Trabocchi Coast in Abruzzo: All The Most Stunning Beaches!

Trabocchi Coast in Abruzzo: All The Most Stunning Beaches!

“Stretched from the rocks,

Similar to a lurking monster,

With its hundred limbs,

the trabocco looked formidable.”





The Trabocchi coast, which stretches between Vasto and Ortona, is one of the most fashionable stretches of the Abruzzo coast.

Originally famous for the “trabocchi,” ancient wooden machinery used for fishing, today the coast enjoys great popularity due to its unspoiled nature, crystal clear waters, restaurants, recreation areas, and of course beaches!

In this article, I tell you about our impression of the Trabocchi coast and which, in our opinion, are the most beautiful beaches you absolutely must not miss!

1. Where is the Costa dei Trabocchi located?

As you can see from the map, the Trabocchi Coast is located in the Abruzzo region (central Italy) in the province of Chieti, and more specifically in the stretch of coastline from Ortona to Vasto.

The Trabocchi coastline measures approximately 40km, and the easiest way to visit its more than 20 beaches and coves is definitely by moving around by car or camper van on the Adriatic highway SS16.

2. What are the Trabocchi?

what are the costa dei trabocchi - fishing machines

The Trabocchi Coast (“Costa dei Trabocchi” in Italian) takes its name precisely from the “trabocchi,” large fishing machines on stilts that dot its coastline and are thought to date back to the 18th century (although some theories take them back to the 1300s or even the Phoenicians).

The trabocchi, consisting of a wooden pier and a small pile at their end, were used to pull nets out to sea without the use of a boat (this allowed fishing even in bad weather), and as houses by fishermen (to combine daily life and work).

In 1889, the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio traveling near San Vito Chietino, became fascinated by the trabocchi (and in particular the trabocco Turchino), which he later described in 1894 in his novel “The Triumph of Death” as “spiders, and monsters” lurking on the sea, thus bringing them to everyone’s knowledge.

To this day, the trabocchi has become the symbol of this stretch of coastline: some have been turned into restaurants, some are private while others, those that appear older, have remained untouched since people stopped using them for fishing.

That said, the Trabocchi Coast is not only famous for these facilities; it is also popular for its wonderful beaches (both sandy, pebble, and rocky) and crystal clear water (reminiscent of that of Sardinia or Salento).

In the next part of the article, I will show you which, in our opinion, are the most beautiful beaches on the Trabocchi Coast and absolutely worth visiting.

Whether you are looking for a free beach, an equipped lido, a naturist area, sand, pebbles, or pebbles, I am sure you will find what you are looking for-there is something for everyone!

3. The Most Beautiful Beaches of the Trabocchi Coast

the most beautiful beaches on the costa dei trabocchi - my opinion

The Trabocchi Coast, strategically located in the middle of the Adriatic coast, offers beaches for everyone.

From reserved coves ideal for those seeking tranquility, to large lidos for those seeking fun and comfort, from free sandy beaches suitable for families to stony shorelines where you can enjoy the clear water and much much more!

Below I show you the beaches we liked best accompanied by some useful information for visiting and enjoying them to the fullest!


Most Beautiful Beach for: Wild Nature

punta penna near vasto - gorgeous beach trabocchi coast to see

Starting from the southernmost part of the Costa dei Trabocchi, just above Vasto, we find the incredible sandy expanse of Punta Penna.

Punta Penna is in fact a mostly sandy “Blue Flag” beach that stretches for as much as 1.7km and is around 50 meters wide.

The main feature of Punta Penna beach, and what makes it one of the most beautiful beaches on the Trabocchi Coast, is undoubtedly the wild nature that surrounds it.

In fact, the beach here is almost entirely free (except for a small lido in the southernmost part), surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and enclosed between the sea and a verdant knoll.

If you are looking for a free beach, surrounded by nature and plenty of space, surely Punta Penna is the beach for you!

To access the beach, parking in the Vasto industrial area, there is a small wooden ladder and a footbridge (in total, about 200m).

BBQing, camping at night and dog access are prohibited in the beach regulations. The seabed slopes slowly (suitable for families with children), and there is a lifeguard service during the summer.

Personally, one of the beaches I loved the most on the entire Trabocchi Coast 🙂


Best Beach for: Panoramic View

punta aderci and mottagrossa beach - costa dei trabocchi what are the best beaches best to see

Walking northward from Punta Penna beach, we arrive at the enchanting Punta Aderci Natural Reserve and to the beach of Mottagrossa.

Punta Aderci is a small green promontory (26m high above the sea) that is extremely photogenic, from which the beaches of Punta Penna and Mottagrossa can be seen. The view of Trabocco Aderci below (recently renovated) is truly postcard-perfect!

In contrast, Mottagrossabeach, which is entirely free, is astony beach composed of fairly large smooth rocks. There is a parking lot near the beach, making it easily accessible by vehicle.

The water here is also incredibly blue and clean, and the bottom drops rapidly.


Most beautiful beach for: Naturists

Punta Le Morge - best beaches for naturists - most beautiful beaches on the Trabocchi Coast

The Le Morge locality includes a collection of several beaches and coves, almost always accompanied by small restaurants, clubs, and bars.

The main beach, which is completely sandy, hasalternating free beach and lidos with umbrellas and deck chairs .

Alongside the beach, all along the road are plenty of herringbone parking lots (which, by the way, almost all fill up in summer!).

Moving north, you reach Punta Le Morge, where you can admire a wonderful overflow (with accessible pier) and a cove dedicated to naturist tourism (called precisely “Lido Punta Le Morge”).


Best Beach for: Families with Children, Access with Disabilities and Movida

Fossacesia Marina - Gulf of Venus - Costa dei Trabocchi Beach - the most touristic

Fossacesia Marina Beach, with its length of more than 5km, is the longest and most popular beach on the entire Trabocchi coast.

Surrounded by hotels, restaurants, bars, campgrounds and various leisure offerings for young and old, the beach at Fossacesia Marina is a long, mostly stony (white pebbles) expanse where organized lidos can be found alternating with free beaches.

Walking toward the northern part of the beach, one arrives at the Gulf of Venus and the beautiful Punta Cavalluccio where it is possible to find a sandy beach (suitable for families with children) and encounter a dozen or so trabocchi: some in disuse, others transformed into unique and romantic restaurants on the water.

Since 2017, there has been in Fossacesia Marina, a state-owned area called “Beach for All” designed specifically to facilitate people with mobility difficulties to reach the sea independently and bathe.

In conclusion, the beach of Fossacesia Marina, thanks to its infrastructure and events, is definitely the best-equipped beach on the Trabocchi coast to meet everyone’s needs. Of course, it is also among the most visited and crowded during the summer season.


Most Beautiful Beach for: Crystal Water, Snorkeling and Iconic Overflow

turquoise cove - trabocco - most beautiful beaches - trabocchi coast in Abruzzo

Moving further north, in the direction of Marina di San Vito Chietino, we find Calata Turchino beach, which is both a gem and a piece of history!

Not too big and not too crowded, Calata Turchino is a free beach(without any services), composed of pebbles and cliffs that gets its name from the emerald green color of its shore.

Personally, I consider it to be among the most beautiful and distinctive on the entire Trabocchi coast, and absolutely a must-see if the day is nice and the sea calm.

The color of the water is really precious, while the transparent color and the bottom full of life make this small cove the ideal place for snorkelers (remember to bring a mask, it’s worth it!).

Opposite Calata Turchino, perhaps the most iconic and famous overflow on the entire coast rises into the sea: the Trabocco Turchino, in fact.

This was the overflow that made d’Annunzio fall in love with the coast and about which he wrote in his novel “The Triumph of Death.” After a partial collapse in 2014, it has to date been restored keeping the original (very “natural”) structure and conformation intact.


Most Beautiful Beach for: Tranquility away from the Crowds

beach riparti di giobbe - costa dei trabocchi - reserved cove of sassi

Ripari di Giobbe Beach is a quiet, hidden gem located just north of Ortona.

To get there, you have to follow a narrow road at the end of which there is a free parking lot (quite large, but during the summer it fills up quickly, so it is good to arrive early).

Once parked, you have to walk down a staircase in the middle of nature of more than 150 steps (a bit steep, but doable wearing comfortable shoes or good flip-flops).

The water is extremely blue and drops deep quickly. The small-to-medium pebble beach is all enveloped by large rock walls.

There is a campsite that gives directly onto the beach (the only building around) that provides umbrellas and a small bar, but otherwise the beach is totally wild.

The Internet here gets pretty bad (one notch now and then); which makes Job’s Ripari beach perfect for those who want to get away from it all for a couple of hours.

4. When to Visit the Trabocchi Coast?

Discovering the Most Beautiful Beaches of the Trabocchi Coast - arancino camper lost on the route

The bathing season on the Trabocchi Coast normally begins after Easter, and peaks in the warmer months of June, July, August and September.

If you are looking for leisure, beach and relaxation, I definitely recommend visiting in the period between April and October.

During the winter, however, almost all tourist infrastructure closes its doors and the coastline becomes a collection of “ghost villages,” except for the major cities.

The beaches are practically deserted, ideal for walking on fine days, admiring the trabocchi and taking unique photos with no one around.

We also went there in the off-season in an RV, and it was really spectacular!

If you have an RV and are looking for a beautiful destination to visit in the off-season, Abruzzo and its trabocchi are truly a must-see!

4. What are the most Beautiful Trabocchi to See and Photograph?

discovering the trabocchi coast and its beaches - conclusion complete guide

It is possible to find trabocchi on the Adriatic coast not only in Abruzzo, but also in Marche, Molise, and Puglia (north of Gargano).

That being said, the overwhelming majority of the most beautiful and striking trabocchi are found, needless to say, contouring the sandy and stony beaches of the Costa dei Trabocchi.

Below, you will find a list of the most beautiful trabocchi to admire, photograph and where to eat, in order starting from Vasto and going up toward Ortona:

  • Trabocco Punta San Nicola (Vasto)
  • Trabocco Scoglio di Schiena d’Asino (Vasto)
  • Punta Aderci Overflow (Vasto Industrial Area)
  • Le Morge Overflow (Le Morge)
  • Trabocco Punta Rocciosa (Fossacesia Marina)
  • Punta Cavalluccio Overflow (Fossacesia Marina)
  • Punta Torre Overflow (Fossacesia Marina)
  • Trabocco San Giacomo (Marina di San Vito)
  • Trabocco Turchino (Marina di San Vito)
  • Trabocco Mucchiola (Ortona)

6. Conclusion

the most beautiful beaches discovering the coast of the trabocchi - lost on the route on an overflow - us funny photos bloggers

In this article we discovered together the beautiful Trabocchi Coast and its most fascinating beaches .

What about you, have you ever been to the Trabocchi Coast?

What do you think of the beaches mentioned?

Do you have any others you would like to recommend?

Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and, as always, see you in the next article 🙂

Discover more Italian destinations and how to visit them!

Discover destinations from the World 🙂




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