Let’s Getaway: 7 Romantic Experiences in Indiana for Couples

Romantic Ideas in Montana for a Couple Getaway

You’ve got some time to spend with your partner

and looking for a romantic getaway in the Mid-West?

Indiana Got you Covered!



Indiana, also nicknamed the “Crossroads of America”, is a state in the Mid-West USA that has plenty of memorable experiences to offer beyond just car-racing and infinite farmlands.

If you’re to spend some quality time with your partner, and you’re both looking for quietness, relax, and re-connecting with nature and yourself, Indiana could be an ideal destination for a short stay 🙂

In this article, we will show you 7 of the most intriguing ideas for couples looking to spend a romantic getaway in Indiana! 

Let’s start exploring!


10 Surprising Fun Facts


that will Make you Smile! 🙂

1. Take a Stroll around Indianapolis,

and Immerse Yourself in the City Attractions

visit indianapolis - romantic getaway ideas for couple getaway in indiana

Indianapolis, with its 882,000 inhabitants, is a modern and vibrant city and also the capital city of Indiana.

For couples looking to spend some quality time with each other, Indianapolis offers an infinite plethora of possibilities.

Apart from wild shopping and taking a romantic stroll on the city center streets, you could cheer together for the Colts at the Lucas Oil Stadium, Stargaze at the Holcomb Observatory, catch a show at the Indiana Repertory Theatre, see a race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and experience few of the most delicious restaurant Indiana has to offer 🙂

When the night drops, the parks of Indianapolis (like the gorgeous White River State Park) and the alleys get illuminated by soft white lights, creating a wonderful atmosphere for a summer walk ;D

Among the things you cannot miss on a night stroll in Indianapolis, is the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument at Monument Circle, which when illuminated becomes even more beautiful than during the night: a true beacon of romance! ;D

2. Admire the Original “LOVE” Sculpture

at the Indianapolis Museum of Art   

Love Statue in Indianapolis Museum - getaway for couples

We are still in Indianapolis, but this attraction deserved its spot!

Have you ever seen a “Love” statue before?

The love statue, as you can see in the picture above, is exactly what it sounds like a giant steel sculpture of the word “LOVE”, weighing over 3 Tons!

Overall, there are seventy copies of this statue scattered across the world.

In the US there are 36 (and three in Philadelphia only!), in Canada three (in Hamilton, Montreal, and Vancouver),  in Europe, there are 11 (in London, Paris, and Istanbul too among others), 20 are in Asia (in Tokyo, Bombay and Jerusalem too!), 2 in Latino America (Colombia) and 5 copies are also translated in other languages!

What’s so special about this sculpture?

The “LOVE” statue is the creation of Robert Indiana (an artist original from the homonymous state), and it’s a recognized symbol of love, which in 2015 was also been voted by Americans in the “Top 10 Best Places” to propose!

In the Indianapolis Museum of Art you, along with many other curious artworks, can admire the first and original LOVE sculpture.

Currently, the statue is brown, after having lost its red coating after decades under the atmospheric agents.


3. Relax with Horse Riding in Nature

in the Hendricks County

horse riding in indiana - getaway ideas for couples

Do you want to take a break from the city life? You might like this one!

Moving to the east, outside the city of Indianapolis, we find Hendricks County.

Here, towns get smaller, there are few forests here and there, and on the horizon is possible to witness the extensive farmlands of the Indiana state.

If you’ve got a couple of spare days, Hendricks County is also famous for two panoramic trails for horseback riding: the Vandalia Trail and the Natural Valley Ranch.

Horse riding is a wonderful couple’s experience to disconnect with technology and reconnect with nature and each other, something that people nowadays don’t do every day, but a cool idea for a last-minute getaway! 😀


4. Enjoy an Intimate and Cozy Retreat

in the Quiet Kosciusko County

romantic getaway cabin in indiana - romantic ideas for couples in indiana

Are you looking for a relaxing experience at 360°?

Are you looking for a peaceful place to live the slow passing of time and enjoy nature?

Kosciusko County in North Indiana is the place you’re probably looking for!

Here, the landscape changes dramatically, there are peaceful lakes (with the most famous being the Syracuse Lake and the Wawasee) and leafy forests.

As a couple, your best bet for enjoying your time here is to book a wooden cabin/room immerse in nature, and simply let go of all the rest: take a boat trip, stroll the forest, enjoy massages, and the overall quietness of the place! No traffic, no horns, no noise, this is the Kosciusko County!

If you’re wondering which places offer the best getaway experience in the area, we would like to recommend considering the Romantic Getaway Package at the iconic Brook Pointe Resort in Syracuse.

5. Take a Romantic Walk

Across the Indiana Dunes National Park

explore the indiana dunes national park

The Indiana Dunes National Park is a US national park located in northwestern Indiana, east of Fort Wayne and Syracuse.

This park redesignated as the nation’s 61st national park in February 2019, runs 32km along the southern shore of Lake Michigan, and attracts every year almost 3 million domestic and international tourists (data of 2022).

If you like hiking with your partner, the Indiana Dunes National Park offers a gorgeous opportunity to spend a couple of days together in a natural context, to climb dunes, or simply relax on the beach at the seashore.

You can find all the info for visiting the park on the official Indiana DN Park website.


6. Explore Indiana at its Best during the Fall,

when the Foliage paint everything with Fire Colours!

walk and see the fall foliage

Indiana is a state where seasons are pronounced and every season has its unique flavors: winters are cold, springs are flowerful, summers can be scorching hot and falls are any photographer’s dream!

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway during the fall season (September, October, November), the forests of Indiana might be the perfect retreat for an intimate and memorable couple experience.

The best places in the state to admire the colorful foliage are:

7. Watch Together the Sunset

on the Southern Coast of Lake Michigan

sunset in lake michigan - romantic experience in indiana for couples

Last but not least, sometimes all you need for a romantic getaway is a memorable sunset.

In Indiana, there are many places to see the sunset (near the lakes is always an experience!), but if we had to pick only one, the most romantic place to admire the sunset in Indiana, probably our pick would be on the Southern coast of Lake Michigan.

Here, there are many places where you can have a drink and watch the sun diving into the water of Michigan Lake: Michigan City, the Beverly Shores, the Indiana Dunes National Park, and many more.

A particular place to have a sunset walk by the bay is surely the Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk near Lake Street Beach: an enjoyable 6km walk with the romantic Michigan Lake by your side.


hand in hand

And here we are at the end of the article! 🙂

In this post, we have seen 7 Romantic Ideas for a Couple Getaway in Indiana (USA).

Before going, I would like to ask you:

  • Was the article useful to you?
  • Have you ever been to Indiana before before? 
  • Do you know any other romantic place or experience you believe could make it to the list? 

LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! (We always love receiving feedback and exchanging a chat 🙂

Last but not least, before going, I will leave you here some articles you might want to check out too:

As always, thank you for reading,

And see you in the next article! 😀




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