How to Make the Perfect Travel Photobook | Tips and Tricks

how to make the perfect travel photobook

“The whole point of taking pictures

is so that you don’t have to explain

things in words.”

– Elliott Erwitt – 

Have you ever returned from a trip and found yourself flipping through hundreds, if not thousands, of photos on your phone or camera, reminiscing about the beauty of a place, adventures with your friends, and the unforgettable memories made?

You’re not alone! 

In today’s smartphone era, it’s easy to take countless photos during a trip: it’s so simple (as just taking out the phone!), and so cheap too (the cost of one extra photo today is null)!

The pity is, that too often, these treasured moments are left to languish on our devices, rarely to be seen or shared ever again: too many pictures, and always so little time to go through them again as we pile up memories and even more photos.

When it’s time to “empty” the memory of the phone because we run out of space, what usually happens is that we store photos on a hard disk, on a laptop, or on a cloud service, and we won’t see them anymore until a faraway day when we are going to search for them (if that day will ever come!).

The sad truth, but hard truth!

Are there ways to avoid this? Probably yes!

One of them is to copy what our grandparents were doing back in the day: print the best photos into an album!

Printing out pictures might seem an old-fashioned custom (after all, now we could edit them into videos, having online albums or even smart-frames that change the photos every few seconds…). Modern ideas are there, but printing and holding a photo in the hands has always just “that” magical feeling that feels nice!

I’m speaking about that emotion you feel when you’re parents or grandparents show you one of their older photos and you just jump up the chair with an “OH MY GOD! NO WAY!” surprised face!

In this article, we want to talk about how to make a perfect travel photo book and how to gift a longer lifespan to your photos (and so to your memories!) 🙂

Whether you’re a family, a solo explorer, or a couple on honeymoon, this guide will help you to create a perfect souvenir of your traveling and help you to make your photos shareable and longeve!

Prepare your gallery, your laptop, your creativity, a good photo size editor, and let’s dive right in!

Let’s dive right in! 



1. Why should you Make one?

Discover the Joy of a Travel Photobook

why gifting a travel book is a super surprise idea

The art of physically holding memories in our hands has become a rare treasure.

Creating a travel photobook revives this intimate experience, allowing us to relive journeys in a way a screen never could.

The advantages of holding a photobook are several, and here are just a few for you to think about.



When the space is limited (as are the pages of a book), you’ll be forced to choose which photos are important and which are not.

Because of this, every photo that ends up in a book usually holds some meaning, and therefore flipping a photo book is a much more emotional adventure compared to scrolling a virtual gallery.


Over the years, you can accumulate a library of travel tales.

When you need to organize them within a book though, you’ll need to choose just the order (which doesn’t necessarily have to be the chronological one!).

Every book tells a story, could be of a whole road trip, brief getaways, a couple’s travel history, a different place, time, or experience.

A book is more than just the sum of its photos, as it should be a journey from start to finish!


Unlike scrolling through a digital gallery, flipping through a travel photobook offers a tactile and emotional experience.

Every page can bring back not just the sight, but the sounds, the smells, and the feelings of the moment.

When you want to see the details, you won’t be zooming with your fingers but getting closer with your eyes, which is surely a more immersive experience 🙂


A photo book can be a priceless gift.

For grandparents who couldn’t join the family trip, for friends curious about a solo adventurer’s journey, or any special occasion with your loved ones (birthdays, honeymoons, Christmas, anniversary, etc.).

Everybody loves receiving photo books, and they’re so special probably because although most of us would love to have one, we are too lazy to make one ourselves! 😀

2.Tips to Keep in Mind

for Curating Your Travel Photobook  

tips for curating a photobook

Creating a travel photobook isn’t just about compiling pictures—it’s about weaving a tale from start to finish.

Curating your photos is an essential step, allowing you to transport anyone flipping through its pages right back to those captured moments.



It might be tempting to include every photo, but a well-curated book will capture the essence of the trip without overwhelming the viewer.

Select photos that tell a story, evoke emotions, or showcase the beauty of a location you visited. 

Personally, when I cannot decide which photo to include about a journey, I adopt the 24-photo rule: no matter what, 24 is the maximum number of photos I know I will use (which believe me, are more than enough to craft a lovely travel story!), and so I will compare the pics between each other again and again until the hundreds become dozens and then just 24 ;D



Capture candid shots. A child’s laughter at a beach, a stolen glance between newlyweds, or the wide-eyed wonder of a solo traveler in a bustling market—these raw moments might all be the heart of your story!

A famous quote was once saying “People forget years, but remember moments“, and I strongly believe that works the same with travels: we might forget the details of long dusty roads, where we ate on which day, the stress of a bus ride, etc…

But apart from those, on a trip there are always those epic, epiphany moments that are the ones worth a lifetime, and those are the ones you should print and collect!



Instead of arranging photos chronologically, consider creating themes—sunsets, local cuisines, architecture, adventures, funny moments, boring moments (those are also part of some trips! ahah), or even portraits of the people you met.

This can add a creative touch to your travel photobook!

3. Designing Your Photobook

designing a photobook - colours, fonts and photo disposition

Design is where the magic of your travel memories truly comes to life.

It’s not just about placing photos, but about creating an aesthetic journey that’s as captivating as your real adventure.

Here you find some ideas to design your customized photobook!



Embracing a minimalist design provides your photos the spotlight they deserve, letting each image narrate its tale. 

A photo book is about the photos, so let them shine, play with the sizes, make the most epic ones larger, let them complement one another (e.g. pair one of the characters with one of the views!), or even make collages if you feel creative!


To make an aesthetically pleasing photo book, choose and try to maintain a consistent font and layout style throughout the book.

It will not only look more professional (which maybe is not what you’re sought after!) but will also ensure a cohesive storytelling flow.


Beyond just photographs, there’s a world of tangible and intangible memories we collect during our travels: diary notes, travel tickets, quotes from people we met on the way, things we learned, statistics, jokes…

Scanned tickets can evoke the rush of catching that early morning train, postcards can bring back the awe of a first-time view, and a snippet from a handwritten journal can transport you to the emotions of a specific moment! 

Including these mementos not only diversifies the visuals of your photobook but deeply personalizes it.

Each of these additions serves as a tactile reminder of the journey, making your photobook a treasure trove of experiences.

Adding notes with a pen or pencil, hand-draw something, or quote a song you were listening to while on your journeys, are all ideas that could improve your photobook and make it more unique and personal!

Be creative, be fresh, and the sky is the limit! ;D 

4. Making It Special for Families,

Solo Explorers, and Newlyweds

how to customize a travel photobook to make an epic surprise

Every traveler’s journey is unique, and shaped by personal experiences and connections.

Tailoring your photobook to reflect these nuances —whether you want to narrate a family trip, a solo adventure, or a romantic honeymoon trip— adds layers of intimacy and authenticity to your tale.

Here you find some ideas that might help you to get started!



In family photo books is important to find balance between the members of the family: everyone should be in it, also the members who hate being in pictures! (in the years they will likely change their mind ;D ).

  • Dedicate pages to individual family members or even family activities.
  • A ‘Day in the Life’ spread can showcase a typical vacation day from breakfast to bedtime.
  • Catch the funny pictures that show the connection between family members
  • Try to insert a picture that showcases everyone with everyone
  • Include the inside jokes typical of your own family to make it memorable and epic for the future 😉
  • You might want to ask every family member to contribute (if it’s not a surprise gift! 🙂 ).



If you’re a solo traveler and you want to create a photo book of your journeys, you’re in luck: nobody knows them better than you!

As you’ll be crafting your photo-book you can choose the most meaningful narration to you, choose moments of self-discovery, challenges overcome, and new friendships formed.

You can even use journal entries or thoughts to provide context and make the album easier to understand to whoever you’ll be showing it to!


A romantic holiday, an anniversary journey, or a honeymoon trip are not just about the destinations— when you travel with your loved one the journey becomes about your two souls coming closer and experiencing a new place together!

In this case, there are some different things you might want to include in the book:

  • Showcase romantic dinners,
  • Adventures taken together
  • Romantic Moments (if you’re into that)
  • The Adventures of Both
  • Balance the Discovery with the Shared Memories you’ve Built
  • Showcase the Cuteness, Adventure, and Curiosities
  • If you plan to show the photobook to others, think about including some notes for context too 🙂


5. The Power of Collaboration

the power of collaboration for creating a special travel photobook - more is better

Creating a photo book is not just an individual’s reflection; it’s a tapestry woven from multiple perspectives and memories: after all, nobody experiences the same experience in the same way!

Collaboration enriches this tapestry, ensuring that every voice, moment, and emotion gets its spotlight as people remember it!

This is why I want to stress it once more: get everyone involved!

Unless you’re photo-book is not a surprise gift (so that you cannot reveal it beforehand), involving other people in its creation is a great addition that almost always will enrich the book and make it more valuable for everyone!

If you have kids, let them pick their favorite photos or even draw artwork to be included. It will be a collaborative family project!

If you’re a solo explorer, you can share your draft with close friends or fellow travelers. They might offer insights or memories you hadn’t considered!

If you’re a couple, take turns in selecting photos: you’d be surprised to see which moments your partner treasures the most!

Happiness is real only when shared, and so are memories and photo books! ;D


6. Share and Cherish

reveal the surprise and see the reaction - final stage ideas

Once your travel photobook is ready, it will be time to print it, share it, and cherish! 

I believe that the best way to enjoy a photo book is together with the people who are in it.

An idea could be organizing a “Photobook Evening” with family or friends.

It’s a fun way to relive and narrate your adventures, and who knows, it might even inspire someone else to embark on a journey of their own 😉

Once you put your photo-book in your library, you know it will always be there watching you, easy to pick, flip, and share with others (unlike messy hard disks, electronic devices, or cloud services!).

Photo books after all, are those things that are NEVER thrown away… they are the memories worth living for! ;D



how to make the perfect travel photobook photobook conclusion

And here we are at the end of the article!

In this article, we’ve seen the benefits of creating a travel photobook and a few tips to make it memorable!

Creating a travel photo book is not just about preserving memories; it’s about reliving them.

It’s a labor of love that combines storytelling, design, and personal experiences into a tangible format. 

So, the next time you return from a trip before the memories fade and the digital photos get buried under new ones, consider channeling your inner artist and curator following this guide! ;D

Before going, I would like to ask you:

  • What do you think about the article?
  • Have you already made a travel photobook before?
  • Do you have any ideas or tips you would like to share with other readers?

If you’d like to share your experience, we would be happy to hear it! 🙂

So please, let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, and as always…

See you in the next article! 🙂


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