Namibia: Why a Roadtrip?

Let’s Namibia! 

Discovering the vast and uncontaminated sceneries this precious land has to offer is an experience that lasts for a lifetime no matter what’ll happen on your way.

To be sure enjoyed at its fullest though, it’s better to throw in some time for smart planning.

In fact, Namibia is not what you would call a backpacker-friendly country.

The best hotspots of the country are extremely spread out and public transportation is non-existent (must always rely on private tours), internet coverage is normally weak or totally not available in most regions and you may have to move miles to buy those groceries you so desperately need.

In addition to that, accommodation is likely much more expensive than your average destination.

As the hostel scene is still in its infancy, the only options you have left to pass the night in most small villages outside the capital are pricey chalets and lodges. Prices start around 100Euros per night upwards, expensive but admit that the quality standards are very high.

If joining pre-organized tours on the beaten track and spend more on expensive lodges is not an issue for you (or simply you are looking for the comfort of having everything ready) good for you:) If instead you’re like us and you prefer to be in full control of your journey then you’ll be happy to hear that there’s another option! 🙂


Choosing a camping car is Choosing freedom!




In the last decade (and last 2-3 years especially), the business of camping cars bloomed in Namibia and with it came  cheaper and easier option for self-driving to all the natural marvels the country has to offer.

Good camping cars are 4×4 road-eating beasts with one (or two) foldable rooftop tent on top, which you can open anytime you’ll want to set up your camp. The main advantages of choosing such car are clearly two: freedom and cost.

First of all, self-driving gives you the chance to visit every place at your own pace, without having to hurry or waiting for other people. You choose the road and you’re all alone in the middle of nowhere, enjoying the loneliness and peace of Namibia without any soul around you. Nature pure and wild!

In addition to that, with a car you can also choose where to camp, you are not limited to lodges or villages. Camping in the wild is adviced against because of wild-animals, but small and inexpensive campings are everywhere (where you’ll get also water and toilets) and you’re likely to be the only person/group there anyway.

Renting a camping-car is also a cost-saving choice as it’ll save you most money you would pay for accomodation.

Rental cost for day range between 80-130Euro, depending on high/low season (an excellent price if you’re at least two people). The rental service normally includes roof-top tent, fridge, cutlery. pans, bowls, gas cooker, two spare wheels, 50L water tank and all the tools you may need on your way.

We rented our car from Safari Car Rental Namibia and we can definitely recommend this company: transparent online prices, new and powerful vehicles, reliable and friendly service.

Before renting us the car, the company gave us a one-hour life-saving course on all the car’s details (how to change wheels and how to change the pressure with different roads, opening and closing the tent, connecting the fridge, what to do in case of emergency etc.); very useful!

If you’re not practical with camping cars (and likely you’re not) know that there’s no shame in asking all questions that come to your mind and also writing down some notes which may come in handy. Remember you’re going to be alone once you leave the shop, so better get out of there confident and well prepared!

To summarize, I find self-driving the best option (value/price) to totally immerse youself in your Namibian journey. The roads are incredible and the sense of discovery you feel from behind the steering-wheel is priceless.

If you’re finally decided to go for the camping-car (and believe me you should 😉 ) you’ll enjoy my next article Namibia: Travelling with a Camping Car, where I go through my experience on driving/camping in Namibia and highlight what to do and what better not do 🙂


Did you like my article and found it useful? Do you have any question or would you like to leave further information?

Leave a comment below and let’s get in touch! 🙂


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