5 Reasons why the NYC Airport Car Service beats the Airport Shuttle

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New York, also called the “Big Apple”, is the largest metropolis in the United States, which attracts over 13 million international tourists (placing it in the 7th place worldwide among the most visited cities as of 2022 – if you’re wondering, first place is Bangkok), and over 66 million people if we count domestic travelers.

This is an enormous amount of people, who mostly reach New York by air, landing in one of the four airports that serve NYC and the nearby suburban region of Long Island: MacArthur Airport, JFK Airport, Laguardia Airport, and Newark Liberty Airport.

Considering that New York City and Long Island are an urban sprawl spanning over 70km from North to South, and 100km from East to West, and that once landed, every single traveler will need transportation to their destination within this giant ant’s nest, is no wonder that connections from and to the airports are incredibly developed!

In this article, I will compare the airport shuttle services that connect NY’s Airports to the many areas of the city with the private car services available, and highlight five reasons why I believe that for most travelers it might be worth considering the latter option.

Let’s dive right in!


New York:

Why you should Consider

a Luxury Car Service Transfer from Airport?

1. No matter if you land at JFK or MacArthur Airport,

with a luxury car service

you can save Time… lot of time! 

save time with a luxury car service from NYC ariport to the city

The first reason why you should consider booking a car service from the airport to the city center, Long Island, or the Hamptons, is of course to save you time!

New York, even by American standards, is an expensive city, especially when we talk about accommodation. 

Most international, but also domestic tourists, usually try to squeeze as many sightseeing tours as possible in just 4-5 days  (while to truly visit New York, it would take at least double that!) to save good money.

If you’re limited on time, the last thing you want is to waste your precious time stuck in NYC’s traffic jungle for hours once you land, and that’s what often happens with the shuttle bus.

Furthermore, by taking an airport shuttle you’ll likely have to hop on and off several times on local trains and buses (which are not that cheap!) before reaching your final destination, usually losing a good part of your day!

Booking a car service will bring you straight from point A (airport) to point B (your destination) in usually less than an hour, and for very competitive prices too!

An average New York transfer from the airport will cost you 20-35$ considering all the hop-off, and a taxi ride will likely cost you 50-75$ depending on when you start.

The ride with a luxury car service instead, might cost 65-85$ for a Cadillac, 80-100$ for a SUV, 70-120$ for a van, or up to 250$ for a Limo. Book in advance, and you’ll be saving good money!

While when traveling alone, a luxury car service is indeed more expensive than taking the airport shuttle, when traveling in couple it get the rates get very competitive, and if you travel in more than two or a group, booking a car service in New York almost becomes a no-brainer (imagine that on a Limo, you can fit 10-18 people!).

All in all, car services offer direct routes and can adapt to your schedule, minimizing waiting times and potential delays while being very competitive cost-wise! 

2. On a private car you can relax,

and reach your Destination in Comfort!

comfortable new york airport shuttle service - stress-free

The second point, which perhaps is the main reason for many choosing a private car service from the airports of New York, is comfort.

The level of private car transfers in New York is very high as there’s a lot of competition between the different providers, and you can always expect to find plush seats, ample leg-room, and lovely climate control (which is a big thing in a city like New York where the summers are warm, humid, and wet and the winters are very cold, snowy, and windy!).

Knowing that it’s easy to understand why many travelers prefer this to the messy airport shuttle bus/train experience.

Especially if your destination is on Long Island or the Hamptons (the large suburbs on the east side of New York City) and you’ll land at Islip, booking a Macarthur Airport Car Service might be a comfortable choice to avoid 2-3 hours of hopping between trains and bus.

Last but not least, in addition to the comfort there’s also to consider the privacy, the silence, and the opportunity to admire the gorgeous Big Apple through the car window in an intimate scenario 🙂


3. If you have heavy luggages,

you’ll be happy not having to move them on your own! 

car service from macarthur airport in nyc - handle your luggage

Being 1,90m tall, I never had an issue with moving my luggage around: I traveled half-world with a backpack on my back after all!

Said that, things started to change when I got engaged to my girlfriend Isa: she’s 1,65, very thin, and she brings around double the things I do! eh eh

Seeing her struggling to just lift her luggage on a train’s steps, I realized how luggage for many travelers can be a real physical hassle that impressively impairs movements.

If you’re landing with a heavy suitcase (or two!) in New York, and you need to reach your place in the City Center, Long Island, Islip, or the Hamptons just by public transfers well… either you are fit, or good luck!

Personally, I see a lot of value in the private car transfers New York is offering: it’s comfy, it’s fast, and they handle your luggage!

Of course, leaving a tip for the luggage-handling is customary (but in the US isn’t that customary for anything? 😉 ).


4. If you’re a business traveler,

with a Premium Car Service

you can show Style and Prestige!

car service in new york - service to stand out and leave an impression

 Leave aside that it saves you time.

Leave aside the comfort and the privacy.

And leave also aside the luggage handling.

Speaking between us, car services from the airport in New York are just so cool! 

Elegant drivers, black American cars, luxurious interior… the moment you enter the car you start breathing the New York you see in movies!

If you’re a business traveler then, reaching your destination from the airport with a premium car service will help you show style, prestige and leave a positive first impression on your business partners (and impression matters in the Big Apple!).

5. Car Services in New York are Reliable and Flexible,

and that can give you Peace of Mind!

car service in new york can give you peace of mind - benefits of car service instead of airport shuttle

Last but not least, one last advantage of booking a private car service to navigate the New York/Long Island megalopolis is the one most travelers care about most: peace of mind!

Private transfers in New York are extremely flexible, whereas public shuttles and trains are not.

Are you landing late? They’re there for you.

Are you in a hurry? They’re there for you.

Do you need to pick up a friend, or a colleague or drop off a parcel before reaching your destination? They are there for you!

Private car transfers in New York operate 24/7, they’re always available by phone, and accommodating customer’s requests or finding practical solutions to situations that may arise are part of the deal!

Private drivers are expert professionals, who know the best routes to get to their destination fast and they will help you to move around the City with peace of mind.

Spread your eyes and enjoy New York baby, leave out the rest!



new york - how to reach the city and long island from the airport - shuttle vs car service - conclusions

And here we are at the end of the article!

In this article, we’ve seen 5 compelling reasons why you might want to consider booking a luxury car service transfer to reach NYC, Long Island, or the Hampton from any of the 4 New York Airports.

Convenience, time-savings, high comfort standards, privacy, peace of mind, and very competitive rates (especially if you’re traveling in two or more!), make the car service in New York more appealing than in most other cities around the world.

What do you think about the article? Have you already had the chance to visit New York before? In which airport did you land? How did you reach your destination?

If you’d like to share your experience, let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, and as always…

See you in the next article! 🙂





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