How to Plan a Last-Minute Getaway in Style

how to plan a last minute getaway - pocket guide

As the tourism and hospitality industry continue to embrace technology and digitization, experts are noticing a change in traveler behaviors in recent years.

Up to 5.16 billion people spend time online daily, with more and more people booking their trips online.

Combined with the ease of online booking and payment processing nowadays, travel companies and hoteliers are focused on enhancing flexibility to accommodate the increase in last-minute travel plans.

Surveys have found that travelers spend 30% less time planning their trips, showcasing a significant trend towards more impromptu getaways.

Surprise trips and last-minute vacations are all the rage now, as travelers find fun and exciting ways to announce their bookings, such as by using QR codes and hiding flight tickets.

Still, there’s always a risk your spur-of-the-moment holiday plans can go awry.

Below, we’ll look at some of the ways you can plan a last-minute holiday in style!


Let’s get started!

1. Look up last-minute packages


last minute packages

One of the most exciting parts of going on a trip is planning the trip.

However, some travelers would much instead prefer some spontaneity for their holiday.

While it can be fun to plan everything on your own (we also wrote a guide about it!), looking up last minute holiday packages can save you a lot of time and trouble — especially if you’re pressed for time or don’t enjoy the planning process.

The best way to look for great last-minute holiday deals is to check with reliable airlines.

EasyJet, as an example, offers a choice of year-round destinations, ranging from cities like Paris and Rome, to the sunny beaches of Majorca and Tunisia.

Of course, last-minute holiday packages are also good if you’re looking for a quick getaway that won’t hurt your wallet.

Most travel companies offer a best-price guarantee, offering value trips to fit your budget.

2. Drive to and at your destinations


how to organise the driving for your getaway

Driving around your last-minute holiday destination can be a great way to enjoy and immerse yourself in your getaway.

This may sound challenging when you’re vacationing in another country, but many tourist destinations today have car rental companies that offer affordable rentals. 🙂

Make sure to choose reliable car rentals to get your money’s worth, as rental prices are on the rise all over Europe, and to book a rental as early as possible to get the best quotes!

Data from rental car broker Zest Car Rental saw weekly increases of over £100 (€116), but demand remains extremely high — up 132% compared to numbers from 2022.

Consider also, that a normal car can fit up to 5 people, and costs can be split: you pay the same alone or in 5, so the cost of renting a car of course becomes more convenient the more people you are traveling with!


3. Make use of credit card rewards


make use of credit card rewards for your getaway

In the spirit of traveling in style and on a budget, one of the best ways to ensure your last-minute getaway goes swimmingly is by making the most of your credit card rewards.

Most credit card rewards from providers, like the the popular Chase Sapphire card to cite one example, offer points for travel-related purchases.

Credit cards with associated rewards have been a thing in America for decades by now, and slowly they’re being more and more offered both in Europe and in the rest of the World too! 😉

You can also get a good trade of your reward points for a first-class flight or complimentary checked-in bags.

Of course, you’ll have to ensure you have enough credit and the reward points to match. To plan the perfect last-minute getaway, you should put all your regular expenses on one credit card to maximize your earning power.


4. Compare deals from multiple sources


compare deals and check details for getting the best offers for your getaway trip

Finally, you should also be wary about booking the first deals you find.

This applies to accommodation, flight tickets, and any travel experience you must make reservations for.

While hotel rates on large travel suppliers’ websites may look tempting and of good value, it’s always best to double-check by inquiring directly with the hotel.

Whether you choose to check the hotel’s web page or call ahead, you may be able to book similar or the same rooms for half the price, by cutting out the “middle man” (online platforms).

The same rule applies to flight tickets, so be careful about settling for the first rates you see!

If you don’t know where to start, you might want to check out our article about the 15 Best App for Smart Traveling, which you could use to book virtually anything, from planes, to cars, hotels and more!

If you’re planning a roadtrip or an RV trip, we wrote an article about the best 15 Apps for a Van Roadtrip too! 😉



how to plan a getaway trip tips

Ultimately, planning and booking for your last-minute getaway doesn’t have to be a stressful process.

With some research, the right resources and foresight — such as racking up credit card reward points — you can still enjoy a memorable, last-minute holiday experience without breaking the bank.

So, where will you go next?

If you need some travel inspiration, I will leave you two pages where for sure you could find it:

As always, I thank you for reading! 🙂 

See you in the next article! 😀


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