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travel tips

On this page, you’ll find precious tips for planning your travels, thoughts to mentally prepare yourself for your departure, and suggestions from our experience for saving money wherever and whenever possible 😀


Preparing for departure: the right attitude!

Planning a trip, whether do-it-yourself or through an agency, takes time and energy: you have to decide where you want to go, what you want to do, what you want to see, what you do NOT want to do, and much more…

Hotels, insurance, airline tickets, packing by making everything fit, or choosing a backpack… and then again schedules, quotes, details, connections, services…

For those who are just starting and have never traveled much, all this planning is often perceived as an insurmountable obstacle It can be frightening, create unjustified anxiety and prompts them to postpone the departure and their dreams further and further.

If you find yourself in this “limbo” of uncertainty (I know how it feels… we’ve all been there!), before even start planning your trip, I recommend that you have a good deep breath, and put into perspective what you are trying to accomplish: plan a trip to see a new place that attracts and fascinates you.

The thought is already a gorgeous thing!

Whether it’s a trip of a few days or several years, whether it’s to a place an hour from home, or to the other side of the world, a trip is always a wonderful experience, and to experience it to the fullest it all starts with your attitude and how you approach it!

In this article nearby, you can find 25 good reasons that Will motivate you to go! 😉



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    When we need a flight, Skyscanner is the first site we consult: it allows us to search for flights worldwide with flexible dates, and find the cheapest routes in the blink of an eye!

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    Hopper is an innovative booking app: it allows you to see flight prices at different times and alerts you when they drop or there are attractive deals.

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    The most omni-comprehensive and easy-to-use site to search for flights. It is a good starting point to explore routes before checking each airline’s website.


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    When we need a flight, Skyscanner is the first site we consult: it allows us to search for flights worldwide with flexible dates, and find the cheapest routes in the blink of an eye!

    Complete Guide to Book a holiday with Booking


    If you have never used before, here is a guide on all the secrets to finding the best accommodations for your needs, at the lowest prices!

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    If you’re not looking for a hotel, but for something more intimate, AirBnB is the place to look: apartments, penthouses, tree houses, igloos, boats–you can really find everything here!

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    Hotels Combined is a website that aggregates data from all booking sites and helps you make sure you’ve found the lowest price deal possible: trust the bear! 🙂

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    Do you want to travel while saving money, have unforgettable experiences and meet as many people as possible? I have booked over 100 hostels in my life, and hostelworld has never let me down, ever!

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    After traveling for years at risk and without medical insurance, as we grew up (and made mistakes!) we realized how important it is to travel covered: bad luck happens sooner or later!

    For the past couple of years, we have been taking Safety Wing’s Nomad Insurance travel insurance, which is comprehensive, inexpensive, flexible, and valid anywhere in the world.

    We wrote an whole article about Nomad Insurance and why we think it is the best travel insurance for quality/price🙂

    Here on the side you can try for yourself to request a quote in seconds!

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    Essential Apps

    smart traveling apps


    We live in the future, and more informed and more affordable travel is possible thanks to technology! In this article, find our 15 favorite apps for “smart” travel 🙂

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    Technology nowadays is also essential for RV travel and can help to save a lot of time and money! Here you will find 15 apps that we use ourselves when traveling with our van 🙂