shuttles, taxis, and car rental.

In this section, I’ll just focus on the cost of each of them, while for more specific information (about availability, frequency, timetables, etc.) I’ll suggest you have a look at the article mentioned above 😉


Public Buses (TIB)


Public operate all year round, run mostly on time, are clean, reliable, and convenient. The longest route (from one side of the island to the other) costs 11 Euro; moving to a neighboring village between 1-2 Euros. For the exact fares on the different routes, refer to this page: Tib.


Car Rental


Mallorca is plenty of car rentals. Personally, I suggest using Wiber (it’s cheap and honest) for long-term rentals from the airport, or your local rental shop for 1-2 days periods.

The cost of cars varies greatly with the season: in summer an economy car may cost between 50-60 Euro/day (or 20Euro/day without Insurance), in winter 10-15 Euro/day (few cents without insurance).


Private Shuttles


Operate only from spring to autumn and they connect the airport to your accommodation. More expensive than public buses, but with the advantage that will drop you just in front of your door and operate 24h. For exact estimation for your connection, check the following pages: Transunion Shuttle or Shuttle Direct.



Taxis are the most expensive transportation on the island (and there are no apps like Uber – all banned). A taxi to a neighboring village costs between 10-15 Euro, while a taxi island side-to-side costs around 80-90 Euro. Refer to this article for how to call/flag down a taxi in Mallorca.

4. Food and Drink Cost in Mallorca


Mallorca is probably the cheapest of the Balearic Island when it comes to food and definitely a good deal compared to most Western-European countries. Street food is available in all touristic villages (so, almost everywhere on the coast), as well as cheap, middle, and high-end restaurants. Large resorts mostly work with all-inclusive packages too!

To give you an idea of prices, think that a kebab can cost 4-5Euro, a Paella for two people in a quality restaurant around 30-35Euro, and with 40-50 Euro, you can have a GREAT dinner for two (3 plates and alcohol included). On the island, there are also plenty of all-you-can-eat restaurants, all ranging between 12-20 Euro and offering great quality and variety of food.

If you rented an Airbnb and you’re thinking of cooking yourself, supermarkets are available almost anywhere and prices are also in the norm (cheaper than most EU countries still). Major supermarkets chains are Eroski, Spar, Lidl & Aldi.

Also, don’t forget that in Mallorca is widely spread the culture of tapas. For those who don’t know, tapas are small-portion dishes to eat which accompany your drink. They can be literally anything: olives, alioli, bruschettas, seafood, jam, cheese, etc., etc., etc.

Know that most bars will bring you tapas with your drinks (some of them bring one for every drink too!), or conveniently bundle them together (ex. wine + tapa can be around 3 Euro). There’s nothing better than sipping a drink on the coast, eating tapas, and enjoy the slow passing of time! ;D


(Alcoholic) Drinks

Alcohol in Mallorca is definitely cheap. Not Czech-cheap, but definitely cheaper than in most EU countries. One large pint of beer averages 3 Euro, but I also found pubs offering pints for 1 Euro (in party areas, such as Magaluf, Palmanova, Arenal, etc.).

Wine is even cheaper than beer: you can get great bottles of local wine in restaurants for less than 10 euros. Cocktails at beach bars linger between 5-10 Euros, some even less (ex. Gin-Tonics average 4 Euro).

The cheapest prices I found in supermarkets is a 33cl can of beer for 0,21 Euro, and bottles of good wine for 1,99 Euro. Bottles of 75cl 40% super-alcohol start from 5 Euros upward, (almost all under 20Euro).

Some bars/clubs also offer all-you-can-drink formulas, which price can be from 6Euro for 1 hour; to 20 Euro for the whole night (!!!).

5. Attractions Costs

Golden beaches, hot sun, and azure sea are all that most people visiting Mallorca are interested in; and the good news is, they’re all for free, everywhere!

Following, I thought of leaving you a price table for all other activities you might be interested in joining (special excursions, cultural experiences, and leisure facilities) which could enhance your experience in Mallorca and make it even more memorable.

  • 1 Hour in Jump Mallorca – 10 Euro/Adult – 5 Euro/child
  • Guided Tour to the Palma Cathedral – 7 Euro/person
  • Day-trip to Dragonera (including lunch) – 25-40 Euro/person
  • Palma Aquarium – 25 Euro/Adult 12,50 Euro/Child
  • Marineland – 29 Euro/Adult – 20 Euro/Child
  • Day Entrance at BH Hotel – 50 Euro/Adult
  • Rent Boat for 3 hours – 130 Euro
  • Rent a Boat for 8 hours – 230 Euro
  • Wooden Train Palma-Soller – 25 Euro/person
  • Wooden Tram Soller- Port Soller – 7 Euro/person
  • Tandem Paraglide – 100-150 Euro
  • Karting Gran Prix (40min) – 30-50 Euro
  • Dragons Caves – 15,50 Euro/Adult 8,50 Euro/child
  • Cuevas del Hams – 17 Euro/Adult

In Conclusion

As already said in the introduction, Mallorca has options for literally every budget which contribute to attracting to the island over 10 million tourists every year.

Cheap connecting flights, relatively low transportation costs, and accessible dining prices make Mallorca one of the most convenient summer destinations in Europe (in terms of price/quality). Although accommodation may become slightly expensive in Summer, stay reassured that in Mallorca you’ll always get quality for your money.

Did you find this article helpful? Do you have any more info/suggestions that you believe should be included in this article? If so or for any question, let me know in the comments below ;D

Also, don’t forget to check out the article Top 15 Essential Apps for Smart Travelling to discover the best apps that may help you save lots of money on accommodation, food, transportation, and attractions 😉

Thanks for reading 🙂

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