Bali: Hotspots Map & How to Move Around


The Hotspot Map

Here is the Hotspots Bali Map that will help you navigate the island. You can click on the different pins for more information about the places. I included the Top 10 Must-See Places in Bali from our previous article and added some more highlights that you may find interesting to visit if you are planning a longer trip.

On this page, you’ll also find some tips from my experience on how to move, costs and transportation times, we hope you will find this information useful to plan your trip 🙂


Bali: How to Move Around?

Transportation in Bali is generally WAY less expensive than Europe and US. That opens up possibilities and here are some for you!

Move around Bali by Scooter

Do it the Balinese way! Scooter are easy to rent, damn cheap (20.000-60.000IDK per day – around 1-3 Euro), you get a full tank for couple of bucks and either if you’re one or you’re travelling in two, it’ll bring you a long way. Scooters are fun to drive, faster than cars in the traffic and will give you full freedom to explore every little road and stop when and wherever you like. The negative side is that long rides can be unconfortable, you are likely breath lot of smog and last but not least, you’re vulnerable to unforecasted rainshowers (when it rains in Bali, it rains cats and dogs!).



Taxis are a good option for one-way long distances, especially if you’re carrying a large pack (if you’re two on one scooter, it may be hard to carry two large backpacks); if you’re traveling in a group and sharing the price that’ll increase the appeal of this alternative. Taxis are normally safe in Bali, but be sure to agree (and bargain bargain bargain!) a price before jumping in (as most do not use taximeters) to avoid surprises upon arrival. Although taxi prices in Bali are dirt cheap compared to most world destinations, it can get even better (check further down). Tip: if you don’t like to bargain just try to stay with Blue Bird Taxis, the most recognized, honest, and regulated company on the island which uses proper taximeters.

Here are some indicative prices to help you plan your trip:

  • Seminyak – Ubud (~350.000IDK – 20Euro)
  • Ubud – Sanur (~250.000IDK – 14Euro)
  • Airport to Seminyak (~150.000IDK – 10Euro)
  • Airport to Canggu (~220IDK – 12Euro)
bludbird taxi bali how to move around

 Private Driver

If you’re planning a lot of sightseeing and movements but you’re not attracted by the idea of challenging Bali’s traffic on a scooter, you may want to look out for a private driver. For an 8-10(hours) day, you’ll pay ~400.000IDK (25 Euro) and you’ll get the convenience of not having to care about roads, maps, sunburns, or smog. If you’re a group of 3-4 people, this may be a great option for you; it’ll give you more time to chit-chat between the different hotspots.

private driver bali

Online Platforms (Go-Jek, Grab, etc.)

Online platforms are legal in Indonesia, although some municipalities may ban them due to unfair competition claims. Prices can be over 50% lower than taxis for some rides, but it is a very fast-changing market involving a variety of actors (riders, taxi companies, regulators, tourists, etc.). For small rides, we think it is good to give it a try but if you’re planning sightseeing along with longer distances we would suggest getting yourself a mode of transportation that will allow you more freedom (scooter or private driver).

gojek bali

Fast Boat

If you’ll plan to visit Nusa Penida, you’ll need a fast boat ride to get there. We suggest you check-out directferries to book your tickets online as it is the easiest way to do that in advance. The companies operating the trip offer more or less the same quality of boats and happens often that one ride of one company is operated by another. All boats leave from Sanur’s dock on Bali’s south-eastern coastKnow that it is not possible to bring your scooter with you (if you have one), but it is no trouble to find one to rent on the island.

bali fastboat how to move around-min

Final Choice and Suggestion: Scooter!

Scooters are, in my opinion, the go-to choice when talking about transportation in Bali if you aim to reduce transportation times and you don’t mind riding in traffic (scooters can sneak between cars and find their way faster, although at first it may seem dangerous you’ll easily learn to navigate in Bali’s chaotic traffic jungle). Here are some indicative times to plan your trip.

Indicative riding times from our experience (normally it takes longer than what google maps says 😉

  • Seminyak – GWK (~40mins)
  • Seminyak – Jatiluwih (~2.30hours)
  • Seminyak – Lempuyang (~3hours)
  • Seminyak – Ubud (~1hour)
  • Diamond Beach – Kelingking Beach (~1.40hours)


These were all the available transportation options in Bali. 

Have you already tried some of those? 

Would you like to leave some tips too from your experience?

Leave a comment below to get in touch! 🙂


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