Paris: Travel Guide to The City of Lights  

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Personally, the first time I visited Paris remained shocked about its haunting beauty. I could not stop wondering why it took me so long to cut some time to visit it. Perhaps, I was not “hyped by the excess of hype” around this city, but well… now I can say that it definitely deserves it!

In the following Paris Travel Guide, I will share with you my experience in Paris: the best attractions to see, how much time do different attractions take, how to move around, where to stay, how much did five days in the city cost me, what to bring and ultimately, some curiosities I learned that left me speechless.

One Lifetime won’t be enough, to witness

the Beauty of Paris

Romantic, poetic, stylish. And again, proud, contemporary and forward-looking. Laying on the thin line between a rich and glorious past and a modern innovative future, Paris is a vibrant city that won’t let anybody unmoved. Bistros, cabarets, museums and parks, as all the city streets, feel permeated by the city’s overarching passion for art. Art is everywhere in Paris.

Called the “City of Light”, as it has been one of the first cities European cities to lighten-up its streets by night and it gave birth to the age of enlightment, Paris is that place that you HAVE to see to believe! With over 130 museums and a variety of cultural events always going on, Paris is a city that never sleeps and where, no matter when you’re visiting, you’ll always find something new to surprise you. 

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Is Paris for you?

Paris is a city that you either hate, or madly adore (I fall 100% in the second category). If you’re into arts, history and museums you can’t go wrong. Same way, if you’re looking for a romantic getaway or just fashion shopping, few are the cities that can challange Paris on top of your bucket list.

On the other side, Paris is a city that needs a lot of walk to be truly seen in all its aspects. If you’re not that interest in museums but instead you’re looking for a relaxing holiday, perhaps Paris might not be for you (as compared to the majority of European cities, Paris is more expensive, weather is not always the best,  and to find some untouched nature you need to move quite a long way away from the urban sprawl).



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Country: France 

Founded: 259 B.C.

Population: 2.161 Million People

Currency: Euro

Language Spoken: French. You can travel with English only too as most people understand it or at least have notions. Still, French people will really appreciate if you would learn few sentences in French.

Plugs: Paris, like all of France, utilizes type C and type E plugs, on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.

Safety: Paris is quite safe for tourists and the risk of mugging is low. Nevertheless, always employ common sense and pay an extra bit of attention when traveling in the outskirt regions.

Credit Cards & ATMs: All international card circuits are accepted in Paris, ATMs and exchange houses are everywhere and you can always pay by card.

Internet: 4G Internet is widely available everywhere in Paris. Most bars and hotels also offer free Wi-Fi.

Flash Curiousity: On the roads of Paris, there is not a single “STOP” road sign, the only one that there was, has been removed in 2014.


“A walk around Paris will provide lessons in history,

beauty, and in the point of Life.”


– Thomas Jefferson – 3rd President of the USA

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