The Most Romantic Luxury Villa in Bali for a Magic Honeymoon

As we widely underlined in our Ultimate Guide to Bali, the paradise island is a dream destination that offers incredible accomodation deals and activities for all kinds of travelers, from broke bagpackers to luxury travelers. The island is also increasingly chosen by couples to celebrate their honeymoon in an exotic and luxurious, yet affordable heaven!

In this article, we would like to describe a typical Balinese honeymoon experience offered by one of the most romantic Luxury Villas in Bali which we had the luck to try: the Nyuh Villa in Seminyak!

Note before you jump to conclusions: we haven’t married yet! 😉 Actually we took the honeymoon package for our first trip together back in 2019! ;D

ubud bali resort and spa

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nyuh Bali Villas

Bali is one of the Most Soaked-After

Honeymoon Destinations in the World!

Why many couples choose Bali as their honeymoon destination? It’s not that hard to imagine!

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm golden glow over the tropical paradise of Bali, romance dances on the balmy breeze and the sunset skyline to the west sets ablaze. Once you see a sunset in Bali, you will easily understand why that view it’s something that might last in the hearts of lovers for eternity 😉

I don’t know how to describe it, but magic in Bali is everywhere: in the tiny alleys, on the wild beaches, in the ancient temples, in music and in the heart of its people! Probably nobody can tell you why, but ask anyone who has been to Bali, and they will confirm you that that island has something magical that goes beyond words!

Bali has it all, and the cherry on top for a memorable honeymoon for sure is to find the right accomodation!

In this article, I will describe you a typical experience in one of the best luxury villas in Bali, set amidst the tropical landscapes of Seminyak: the famous Nyuh.

This is a place that offers a special and intimate experience that will surpass your wildest dream, my word! 😉

Let’ jump right in!

1. The First Impression: Luxury Villa of Our Dreams!

villa bali ubud

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nyuh Bali Villas

As we arrived at the entrance of the luxurious villa, a sense of anticipation mingled with excitement in the air. Although I’ve been to Bali before, this one was my first trip with Isa and sure it was feeling special: for once, we decided to spoil ourselves with a luxury experience!

As we arrived, the scent of frangipani flowers and the gentle rustling of palm leaves welcomed us to our private haven.

The grand doors of the villa opened, and as we entered we felt stepping into a world of pure indulgence and romance.

The villa’s grand interior was breath-taking: crafted with intricate Balinese art, gave it a sense of elegance and comfort.

The air was infused with a delicate fragrance, a perfect harmony of exotic blooms that immediately relaxed our bodies and minds. 

As we explored the honeymoon villa Bali, we discovered hidden nooks and corners, each offering its own unique abeyance. Furthermore, there was a private library, with shelves of literature from generations before, and a secluded garden, alive with colorful blooms and flowing fountains, so harmonious and balanced that looked straight out of a movie!

2. Room: Incredible Attention to Details

honeymoon bali room best luxury villa

Every corner of our luxurious villa exuded a simple and natural design, placing us in a world of Balinese authentic style.

The spacious living area elevated us with its teak seating, inviting us to sink into its plush cushions and bask in the comfort it offered.

Tasteful artwork on many of the walls, provided curiosity for the eyes and insights into Balinese culture.

In the bedroom, batik curtains framed the breathtaking views of the jungle that stretched before us, serving as an exciting reminder of the beauty that awaited outside. The canopy bed, with its soft linens and inviting pillows, gave as a feeling of serenity for a peaceful and comforting sleep.

Surely, as this was our first trip together, we didn’t expect it to be this romantic, but at the end we didn’t mind, the magic just made us dive right in!

As we snuggled into the embrace of the bed, the quiet sway of the ceiling fan above us lulled us into a state of relaxation.

The soft hum of its blades, coupled with the soothing melodies that floated through the villa, created an atmosphere of zen and serenity. 

Each element of our luxurious villa had been carefully chosen to create an ambient of romance and luxury, a space specifically tought to be remembered for a lifetime. 

3. Balinese Service and Romantic Dining

breakfast in luxury villa in bali

Each morning, we were greeted with a sumptuous breakfast served on our private terrace.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingled with the tropical scents as we savored each bite, savoring the flavors and the sweet anticipation of the day ahead.

As the sun painted the sky with colors of pink and orange, we found ourselves drawn to the infinity pool, where we shared moments of pure bliss. Vista, sunbeds, clear water, peace, traditional music in the background… It was just perfect relaxation! Time seemed to stand still in these moments, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the beauty of the present.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the transformation of our luxury villa into a romantic haven began. Candlelight flickered, casting a soft, ethereal glow that illuminated our path, leading us to an exquisite dining experience.

Our personal chef, a culinary maestro, skillfully took us on a journey that would excite our taste buds and transport us to a realm of gastronomic bliss. We truly didn’t know Balinese cuisine could be so sofisticated!

With each carefully crafted dish, our senses were awakened to a banquet of flavors. Local ingredients were seamlessly blended with international flair, resulting in a unique masterpiece that delighted both the palate and the soul. Each bite was a revelation, an explosion of taste and texture that amazed us and the other guests all around.

The flickering candlelight danced, creating an intimate ambiance, although there were other people in the tables around, we felt alone. As we clinked our glasses, toasting to our unknown future, time seemed to have stood still, allowing us to savor each precious moment and etch it into our memory as a moment to remember.

At that time, we were younger and we didn’t know how long we would have treasured that moment. Now, four years after, we are still together traveling the whole world hand in hand on our orange van, and we believe that night was a great milestone of our relationship.

In that romantic setting, we shared conversations, hopes and dreams, and we felt the atmosphere created by that villa caressed as like a fairy tale, where enjoyment felt everlasting, and the universe itself seemed to celebrate our being there, in that precise moment that turned to eternity.

4. Immersed in the Buzzling Seminyak

foto con maschere tradizionali balinesi

The relaxed atmosphere and traditional deluxe interiors of the luxury villa in Seminyak enveloped us with an atmosphere full of tranquillity and romance. Of course, we didn’t spend there the whole day though: the villa was conveniently located in the heart of Seminyak and has been for two days our perfect base to explore the surroundings!

Hand in hand, we ventured out to explore the busy local markets that pulsated with life and color. Artisans showcased their intricate crafts and sculptures, each piece telling a story of Balinese heritage and craftsmanship.

The omni-present rhythmic beat of traditional gamelan music reverberated through the streets, guiding our steps as we explored the cultural yet fusion of modern architecture of Seminyak.

We stumbled upon Balinese temples, their weathered stone walls of tales, ancient rituals and spiritual knowledge. We also got a photo with some actors performing an ancient Balinese legend!

The scent of incense lingered in the air, adding an unworldly touch to our journey.

Enjoying Bali during those days has been a blast, even if it wasn’t for long, we truly felt like Balinese kings 🙂


honeymoon in bali

As our time in the luxurious villa came to an end, a bittersweet sadness filled our hearts.

The staff and friends that we met in Bali, who had become like family, bid us farewell with genuine warmth and affection. We packed our backpacks and memories and we made ourselves ready to continue our journey through the most gorgeous places in Bali.

Renting a villa for us has been an out-of-the-ordinary experience, that normally we would never think of doing, but being in Bali and being this one our first trip together we felt it was the right choice!

The Nyuh Villa was unbelievable and the level of service is outstanding: surely one the most romantic luxury villa on the island where to spend an honeymoon, anniversary or for a special holiday with a loved one. In few words: the true Romantic Bali Experience!

I hope that by sharing our experience I gave you an idea on what it feels like to rent a romantic villa in Bali!

If you would like to know more about this fantastic island, be sure to check out my complete guide:

I thank you a lot for reading,

and see you in the next article! 🙂



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