Mallorca: The 7 Best Places to See the Sunset

“You Can Never Watch too many Sunsets”

Awe-inspiring. timeless, ardent summer sunsets.

Every evening, as the red sun touches the water, the charming North-West coast of Mallorca is set afire and the skyline gets painted with all shades of blazing warm colours.

Whether you’re looking for the best scenery for a romantic dinner, a spot for self-inspiration, a memorable Instagram hotspot or just for a thought-provoking place to share a beer with friends, Mallorca has the right sunset for you! 

In this article, I’ll share with you my favourite seven places to admire the sunset on the island, give you tips on how to get there and, in the end, I’ll also leave you a Google Map with the hotspots highlighted (to clarify any doubt, some places are harder to find than others).

Hope you’ll find this article useful 🙂

Let’s get started!

1. El Toro

On the west coast of Mallorca, Calvià Municipality, there’s a small peninsula called “Punta de el Toro” (taking the name from the nearby village of El Toro, it means in Spanish “the Edge of the Bull”).

The peninsula is a closed military area that has been abandoned for years now. Although gates and barbed wire block the main accesses; locals broke tiny entries through the fence, and the inner park is nowadays widely used for strolling around, jogging, and hiking.

About 20 minutes walk from the entrance, the street gets increasingly narrower and more precipitous, until a point where you’ll have to almost climb your way down the cliff.

Reaching the very edge of the peninsula requires good physical conditions (and I won’t suggest it if you suffer from vertigo), but also stopping halfway will ensure you an incredible sunset!

“Punta de el Toro” is no doubt the hardest and most secret place to reach on this list. The position of the peninsula is perpendicular to the sun trajectory, giving a stunning view of the sun diving neatly into the sea every single cloudless day of the year.

Moreover, as it stays further away from touristic tracks, I would suggest this place for a more intimate, not crowded experience (there are no restaurants or bar nearby though, the whole peninsula is just nature and cliffs).


2. Cap de Formentor

On the most North-Western corner of the island and about 30 minutes car from Port Pollensa, we find Cap de Formentor.

Immersed within the Serra de Tramuntana mountains (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and surrounded by razor-edge cliffs and the immense blue of the Mediterranean sea, the 20-km peninsula of Cap de Formentor presents a landscape that truly seems out of this world.

At the end of the peninsula’s kinked panoramic road, after kilometers of sharp rocks covered by die-hard nature, is an incredible promontory dominated by the iconic Lighthouse of Formentor.

The peculiarity of this site (in addition to the utmost beauty of the scenery) is that from here you can watch the sun both rising from the sea in the morning, and setting in the sea in the evening. The lighthouse is only reachable by car, bike, or private tour bus (there’s no way to walk there!).

Although the lighthouse is closed for visits, on the ground floor under it is a little bar if you’ll wish to purchase something small (prices are of course very high!).


3. Sa Foradada

Located on the Northern Coast of Mallorca, Sa Foradada is another tiny peninsula called Sa Foradada.

By many regarded as the place n.1 to see the sunset on the island, the place has been made famous by a renowned restaurant-bar that sits on top of the cliff; named after the place “Na Foradada”.

The bar offers a wonderful and spacious terrace straight on the sea, with sofas, pillows, and comfy seats. Seeing the burning sunset from your privileged position while sipping on an ice-cold drink is for sure a truly breathtaking and mind-calming g experience.

Despite being on the Northern Coast though, in summer the place is literally assaulted by tourists and locals alike, making table reservation a must (if you don’t like standing, the majority of people do) and also coming to a couple of hours before sunset highly recommended (you may have to go kilometers away to find one afterward).

If you’re looking for a trendy sunset spot, with chill music, young crowds, and summer-party vibes, Sa Foradada is definitely the place to go!

4. Sant Elm

Located on the Westernmost side of the Island, Sant Elm is a picturesque village of roughly 400 inhabitants laying entirely outside of mainstream tourism radars.

In addition to its small but charming beach and narrow cobblestone alleys, Sant Elm offers the best view of Sa Dragonera island and makes for a unique sunset hotspot.

In fact, from here you won’t see the sun diving straight into the sea but instead, fade behind the Dragonera, highlighting its shape and creating a strong contrast of colors between the warmth of the sky and the shadow of the mountain.

Coming by car, it is possible to park in the village’s central parking (there are not many others around) for a 4Euro fee, and from there just walk along the seaside road to find your perfect spot. Although small, the village is filled with bars and alluring traditional restaurants, so considering spending the whole afternoon there is also not a sin.

5. Mirador Ses Barques

Located at 462 meters above sea level, on the long mountain road between Soller and Sa Calobra, the Mirador Ses Barques is a viewpoint surprisingly distant from the sea.

During the day, this unique scenographic spot offers a jaw-dropping wide-angle view over Port Soller, the sea, and the Serra de Tramuntana in the hinterland. By night, you can see the sun setting in the far-away sea below and the surrounding coast slowly lightening up as nature gets painted with the evening’s chromatic shades.

The Mirador Ses Barques consists of a small parking, a free-viewpoint, and a restaurant with the same name. The restaurant offers a fantastic panoramic terrace, traditional Mallorcan food, excellent wines, and overall fair prices.

Perfect for sunset (but also hauntingly beautiful during the whole day too), the Mirador is ideal for those looking for the comfort of a restaurant/bar but also an intimate atmosphere (it is not so overly-popular like Sa Foradada): a definitely recommended place for a memorable aperitivo sunset.


6. Torre de Ses Ànimes

Lost along Mallorca’s Northern-coast road between Banyalbufar and Estellencs, the Torre de Ses Animes is a well-maintained ruin overlooking the ocean, directly on the edge of a precipitous cliff.

The abandoned tower is today still open; an iron ladder allows visitors to access the little terrace on the second floor which offers a full-angle view of the boundless open sea below.

Whether on top of the tower or just at its feet, the sunset view is incredible as you’ll see the sun diving straight into the sea, with nothing else in sight.

To reach the tower you’ll have to come with your own vehicle; in the proximity of the site, there’s parking space for only 5-6 cars along the road. Although not so popular, during the main season I would advise you to come slightly before sunset to ensure you’ll find a place to leave your car (no problem if you come by scooter or bike).


7. Mirador Illes Malgrat

Just a few minutes away from Santa Ponsa (Calvià) and about 8km north of Punta de El Toro, we find another popular sunset hotspot: the Mirador Illes Malgrat.

The Malgrat Islets are tiny and inaccessible rocky formations popping out of the sea a few miles off the Western Coast of Mallorca, closed and protected as natural reserves for local fauna.

From the Mirador Illes Malgrat, you can see the sun setting into the sea and between the islands, creating a joyful play of colorful contrasts. The place, immensely popular among locals but less known by tourists, consists of a large unpaved parking and under-developed cliffs where normally people sit.

Around the area at the moment there are no bars (the closest are about 2km away in Santa Ponsa), so you may want to think about bringing something to drink on your own if you’d like (that’s what most people do!).

If you’re looking for a wondrous sunset not too far from Palma, this is also the place to go!



These were my favourite seven places to see the sunset in Mallorca. Hereafter I’ll leave you a Google Map where I pin-pointed them all, to make it easier for you to find them. If you have any question or you would like to suggest other interesting places to admire the sunset on the island, get in contact with me in the comments below.


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