5 Fun Facts about Hotels in the USA

fun facts about hotels in the usa

Are you planning a trip to the US or you’re already in the country and you’re planning your holiday or a simple getaway?

Here you will find 5 Fun Facts about hotels and the accommodation industry in the US that might both surprise you and help you to plan ahead your journey!

Let’s dive right in! 🙂 



1. Las Vegas is the City with More Hotel Rooms in the Whole US

the venetian resort - las vegas

Let’s start with some data: the number of Rooms!

In the US there are many large cities (New York reaches 8M inhabitants, Los Angeles 4M, etc.), but the highest concentration of hotels is not found in any of those large metropolis.

Indeed, the record number of hotels is held by the legendary Casino town of Las Vegas in Nevada, which despite its population of only 650.000 inhabitants, it offers a record-breaking number of accommodation possibilities: over 150.000 hotel rooms distributed across 370 different hotels.

Between those, there are the iconic Ceasar Palace, the Wynn, the Luxor hotel where you can sleep inside an Egyptian Pyramid, or even the Venetian Resort (in photo), where you can experience strolling around a miniaturized Venice (where also the blue sky has been re-created!).


2. Hotels in the US can be VERY tall,

and your Room might be hundreds of meters high!

courtyard manhattan

Coming from Europe, I am not used to seeing tall buildings every day, and most of the ones we have in the old continents are towers, financial centers, but surely not hotels!

The US, on this matter, brings hotels to a whole new scale!

Indeed, if you don’t suffer from vertigo, in the US you surely have the chance to experience a different perspective on hotel heights! ;D

Although there are over-100m-high hotels in most major US cities, New York is the city that detains the record of the highest hotel in the country, with the Courtyard By Marriott Hotel (in the photo) which offers rooms up to 230m above the ground!

Yeah, I know, it’s crazy! eh eh 

If your head is spinning just by seeing the picture, don’t worry: the are many Boutique Hotels in NY which offer much more convenient and down-to-earth accommodations 😉


3. The US is the Only Country with two Disneylands, and over 30 Disney-Themed Hotels

disneyland in the us

Disney is a brand that is popular and loved all over the world.

In the US, Disney is so loved that there is not just one, but even two Disneyland Parks!

(In the world there are only six: Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Florida, and California).

Many passioned Disney lovers choose to visit Disneyland California (17,9M visitors in 2022) or Disney World in Florida (20,2M in 2022) every year, and for supporting those themed parks Disney offers over 30 differently-themed hotels!

Whether you’re on a road trip on the west coast, city-hopping through the US for a few weeks, or you’re looking for cheap honeymoon resorts in Florida to spend some memorable days, you know that Disneyland is never “on the other side of the country” here! (it’s literally on BOTH opposite sides of the country 😉 ).


4. In The US, there are More AirBnB listings than Hotels!

in the us more airbnb listings than hotels

Since its birth in 2008 in San Francisco, AirBnB revolutionized the accomodation industry worldwide!

If you’re not familiar with what AirBnb is, it’s essentially a platform where privates can rent their empty homes, apartments or any living space they own directly to external guests. It was born as an idea to exploit “unused” locations, but today AirBnB has become the main rival of the whole hotel industry!

The advantages of AirBnb, in addition to the fantastic customer service, insurance and reliability of the platform, is the variety of the accommodations on offer: from RVs, to Igloos, to Tree-Houses, desert cottages, mini-homes, caves, windmills… you can even sleep in giant wine barrels! ahah

In the US, there are as of today 2.25 Million AirBnB listings, against the 166,272 hotels officially registered (data of 2023).

Of course, hotels offer many rooms (5,29 Million), but considering that an AirBnB apartment could have several rooms too, the fight for the largest market share its a close call! ;D

So, whether you’ll be on the lookout for a sea-front accomodation in Oregon, luxurious hotels in Illinois or a simple mountain retreat in Colorado, just be sure to check both hotels and private AirBnBs to get the best deals! ;D

5. The Daily Average Room Rate (ARR) reached 150$ in 2023!

hotel in the us

The cost of living in the US it’s remarkably high compared to most other countries on Earth, and this is also reflected in the price of hotel/AirBnB rooms!

As of 2023, the daily average room rate has reached the rounded number of 150$ per night, so this is the number you should be using to budget your getaways within the US or your trip throught the country if you’re coming from abroad! 🙂

Add a 10-20% if you’re planning to honour the local custom of tipping always for anything ^^’

Of course, prices vary greatly depending on state, time of the year and location, but especially if you’re coming as a tourist, don’t expect to find dirt-cheap deals like in other continents of the world 🙂


US hotels

And here we come at the end of this article!

Sleeping in a hotel in the US for sure is an experience and it’s hard to get bored!

The variety is incredible, the offer is incredible, and so its the uniqueness of the traditions of the hospitality industry within this country! 🙂

In this post, I showed you 5 fun facts about the Hotels in the US that I found pretty curious and interesting when I first heard them and I thought it was cool to share them 😀

What do you think about them? Did you enjoy the read? You know more fun facts that might make it to the list?

Let us know in the comments below! 😀

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Thank you for reading, and see you in the next article!

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