Top 5 Romantic Experiences for your Honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is also nicknamed as “Paradise Island” for a reason: it’s just that drop-dead gorgeous and, not hurting also, an incredibly convenient destination too!

In recent years, Bali became the dream destination for people all over the world: for backpackers and glampackers, for digital nomads and luxury travelers, for solo-travelers, groups of friends and also couples, that are increasingly choosing this dream destination for their honeymoon celebrations.

Bali is a destination loved by everyone, from hardcore DIY travelers to casual travelers that prefer joining one of the many Bali Tour Packages available on the island, and anything in between! 

Our passion for the Island of Bali is no secret, we wrote so many articles about it that we lost count and we know that, if we’ll ever stop traveling the world on-board of our orange van, Bali would be one of the most probable spots we would stop 🙂

In this article, I would like to show you 5 Truly Romantic Couple Experiences that you don’t want to miss if you’re spending your honeymoon on the island of the gods!

Let’s go romantic! 😉


things to do in bali couple honeymoon package

“Bali is more than a place.

It’s a mood, it’s magical. It’s a tropical state of mind.”

– Unknown-


You finally decided your honeymoon destination and your choice fell on Bali? You’re in luck!

Maybe I shouldn’t be the one to talk (as I love Bali with all my heart!), so let’s make numbers talk: in 2019, more than 6,2 million people visited Bali; until May this year (2023 ndr.) the island registered 1,8million (recovering after the pandemic).

Speak with anyone who has been there, and they will tell you they would fly back immediately: it’s just that magnetic!

Prices are all the more convenient too, and also for couples in honeymoon it is possible to find in Bali extremely luxurious villas for a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere. If you don’t have many days available to take everything slow, there are also Honeymoon Packages that combine Villas with Tours of the Island.

In the next part of the article, I will recommend you 5 Couple Experiences that you should not absolutely miss!



Let’s get started!

1. Take an Immortal Picture

at the Paradise Gate of Pura Lempuyang

take a photo in pura lempuyang - romantic honeymoon in bali

Iconic, magnificent, hidden, and slightly overly-Instagrammed, that’s the Lempuyang Temple for you!

Pura Lempuyang is a temple located in the far-east side of Bali and is for sure one of the places that, if you’re on Bali for your honeymoon, you cannot absolutely miss. 

After a short steep road to access the place, you will encounter the main entrance of the temple. On your right side, you’ll notice three enormous staircases with decorated stone-snakes descending between them. On your left side, you’ll see the gates and the colossal Mount Agung between them and plenty of tradional Balinese decorations all around.

The view is spectacular, no matter the weather or which part of the day you’re visiting, and shooting a photo here will likely be one of the best and most romantic souvenirs you’ll have from your Bali escape.

As the popularity of the temple grew in recent years, so grew the hordes of tourists coming to take an iconic picture to the temple. When you enter the temple, you’ll likely see plenty of people resting, sleeping, and waiting; and you initially may wonder what they are doing. Well, they are waiting in line to take a photo at the gates, all of them!

As Pura Lempuyang became more visited in the past years, the locals organised themselves too to order the massive tourism and avoid fuss in the holy temple. This is how it works: nowadays, when you enter the temple you will be asked how many people are in your group and you will receive a number. Then, if you want to take a photo, you’ll just have to wait that a guy with a megaphone will call you. In the center of the plaza, another guy will gently take a photo (or 5…) of you and your group (and also here, is good practice to leave a small tip, as this guy stays the whole day under the sun taking pictures for tourists – you can bet he’s quite skilled too!).

If you want to avoid hours of waiting, you can choose to get a package tour to the temple, which will bring you there and give you the right numbers just when you need it (they do the queue for you!).

If you’re on your honeymoon and you would like to experience as much as possible of Bali in a limited time, joining a tour surely beats self-organizing the trip (prices are extremely convenient too!).

2. Watch a Romantic Sunset while

Having a Refreshing Drink over Tanah Lot

temple of tanah lot - romantic honeymoon package tour experience

Tanah Lot (“land in the sea” – in Balinese) is a rock formation on the west coast of Bali, north of Denpasar, which became famous for hosting the homonymous Temple of Tanah Lot.

What makes this place so poetically special, is that the temple is only reachable with the low tide when a rock path appears. With the high tide, the little temple becomes an island on its own.

This place is surely a must-see for people passionate about photography and it’s always used as a retreat for couples in honeymoon to get stunning pictures in an exclusive and romantic content.

Outside of the temple’s gate, stands a great variety of souvenir shops and markets; all prices are highly (HIGHLY!) negotiable, and you can find excellent deals for your buck. Cloths, souvenirs, decoration, and anything you can think of, here you may find.  (read our Bali Travel Tips if you want to know more about negotiating in Bali and where to shop for things).

Last but not least, being located on the west coast of Bali, Tanah Lot boasts dream-like sunsets. If you’re looking for the ultimate Bali sunset experience (and maybe some drinks to accompany it) look no further! 😉

3. Spend a Night watching the

Kecak Dance Performance at Uluwatu

kecak dance in uluwatu - romantic package tour

The Kecak Dance is a typical form of art of Bali and surely one of the most unique shows you can attend on the island.

The Pura Uluwatu, located in the southern-most part of Bali south of Denpasar, is a temple located right on the border of an oceanic cliff and its famous for both its beauty, its nature and its suggestive Kecak dance shows organized in the night.

The Kecak dance, is a damn incredible experience! Many Balinese, man or women, sit on the floor in circle, they dance with their bodies and hands while sitting and they make the music with their voices. It’s funny and astonishing at the same time! While they sing, some other performers dance in the center of the circle and perform with fire too!

If you’re on honeymoon and you’re looking for a memorable experience, this is something to see at least once in life. As shows are normally very full, it is advisable to book at least 24-48hours in advance to ensure a spot! 🙂


4. Visit Diamond Beach in Nusa Penida

and take an Epic Picture on the Swing

Bali diamond beach

Diamonds are normally deep-down the earth and you should go deep down to find them. 

Diamond Beach is no exception.

Located just south of Atun Beach on the nearby island of Nusa Penida, Diamond Beach is a sweet reward for the bold couples that dare to reach it. Indeed, the stairs to this hidden gem are steep and dangerous at times; the path requires good body conditions and it is hard to take if you are scared of highs.

This natural barrier-to-entry though (although reaching it with a boat is also a possibility), also makes the beach scarcely visited by tourists and thus, one of the wildest and more private beaches in Nusa Penida.

At the bottom of the stairs there is a tiny beach bar where you can get some drinks, eat fingerfoods, and take a ride on a swing between two palms where you can get wondrous photos over the sea. There’s is also a romantic nest accessible by ladder, from which you can admire the azure beach.

Diamond beach is best by sunrise and in the mornings (it’s on the east coast), but don’t expect many people during the whole day neither; it is not massively touristy and we believe it won’t be anytime soon (given the stairs to get there).

All in all, if you’re looking for a unique and exclusive spot, this is the place to go! 🙂

5. Hike Together Mt. Batur to watch

a Romantic Sunrise over Bali

mount batur sunrise hike in bali

What is more romantic than climbing a volcano in the dark just to see the sunset? 😉

Mt. Batur is a sleeping volcano and the tallest mount on Bali island.

Its sides are not too steep and some very accessible hikes and roads make possible to reach the summit in just a couple of hours.

Walking (or driving) to the summit before dawn, just to see the sunset rising above the clouds and sending the first rays of a new day on Bali island, is an emotional experience that truly fills the heart with joy. Bali is always hot, so even ascending before dawn is not a problem and very pleasurable most the days.

I would suggest walking it, as if you’re average fit you can do it, and earning the summit is no doubt an incredibly bounding and satisfactory experience. Of course, getting organized with a local guide (or joining a tour) is a great option too as you won’t risk getting lost half-way through the climb 🙂



Angels Billabong Bali

And here we are at the end of the article!

In this article we’ve seen 5 truly epic experience that you might want to add to your honeymoon checklist while in Bali.

Choosing just 5 of them hasn’t been easy at all: jungle, beaches, temples, shows, towns… Bali is such a diverse and culturally rich island that to truly get the feel I’m talking about, the only way you can is to experiment with it first person 🙂

Said that, I hope this article has been useful to you and your trip planning phase 🙂

Before I go, I would also like to ask you: what do you think about this list? Did you try any of the mentioned experiences? Do you have an experience that you believe we should add to this list yes or yes?

If yes, then let me know in the comments below! (I always like chatting and meeting new people!).

Last but not least, I will leave you here some links to our other articles about Bali, if you would like to discover more about the paradise island:

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a happy life!

See you in the next article 🙂


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