Finding the Best Travel Gift: 100 Things any Traveler would actually Love

Best Travel Gift for a Traveler


Are you looking for the perfect travel gift for a special traveler close to you? You are in the right place!


In this article, you will find 100 travel gift ideas for all kinds of travelers and any occasion: from lifestyle accessories to survival gear, from gifts for men to gifts for women, digital products, the best books, and much much more.

As a passionate traveler, I crafted this list inserting everything but really EVERYTHING a globe-trotter could wish for. Now that you found it, this year you don’t have excuses, it is time to surprise that traveler in your life and leave him/her speechless!



Top 100 Gifts Ideas for Travelers – Content Summary


Practical Travel Gifts for any Traveler

Nothing is worse than your phone battery running off while you travel: no maps, no bookings, no google, no emergency calls. A powerbank is part of any essential travel as it prolongs the autonomy you can travel without needing a plug. 

The Portable Charger Anker Powercore is a travellers’ favourite for its small size, high-speed charging performance and incredible battery life (it can charge your average phone up to 5 times!). Never run out of power again! 

2. Classic Leather Travel Journal

Travelling opens the mind and makes creativity fly free, far and wide. Having a travel journal with you is having a dear faithful companion to collect and treasure your ideas for future use; a long-term friend that will live with you all your adventures and achievements.

The Maleden Classic Leather Travel Journal is an inexpensive safe-bet gift that will always be appreciated by any travel-lover.  

3. E-bags Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are the new frontier for ordered travelers: no matter whether you are traveling with a suitcase or with a backpack, they help you to keep all your belongings in order and they guarantee you easy and fast access to what you need.

The E-bags Packing Cubes are lightweight and durable premium bags that will forever change your packing and unpacking routine. Forget turning upside down your luggage to get that one damn item you need from the bottom!


4. International Power Adaptor

A small object easy to forget, but one that can entirely change your trip if you don’t have one! I remember forgetting mine at home couple of times and having to walk far and wide to find some kind of replacement (often more expensive and less performing).

An international power adaptor is a blessing for all globe-trotters contantly switching side of the world: I got mine 5 years ago and it has been my treasure since then.

5. Lifestraw Go Water Filter Bottle

Lifestraw Go is an award-winning water bottle that filters the water while you drink it. It is a dream accessory for travelers spending lot of time outdoors or for anybody visiting countries where tap water is unsafe.

It makes waters from lakes and rivers safe to drink by removing bacterias, parasites, chlorine and bad smells. Lifestraw Go is also a sustainable investment, as you’ll never have to buy bottled water ever again!

6. Luggage Scale

We all know that awkward feeling of reaching the airport loaded with gifts and souvenirs and having to weigh the luggage on the airline’s scale and pray not to have to open it in front of everyone to fix our weight. Been there, done that.

A Travel Luggage Scale is an easy solution to weight your bags in advance wherever you are, especially useful when you don’t have access to any scale nearby. This is the perfect gift for frequent air travelers or any friend constantly struggling to fit the weight.

7. Victorinox Swiss Pocket Knife

No matter what your upcoming trip will throw at you, the Victorinox Swiss Pocket Knife has got you covered. This is a tiny accessory that any traveler will love and always keep right in his/her pocket.

In only 9cm (3.6”), this tiny pocket multi-tool packs 33 functions, amongst which are a blade, a screwdriver, a bottle opener, scissors, pliers, and a corkscrew. You’ll never want to leave for a trip without it!

8. Travel Luggage Cable Locks

Extra safety is never enough when traveling as you never know when some ill-intentioned person may ruin your day or, in the worst cases, your whole vacation experience.

Relax your mind with a set of Surelock Cable Locks: they can fit on any luggage, backpack, and locker, they are TSA approved and will greatly improve the safety of your belongings on both air and road travels.

9. Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow

I personally hate when I am on an airplane, a train, or a bus that sleep is hunting me and I don’t have anywhere to rest my head. On the window-side maybe it’s still bearable but in the aisle… it’s a true nightmare!

The Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow is a modern and technological accessory that will let you comfortably sleep on any transport. Its patented strap system allows you to attach the pillow to any chair to maintain your spine in the correct position. Its memory foam structure is designed to reduce overheating, sweating and most importantly that hated neck pain.

10. SonyM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Plane turbines, lousy passengers, screaming babies? Forget all of that bustle! The SonyM3 Noise Cancellation Headphones are here and hands-down, they are the best pair of headphones money can buy for traveling the world while staying in your own world.

Whether you need silence to work or you just want to relax, you’ll love the extreme noise cancellation, the quick attention mode, the easy controls, and the long battery life of these jewels. This is a gift that will make any traveler jump out of the chair in happiness.

11. AeroPress Coffee Maker

If you love coffee and you love travelling, then there’s a 99% you’ll also love the AeroPress Coffee Maker. This is a coffee kit easy to wash that comes in its own tote bag, ideal for camping, backpacking, boating and travel in general. 

The coffee crafting process it’s extremely easy: put a filter, put the coffee, add hot water and press straight into your cup. Although it may sound strange at first, with its simplicity it extracts superbly flavoured coffee without bitterness, it’s an all-time travel favourite!

12. Secret Stash Can

There are places and destinations shadier than others where a bit of tactical shrewdness is never a bad idea.

The Secret Stash Can is exactly for those moments when you feel unsafe to leave your valuables in your wallet or your bag: a simple disguise that will easily go unnoticed. The can is made from real Monster cans, thus it ends up looking exactly the same as a real one.

13. Mpow Car Phone Mount

If for you travelling is synonym with driving on the road, then an high-quality phone mount for your car is both a comfort and necessity.

The Mpow Car Phone Mount is one of best on the market: 360° of flexibility, anti-shake stabilizer, strong magnets that will keep your phone in place and a cradle-free design built to last. Drive safe and never get lost ever again!

14. Skyroam Global Mobile Hotspot

If you are a blogger, vlogger, digital nomad, a remote professional or anything in between, chances a reliable internet connection is your top priority, no matter where you go. Now there’s a way to transform any beach, park or cafè in your own productive office.

Skyroam is the world’s first smartspot which combines fast, secure 4G LTE in 130 countries and works without any SIM or contract. A remote camera, power bank, 16-hours battery life and a stylish design complete the pack.

Top Travel Bags and Backpacks

15. Zomake Packable Backpack

You need a capient and fashionable hiking-backpack to move around your destination but don’t have the space to carry it? Zomake Packable Backpack is the solution you need: a 30L water-resistant and abrasion-resistant backpack which can folded up in seconds.

With a weight of only 0.3kg (0.74lbs) it can fit in any corner of your suitcase or mainback, easily the best of its category.

16. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

The Matein Travel Laptop Backpack is an awesome gift for professionals which need to take several short-term trips with their laptop or for your casual weekend trip.

Spacious inside, it can contain Notebooks up to 16.7” and the clothes you would need for a 3-4 days trip. The durable materials, anti-theft pockets and neat look make it one of the most popular in its niche.

17. Earth-Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

Visiting sea regions, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls? Planning on some kayaking, canoeing, or rafting? Or simply you want to take a bath with your bag without worrying to leave your valuables on the beach?

Then Earth-Pak Waterproof Dry Bag is the perfect solution for you. Extremely long-lasting and safe, they are the go-to dry bag for all water-related travels. They are easy to fold and fit in any sized baggage and they come with a lovely waterproof phone case.

18. Bagsmart Hanging Toiletry Bag

Keeping your toiletries in order (especially if you travel with tons of them like my girlfriend!) can be hard at times, more than anything on roadtrips, while camping or when staying at cramped hostels. 

The Bagsmart Hanging Toiletry Bag is a solution to keep your toiletries always upright and in order, you can hang it anywhere you want and easily access all you need in seconds: a life-changer gift for any traveller!

19. Electronics Organizer

It’s impressive how many wires and chargers we need to bring with us these days. Most people throw them in the bag while few place them orderly. Still, most of the time they still get all tangled up anyway. Do you wish there was an easier way to carry your gear?

With an Electronic Organiser every cable, charger, and adaptor has its own place, it is rapidly accessible and it is easy to check whether you are forgetting something at your last destination before leaving. This is the perfect gift for the tech-savvy traveler.

20. Teton SE4000 Backpack

The solid backpack that will walk with you around the whole globe. The Teton SE4000 Backpack is one of the most loved backpacks by international globe-trotters: lightweight (only 2.2kg), spacious (60L), and durable. Surely a gift that will remain in the years to come.

Personally, I got one of these back in 2015 and in five years around the globe it never let me down, not even once despite everything the world threw at us. Given the price tag (cheaper than more blazoned but same-quality alternatives) it is a deal for your buck!

21. Kikkerland Travel-Size Laundry Bag

A laundry bag is that thing you don’t think about until you’re on the road and you realize you need to store your dirty clothes. Normally, you take whatever plastic bag you find around you (if you find one!) and throw everything inside.

Why don’t get more organised from now on? Kikkerland Travel-Size Laundry Bag is an inexpensive, trendy, durable and foldable bag that you can re-use over and over. Stop mixing your dirty clothes with your fresh ones: one world to store them all!

22. Gophra Daily-Use Travel Tote Bag

There are a thousand ways a Tote Bag can come in handy while travelling: for grocery shopping, for carrying your gear, as beach bag, as pic-nic bag, as laundry bag, carry-on bag… you name it!

The Gophra Tote Bag is a convenient and stylish travel-vibe tote bag so thin that fits in your pocket, yet so strong that can carry any heavy item you’ll throw in it. 

23. Dynotag Smart Luggage ID Tag

Sometimes we just don’t want our sensitive data to be seen by others and traditional bag tags easily give them away: name, surname, email, mobile, address.

Dynotag was born exactly for this reason: keeping your information away from indiscreet eyes while you travel. It is a bag tag that guards your information behind a QR Code and helps whoever scans it to connect directly back to you through a web-secure system.

24. Samsonite Carry-On Luggage

When talking about suitcases, Samsonite is a synonym for quality. A Carry-On Samsonite Luggage is surely a very precious and highly welcomed gift for any traveler.

Lightweight, scratch-resistant, and built to last, this is the perfect bag for short 2-3 days trip. Fits in all airlines’ compartments and comes with an integrated TSA approved lock.

25. Misaya Jewelry Box – For Ladies

Do you like travelling with your jewelry but it’s always messy to bring them with you? The Misaya Jewelry Box is a gift you’ll love to receive then (and if you’re a man, believe me your girl would like to have one too!).

Thought for the travelling woman, the whole organiser weights only 200grams (7.7 oz) and packs a double layer, stud plate, necklace hooks, ring groove and the space is adjustable to fit your needs.

Gifts for Photographers/Video

26. Fujifilm X-T3 Mirrorless Camera

The newest Fujifilm X-T3 Mirrorless Camera is a photo camera that fulfills the needs of both beginner and semi-professional photographers and videographers.

If you are a travel blogger or you’re just passionate about grabbing the moments around you when you travel, this is the only camera you’ll ever need: awesome low-light performance, packed with 26MP, fantastic video quality, fast autofocus, and full of custom options.

27. DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal

Oops… DJI did it again! Say goodbye to shaking videos and blurred photos. The DJI Osmo Gimbal, with its new foldable design, is one of the smallest yet most technological 3-axis hand-held gimbals on the market.

It stabilizes videos, removes the shaking, and comes packed with functionalities; add up everything with its ultra-responsive and sleek design and you’ll easily understand why this is a must-have for all travellers looking to step-up their game as content creators.

28. DSRL Camera Vintage Straps

A camera strap can make the difference between enjoying a stress-free photoshooting day or having to deal with the ongoing hassle of having to take out the camera from its case and put it back in every time you want to take a photo.

These DSRL Vintage Straps are stylish accessories designed to last a lifetime, made with strong yet soft natural materials (also metal-free!) to hold your camera and protect it from accidental scratches. You can choose between three travel-vibe colourful models.

29. Go Pro HERO9

The action camera for adventurers, GoPro doesn’t need presentations. GoPro Hero 9 is the last model of the pack, sporting live streaming and webcam functionality in addition of its incredible 5K video quality and a 20MP photo camera.

This is the perfect gift for outdoor and sportive travelers, adventurers, and explorers: high-quality videos, photos, and time-lapses all packed in just 158 grams (5.2 ounces). 

30. Drone – DJI Mavic Air 2

The best drone for prosumers and travelers. The DJI Mavic Air 2 is the go-to choice if you need a drone with professional ultra-HD image quality but still lightweight and easy-to-pack. Areal photography has never been so easy and epic.

Why is the Mavic Air 2 the best drone on the market right now? 48Megapixels camera, 3-axis gimbal, 4K/60fps videos, obstacle avoidance, 34 minutes of autonomy, intelligent tracking, ergonomic controller are but a few of the reasons. 

31. Fujifilm Instax 11 Mini

Rewind the time to the pre-digital era. The Fujifilm Instax 11 Mini is for those moments where you just want a photo of “Here and Now”. It’s undeniable that holding a photo right in your hands always sparks a different, sweet emotion.

The camera comes with 3 credit-card-sized instant film and a groovy case. Personally, I got one of those a few years ago, and I can say that every time I find one of those photos is a moment of joy, also because with the limited film you shot less and just the best moments.

32. Water Dome for GoPro Hero9

A Water Dome is a perfect gift for adventurers that love water and photography. Being an all-time travelers’ favorite GoPro accessory, the water dome lets you take professional-quality underwater and above/below water shootings with your GoPro.

The waterproof housing case and the floating hand grip are there to protect you GoPro in every moment and to give you the peace of mind to focus on your best photoshoots. Every dome is built for a particular GoPro model, this one is for the last model, the GoPro Hero 9.

33. Ubeezee Flexible Mini-Tripod

Traveling alone and tired of selfies? Are you traveling in a group and you wish you could be all together in the pictures? Look no further!

The Ubeezee Flexible Tripod is one of the smallest and more bendy tripods on the market, it weighs next to nothing and you can place it anywhere a normal tripod wouldn’t fit: on walls, trees, rocks, you name it. Works for both mobile phones and cameras and comes with a remote shutter.

34. Peak Design Travel Tripod

If you’re thinking about stepping up your game and turn travel photography into a profession, then a high-quality lightweight and foldable tripod is an accessory you absolutely will need.

The Peak Design Travel Tripod is the most compact yet functional travel tripod on the market right now, a wonderful and smartly-designed object that would make up for the best gift for any travel photographer. Of course, the quality is pricey, but you get what you pay for.

35. Seagate Portable External Hard-Drive

For the hungry travelers who love photography or video-making, more journeys also mean more files which in turn mean an ever-growing necessity of extra storage space. 

An external hard-drive is a gift that in modern days will always be welcomed as it allows you to store files when the cloud is not available and to make an extra back-up of your most precious ones (never put all your eggs in one basket!). The Seagate Portable External Hard-Drive packs 2Tb of storage space in a lightweigh frame of only 180grams (6.7 oz). 

36. Xenvo Lens Kit for Smartphone

A semi/professional camera is an investment that not every traveler is willing or interested to make, especially these days when a good phone can take more-than-respectable quality photos.

The Xenvo Lens Kit was created to improve the photo-quality output of the devices most people already own: namely, their smartphones. This is a tiny ideal tiny gift for casual travel photographers willing to improve their shoots.

37. Huawei FreeBuds 3

Do you love listening to music on the go but you’re not comfortable carrying with you a large pair of headphones? Then look no further than the Huawei FreeBuds 3, the best performing and most convenient earphones on the market (sorry Apple).

Long battery life, unmatchable noise reduction and fantastic sound quality make the Huawei Freebuds a true immersive experience: once you try them, you’ll never want to take them off. 

38. Foldable Laptop Support

Notebooks and ultrabooks are great for traveling, but when you need to seriously work on a project sometimes the good old desk is the best place to get productive.

The Foldable Laptop Support is an alluminium accessory that holds your laptop in a upright position to allow you to take the correct spine posture. If you’re a digital nomad and you’re spending several hours of your day in front of the laptop, your back and neck will love it! 

39. Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

To pair with the foldable laptop support, the Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard is all you need to set up your office wherever you are in the world.

Compact, ergonomic and undeniably cute, this little keyboard weights less than 200 grams (7 ounces) and comes with a responsive trackpad that will make you forget the mouse: an ideal gift for digital nomads.

40. MacBook Pro 13”

Travel photographers and video editors require solid laptops with aggressive processing power. Sometimes, this need is hard to combine with portability as more performance brings, more often than not, extra bulkiness and weight.

The MacBook Pro 13” is the laptop exactly designed for the digital nomad: lightweight and portable with an extremely performing processor and sufficient storage. An expensive, yet valuable gift that will last for years.

Travel Gifts for Women

41. RELAVEL Travel Make-up Organizer

Travelling with a lot of make-up and cosmetics usually requires an extra case. Most girls throw everything inside a large one and then go “fishing” anytime they need sometimes (don’t deny it because it’s true!;). 

The RELAVEL Travel Make-Up Organizer is an useful object thought for those girls and women that like to keep their stuff ordered and accessible at all times: adjustable compartments, premium materials, waterproof and overall a compact spacious storage. Cute and functional.

42. Babyliss PRO Mini Straightening Iron

Often, if a girl’s hair has a bad day, she’ll also have a bad day, and no matter how beautiful the place where you are, no photos of that day will ever see the light of day and be published. Whether you a girl yourself or you’re traveling with one (like me!), this is for you!

The Babyliss Pro Mini is a micro titanium hair straightening iron thought for traveling: smaller than your hands, it weighs only 45 grams (1.4 ounces), it offers extreme portability without sacrificing performance. It comes with dual voltage and a case for easy carry.

43. Door Stop Alarm

The Door Stop Alarm is an accessory thought for solo travelers who want to increase their overnight level of safety. 

Easy to set-up behind any door, when triggered the Door Stop Alarm activates a non-skid pad that prevents the door from opening and starts beeping at 120dB to wake you up and get the attention of people that could help you nearby. 

44. GOGIRL Portable Urination Device

Sometimes having to find a toilet is so inconvenient, sometimes there are none, sometimes they are so dirty that is unusable. If you’re a girl and you think guys are so lucky that can pee standing (which yes we are!) this might be for you.

The GOGIRL Urination Device is a simple, discreet, and travel-friendly accessory for women to pee like a man. Perfect for camping, festivals, events, hikes…anywhere you feel you need it. Perhaps not the most fashionable item on this list, but surely can be damn useful.

45. PANDORA Around the World Charm

Pandora’s charm bracelets are everywhere nowadays, and there’s a good reason: they are a collection of someone’s life memories and therefore unique for every person.

Stunning in its elegant simplicity, the sterling silver Around the World Charm depicts the wonder of the world around us and the burning passion for traveling. This is a great gift option for a passionate globetrotter or a symbol of all the places your heart and mind want to explore.

46. Burt’s Bees Minis Travel Set

The carry-on constraints don’t necessarily have to mean you cannot bring with you the beauty care products you need. Burt’s Bees thought for the traveling woman and created an incredibly affordable mini-set of products to get you covered during your short-term trips.

The Burt’s Bees Minis Travel Set package includes hand repair, deep cleansing cream, body lotion, foot cream, soap bark, and hydration day-lotion. The perfect travel gift for any girl or woman.

Travel Gifts for Men

47. Solid Parfume Bourbon – For Man

When travelling with carry-on luggage only, bringing your parfume becomes hard. Still that’s not a good reason for giving up on smelling awesome! Why don’t shift to solid perfume during those times then?

Duke Cannon produces Solid Cologne for Man, an Amazon’s best-seller scent thought exactly for men travellers: buffalo trace bourbon fragrance. Unique, oak barrel scent, is masculine and outstanding, but not overpowering.

48. Zitaly Money Clip Wallet

Although the vast majority of people you meet in your travels are welcoming and kind, keeping an eye of care on your money is always a good idea. 

The Zitaly Money Clip Wallet is a funciontal wallet that lets you to easily access your everyday card without having to open the whole wallet in front of indiscreet strangers’ eyes. Moreover, with its RFID security technology it protects your cards against RFDI scanners and data thief.

49. Wallet Ninja

A tiny gift that can save your life more than once. Wallet Ninja is a credit card sized 18 in 1 multi-tool to make your life easier while on the road.

Ideal for camping, moto and car trips, this ultra-strong steel card can be used as screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, fruit peeler, turning hex head nuts & bolts, box opener and much more. All-in-all, an inexpensive cool travel gadget with life-time warranty.

Best Travel Gifts for Socializing

50. Waterproof Playing Cards

On the road, travel cards can get ruined pretty quickly: used for social moments, most often than not a good play is accompanied by drinks and sooner or later there is always that someone going “oops!” and making the cards soaking wet. Happened to me countless times!

This is why I believe Waterproof Playing Cards are a tiny, yet long-term valuable investment: play wherever you like and never risk your cards to get ruined. Plus, have you seen them? They come in gold and silver, how awesome is that?!

51. Learn a Language – Babbel Subscription

Learning languages makes traveling more enjoyable and fulfilling, it opens your horizons and helps you to socialize and to understand other cultures. A language course is a surprising gift that hardly ever will go unappreciated by travel lovers.

Babbel is one of the best online tools you can get to start learning a language from scratch or improve your skill to a decent upper-intermediate level. With a subscription, you can choose which language you want to study and why not, even more than one simultaneously!

52. Yahtzee

Yahtzee is THE dice game. You can play it anywhere, anytime, and with any number of players. It’s all about throwing 5 dices and obtain 13 different combinations in 13 turns. It’s 50% about skill and 50% pure chance.

Super easy to explain and extremely small to pack, having a pocket-Yahtzee with you can fill in any boring moment with fun. It’s also the perfect game to play while having a drink at the bar with friends or fellow travelers. Beware: it’s addicting!

53. Stainless Steel Flask

Alcohol makes socializing easier, especially on the road. Inviting a fellow traveler for a shot of your alcohol is always a good conversation starter.

A Stainless Steel Flask is a traveler’s accessory that will last for a lifetime. Ideal for warming up in winter times or simply for sneaking alcohol wherever you like, this is a gift that most drinkers would love to receive.

54. Werewold Card Game

This will be your favorite party game ever (for 8 players or more). Players are living in a small village and they have to find the werewolves amongst them which every night are killing the poor citizens. It’s all about acting, speaking, doubting, deceiving, and shamingly lying.

Easy rules and never-ending gameplay make Werewolf a perfect game for ice-breaking and socializing. After a few games, you will know all the people around you like brothers. Add one or two drinks to the mix, and this game will set your night on fire!

55. Rummikub Travel Game

Rummikub is an easy-to-learn hard-to-master popular table game. Loved by all aged for it’s fast-paced game and simple rules, now it comes also in a convenient travel version, perfect to bring it wherever you like.

If you are looking for a game with eternal replayability to play all around the world, now you found it!

56. Pass the Pigs – Travel Game

Pass the Pigs is a super-portable dice game with the peculiarity that instead of dices you need to throw two cute little pigs! Depending on how they land, you score points which you can keep or you can risk by trying to get more.

To play you just need the two pigs, one cup and a piece of paper. The game is partly strategic and partly chance-related, incredibly trivial than incredibly additing. It’s tiny dimensions make it the lightest travel game you can find.

57. Boggle – Travel Game

Boggle is a classic word-hunting game that never gets old. Small to fit in any bag, it’s a game that boosts an always-changing gameplay. 

With some creativity, the basic rules can be adapted and tailored to different groups of players to make every game customized and unique.

58. JBL Clip 3 – Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing is better than music to set the right atmosphere and make any trip or event memorable. Yoga on the beach? With music. Hiking in the wild? With music. An open-air pic-nic with friends? With music. An improvised hostel party? With music! 

The JBL Clip3 is a portable bluetooth speaker that joints the top-notch quality of JBL with portability. Small but powerful, it is fully waterproof, you can “clip it” wherever you like and it will play your music up to 10 hours non-stop.

59. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Fast-paced, catchy and shamingly funny, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is a different cards game that can totally ignite social nights or your drinking games in hostels.

The particularity of this game is that it requires fast reflexes and gets physical pretty quickly as all players will have to slap their hands on top of each other over and over. Generally, it draws also lot of attention and it’s common for people come to see what’s going on and eventually join. 


60. Dirty Minds – Cards Game

Are you looking for a travel game to spice-up your nights with dirty thoughts and unstoppable laughter? Dirty Minds is the world’s cleanest dirty game.

Strictly 18+, this game is a safe-bet to animate parties, drinking nights and groups of friends. The rules are easy and aimed at discovering how dirty your minds truly are.  

61. Professional Bartender Travel Kit

Are you an amateur or professional bartender? Would like to show-off your skills all over the world? This one is an impressive gift for all cocktails lover.

With a whooping 17 top of the shelf pieces and a classy rusty-style handmade bag, the Bartender Travel Kit is all you need to set a bar everywhere you go (well… and the booze too of course). Available in two colours: silver and copper.

Home Decor & Lifestyle Travel Gifts

62. Lovie Style Passport Holder

The Lovie Style Passport Holder is a cute and well-made case for your passport and most precious documents, which you can close with a zip. It has space for two credit cards, it can fit up to 2 passports and your boarding passes. Good also for replacing a bulky wallet.

The holder comes in different colors and a variety of travel quotes on the cover, excellent for adding a spice of customization to your gift.

63. Scratch-Off Map of the World

Every traveler has a home base and also when not travelling there’s an extreme likelihood its mind is thinking about travelling. We cannot help it!

A Scratch-Off Map of the World is a home-decor accessory but even more importantly, a place for the wild to run wild, to relive past journeys and to plan future adventures. Any guest coming visiting your home? With a scratchmap you’ll always have an opportunity to start talking about what you love! 

64. “Wake me Up For Meals” Eye Mask

I personally love sleeping on planes, especially on long-haul flights. Still, if I wake up and I find out the flight crew skipped me for the meal, I totally hate it. And happened so often!

If you know about the feeling I am talking about, you’ll probably enjoy having one of those “Wake me Up for Meals” Eye Masks too. Built with memory foam and fully adjustable, this mask will ensure you’ll never miss the food cart ever again.

65. Mini Cork Globe

A decorative object that moves memories and future planning. This tiny Mini Cork Globe is a fantastic gift for any vagabond or travel lover.

Made from high-quality Cork and decorated with detailed prints, the little globe comes with 50 pins included to mark all the places you’ve already been to (or the ones that are coming next!). 

66. 100 Places Scratch-Off Poster

Similar to a scratch-map, but artsier and original. This 100 Places Scratch-Off Poster can be easily one of my favourite items on this list: it is a home-decor object to hang that will motivate you to keep moving on your next trips.

Behind every cell, there is a gorgeous and cute drawing of one of the most beautiful sights that our world has to offer. Every time you’ll see where you’ve been and where you could go next is surely a trip of its own.

67. Ambesonne World Map Duvet Cover Set

The Ambesonne World Map Duvet Cover Sets are a breeze of the world in your bedroom, a touch of travel in your home.

Finely printed with state of art digital technology, this is a collection of fine highly-stylish beddings that every traveler will love. You can choose between dozens of unique designs as well as the bed size (twin, queen, or king): time to fresh-up someone’s bedroom!

68. Fitbit Versa 2

Keeping track of your fitness is not always the easiest thing to do when on-the-go. Thanksfully, technology as of today developed to help us doing it better. If you want don’t want to compromise on quality, go with the Fitbit Versa 2.

As the leading fitness smartwatch on the market, the Fitbit Versa 2 tracks your heart rate 24/ 7, steps, distance, calories burned, hourly activity, active minutes, floors climbed and sleep. Not only, it can also be used as mp3 player and for calls and messaging.

69. EFYTAL Compass Necklace

Life is an adventure and this compass will remind you to enjoy the journey as you wander, dream, and reach for your goals.

EFYTAL Compass Necklace is a minimalistic sterling silver charm to represent the huge love for traveling. This is a fantastic travel gift for friends, girlfriends, family and travel lovers. Hypoallergenic and nickel-free it comes in a beautiful packaging ready to be gifted.

70. Old World Sandstone Coaster Set

If like for me, your second passion after travelling is beer, you’ll love those classy coasters.  

Made of sandstone, these Old World Coasters are a premium accessory to drink with style and of course, sparkle some travel conversation. Mojito, Gin-Tonic, Old-Scotch, Bourbon, Cuban Rum… you name it! 

71. Metal Compass Wall Decor

Looking for a travel-related gift to decor a the house? This is something special. This Metal Compass Wall Decor is an impressively large wall decoration that can fit both indoors and outdoors.

Perfect to add an adventure-touch to the vibe of your home, comes in two sizes (diameters76cm or 1m – 30” or 40”) that certainly won’t go unnotices: minimal design, powerful emotions.

72. Western Explorer Leather Hat

For the bold, for the adventurer. A Western Explorer Leather Hat is like a lifetime travel buddy, a relic to pass-on to your children one day in the future.

If you have a traveler friend that is a wild spirit, this is the right gift, awesome-looking both on man and woman! Rugged, tough, water-resistant, and light-weight, it keeps improving over time, mile after mile, a gift for the ages!

73. Watercolors Travel Kit

Travelling is inspiring, it moves creativity and makes ideas run wild. Why not channel all of this positive vibrations into a paint?

A portable Watercolor Travel Kit is a fantastic gift for the artist traveller: 36 premium-quality colours, brushes and papers all contained in a tiny portable box. Watercolours are the ideal artsy tool on the road as they only need water to start painting and dry very quickly.

Travel Gifts for Outdoor Adventurers

74. TOUGH Sleeping Bag Liner

Feel at home everywhere you sleep. TOUGH Sleeping Bag Liner is a portable, soft, and smooth liner that you can use anywhere to make your sleep more comfortable. 

Perfect for people traveling in hostels but also to add an extra layer of warmth to sleeping bags. Durable and easy to wash, it fits any size and will make your every night clean and cozy.  

75. TEMPACOMP Carabiner

TEMPACOMP is a little accessory that could make up for a great gift for hiking lovers. In just the size of a carabiner, it packs both a large-ball compass and a tiny thermometer.

This gift can be especially useful to mountain hikers or in areas where the smartphone signal doesn’t reach.

76. Kootek Camping Hammock

Enjoy the swing of life. Kootek Camping Hammock is a superior quality yet extremely well-priced hammock that all outdoor travellers will love.

Its light-weight design and tree-friendly straps make it extremely convenient to carry and to set up; it holds up to 500lbs (250kg) and comes in a great variety of colours for all tastes.

77. Lightbulbs on a Pull

Light Bulbs on a Pull are extremely easy-to-use led lights which can be easily hanged to anything to light up any dark area at night. The switch on/off is a simple pull.

These lights are ideal for creating a pleasant and cozy atmosphere when camping, in tents or during nights at the beach. Super-affordable, they come in a convenient 4-pack.

78. Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

Many times we underestimate how much space an essential travel accessory like a towel can take in our backpack, luggage or daily bags. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel is an ultra-compact, light-weight, fast-drying and super-absorbent towel that will make you ask yourself how you lived without it until now. It is the all-times best-seller towel on amazon for backpackers and camping enthusiasts.

79. LED Headlamp

Walking at night can be dangerous and the light of the smartphone is not always an option, especially if you need your hands free.

A LED Headlamp is a versatile accessory for hiking by night, camping, visiting caves, and anything in between. Fully waterproof, adjustable to any size, and comfortable on the forehead, this is an ideal gift which all outdoor travelers will enjoy.

80. Moon Lence Camping Tent

For outdoors lovers, camping, hiking, and mountaineering will never be the same. Moon Lence Camping Tent is an ultra-foldable, waterproof, and windproof tent that will keep you dry and cozy no matter the weather outside.

It comes in 3 different sizes, for 2, 4, or 6 persons. It is easy to assemble and disassemble even by one person alone: no stress, more time for enjoying nature.

81. Tentsile Flite Tree Tent

Traveling through muddy mountains or insect-filled wetlands? Or you just simply want to sleep comfy without having to carry an extra air-bed? Then a tree tent might be just for you.

Ultra-weight and portable, the Tentsile Flite Tree Tents are the last frontier for adventurers as you can hang them up anywhere between trees, they come with hammock, underfloor storage space and waterproof rainfly. For a clean and dry camping away from insects!

82. Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

Why giving up the pleasure of sleeping hugging your loved one while camping? Most people are simply not aware that 2-persons sleeping bags exists and they are comfy and warm just like the normal ones (if not more!).

The Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag is the perfect gift for people travelling in couple that love camping or just need some extra heat in their van or camper. With this one, you can sleep with your partner without worrying for your blanket to be stolen!

83. Havaianas Flip-Flops

Traveling warm countries with style. The Havaianas Flip-Flops are one of those accessories that don’t need any presentation.

For staying at home, for walking on the beach, for hiking mountains, for backpacking on the road… the Havainas flip-flops outperform the competition in durability, they are comfortable to the limit and their fresh lifestyle-design is never out of place no matter where travel to.

84. YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat

For many travelers, a yoga mat is all they need to keep fit and practice their favorite fitness art, whether it be yoga, stretching, pilates, or anything else.

YOGO is an ultra-light and eco-friendly Yoga Mat (just 1kg – 2.1lbs) made with plant-based vegan material and sustainably harvested natural tree rubber. Straps enrich its premium design for portability, while you’ll love the extra easy-to-wash ultra-grippy surface.

85. ZUNDEN Fire Starter

When camping outdoor or hiking long trails, a fire comes always in handy. If you’re don’t smoke, you usually have to get every time flints or a lighter just for sparkle. Then why not investing a few bucks for a fire starter that will last you a lifetime?

Zunden is a tiny yet practical accessory that will give you a shower of molten sparks anytime and with any wheater (also with the wind!). The package also includes a bottle opener for…well, reasons.

Best Travel Books for Globe-trotters

86. Where to Go When – Book

No matter the growing competition of the latest years, the guides of Lonely Planet remain hands-down the most detailed and information-dense on the market.

Where To Go When, is the ultimate trip planner for every month of the year, a beautifully illustrated book that is both practical and inspiring. For every month of the year, it presents 30 recommendations of destinations that are at their best during each month, whether due to their climate, or value, or because there’s a lot going on.

87. Ultimate Travel List – Book

Ultimate Travel List is a Lonely Planet bestseller which presents the 500 best places on the planet. This is one of the best travel gifts you can make to a passionate traveler.

Within its entries, you can find UNESCO World Heritage Sites, azure bays, white-sand beaches, iconic cities, and much, much more. A never-aging book to treasure for a lifetime.

88. The World – Guide to the Planet

Another special pearl from Lonely Planet: all highlights of the best guidebooks put together into a 900+ page whopper to create the ultimate guide to The World.

This user-friendly A-Z manual gives a flavor of each country in the world, including a map, travel highlights, info on where to go and how to get around, as well as some quirkier details to bring each place to life. A terrific charming book for any traveler will devour for years.

89. 50 States 5000 Ideas – Book

Do you know somebody that is planning a trip to or through the awesome USA? Would you like to gift some inspiration or to help planning the itinerary?

Then, 50 States 5000 Ideas is the gift that could work for you. In fact, this richly illustrated book written by the travel experts at National Geographic, showcases the best travel experiences in every state, from the obvious to the unexpected. 

90. 50 States 5000 Ideas – Book

Are you planning a holiday in Europe but you don’t want to waste your time looking all over the internet on what to see, where to go to eat? Then you need this book in your life.

36 Hours Europe is a best-seller travel guide that will walk you step by step into the marvelous and intricated continent of Europe: the book boasts 130 itineraries, hotels and restaurants recommendations, experiences reviews and of course info about all major hotspots. Make the most out of your holiday! 

91. You Only Live Once – Book

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”.  Would you like to start following your dreams but still you haven’t found the courage to do it? Or you know somebody in this exact stage of life? Then this is the gift for them!

You Only Live Once is a book that will inspire readers of all ages to seize the moment, channel their inner hero, explore the world, create moments they will celebrate for years to come, and share their incredible stories. 

92. Dark Skies – Book

A different travel book: the first world’s guide to astrotourism, once again curated to the details by the infallible Lonely Planet. This is a book that will transform the way you live your travel nights.

Dark Skies is a comprehensive travel buddy that includes guides to 35 dark-sky sites and national parks, where to see the aurora, the next decade of total solar eclipses, and how to view rocket launches, observatories, meteor showers, and much much more.


93. National Geographic – Yearly Subscription

When talking about travel magazines, National Geographic is THE institution. For the traveler that likes to stay constantly updated on trends, new stories and discoveries, National Geographic is the bible.

If you’re looking to gift something different and unexpected, why not a National Geographic Yearly Subscription? Science, geography, history, world culture… only for the curious!

94. Travel the World on $50 Dollars a Day – Book

This is a read for the budget traveler. Travel the World on $50/day is a book written by Matt Kepnes, the legendary blogger behind, the most influential blog for budget travelers that there is around today.

In the book, he explains how traveling does not have to be necessarily expensive and how everybody can travel to any country in the world on the cheap if it’s willing to spend time acquiring information and sketching a plan.

95. Journeys of a Lifetime – Book

Do you like to read about incredible travel stories? Journeys of a Lifetime is a National Geographic bestseller book which narrates about 500 of the world’s greatest trips in history. 

This is not your average photo-book guide, these are stories from world-famous travel narrators that span decades. A book for the adventure-hungry who wants to get inspirated to travel even more. 

96. Kindle – Digital E-Reader

If you like reading a lot on your trips, you also know that books can get heavy pretty quickly. Furthermore, finding your favourite reads in your own language might be hard when travelling abroad.

Kindle is the world’s most popular digital e-reader. With a simple sleek design and no frills, it delivers exactly what it should: easy and peaceful reading sessions with thousands of titles at your fingertips, anywhere. The perfect gift for the traveller that loves reading!

97. Audible Subscription

You love both reading and learning on the go? Then you should join Audible, the largest and most popular library of podcasts, audiobooks and originals you can find.

Ideal for both long travels and commuting trips, Audible will change the way you read books and will allow you to read more, more often and also while doing other things. A monthly subscription gives access to the whole all-you-can-listen catalog and believe me, it’s awesome!

Travel Gift Cards

98. Hotel.Com Gift Card

Do you want to gift an experience but you cannot decide where? Then an Hotel.Com Giftcard may be your best bet: make a travel-related gift and be sure you can’t go wrong. is one of the largest platforms for hotels-booking online which offers accommodation options everywhere in the world. 

99. AirBNB Gift Card

You would like to gift a special stay to a friend but he/she’s an always-traveling free spirit and you don’t have an idea of where he would like to go next? Then why don’t gift them an AirBNB Gift Card that they could redeem wherever they like?

You can customize the card amount and the message that comes with it. No matter if your friend is already used to travel with AirBnB or it’s his first time, for sure he’ll love it!

100. Amazon Gift Card

If you reach this point and you’re still undecided and haven’t found what you’re looking for, why don’t you gift an Amazon Gift Card?

You can chose the value and customize the card to your liking, it comes in a neat envelope and for sure it is a present that will be greatly appreciated by anyone. Sometimes other people know better what they want, right? 😉  



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