Paradise Unplugged: 5 Not-Obvious Pros of Maldives Water Villas

maldive water villas - 5 pros and benefits for mind and body

Don’t Waste Time hunting for Treasures,

for the True Treasure is Time Itself”

– Dani,

Keeping up with the dizzying pace of the modern world can take its toll.

Most of us zoom about our lives at a frenetic pace as the wonders of technology help us keep our world increasingly connected and productive – but of course this comes at a cost: the cost of forgetting what the true value of our limited time on this planet truly is!

To avoid worker burnout, more and more employers are including wellness and mental health perks as part of rounded compensation packages to attract and retain top talent, and it’s no wonder why.

So you might be asking yourself, what’s the best way to get over the feeling of being burnt out? 

There’s no one answer that suits everybody, but this one comes pretty close as any: disconnect and recharge in a secluded, scenic paradise!

Science is still trying to explain why, but the human brain seems to be performing better in natural, relaxed, and safe environments: the release of oxytocin (a stress-relief hormone), brings us humans to new heights of consciousness, reasoning, and creativity! 

Said all of this, today we would like to talk about the fascination of Maldives water villas, why they are so sought after (almost everyone who sees a picture is immediately attracted to it!) and what are 5 not-so-obvious benefits that this incredibly accommodation can offer for relaxing your mind and body!

Before we get into it, you’ll first need to understand just what it means to be able to unwind in overwater bliss with Maldives lagoon villas or overwater villas, so take a look, for example, at this one at Finolhu Maldives (it’s a prime example of what you can expect!):



Now that you got a picture in mind, let’s dive right in and discover the 5 Secret benefits of unwinding in such wonderful places 🙂


5 Reasons why Spending Time in a Maldive Water Villa

will heal your mind, body and soul!

1. Inner Peace starts with

the Absence of Distractions

absense of distractions

Are you one of those people who has a hard time focusing on the present or living in the moment, always distracted by one thing or another? Then, you’re probably the type of person who will love a water villa retreat!

The Maldives’ water villas are accommodations built to feel like they are located by themselves, in the middle of nowhere, with just the water surrounding you. T

The intention is to remove all the distractions to allow you to focus on yourself, your partner, if you’re travelling with someone, and with nature. 

If they have been designed cleverly, you’d have to make a real effort to be able to catch sight or sound of others in neighboring water villas while you’re in your one! (ever noticed those wavy-curvy wooden bridges connecting the villas? That shape is chosen to provide extra privacy and intimacy 😉 ). 

Water villas also tend to be positioned in an isolated part of the resort, away from the busier communal areas.

In addition to all this, Maldivian water villas tend to be part of luxury resorts that are located on their private island in the Maldives, thereby naturally offering more privacy and seclusion than similar options in most other world destinations.

No people, no cars, no towns, minimal and natural design, wood, comfy seats, and the sea… this is all thought to remove distractions and provide an experience focused on what truly matters: you, your loved ones, and your relationship with time, nature, and yourself!

2. You can Rejuvenate By Experiencing

Being Surrounded by Nature the Whole Day

surrounded by nature every day for the whole day - breakfast at the maldives

From waking up to the calming sounds of the ocean and breathing in the invigorating sea breeze to the cathartic effect of being able to watch wisps of fluffy clouds floating lazily by on the horizon from your bathtub, Maldivian overwater villas maximize your connection with nature.

Bedrooms open up to ocean views; decks offer steps directly down into the Indian Ocean; bathtubs and showers offer unhindered views and sounds of the sea all around.

Being constantly exposed to the beauty of nature can raise in the human body the levels of serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine levels, all mood-boosters that can help you relax, and inspire your creativity and introspection.

Many people indeed, find that they have more clarity of thought and innovative ideas when surrounded by such natural beauty.

3. Water Villas are the Perfect Chance

for a Complete Digital Detox

digital detox at the maldives

Zen-like alone time with yourself or your loved one can ease the stress for sure.

However, to really go the distance when it comes to your plan to disconnect and recharge, take it a step further and commit to a digital detox in the water villas of the Maldives. 

Pack away your phone for the duration of your stay, and when you find yourself reaching for it for the umpteenth time in the middle of the day, steer yourself in another direction.

Will yourself to close your eyes and listen to the ebb and flow of the waves? Or plunge into your water villa’s plunge pool, if it has one? Or better yet, dive into the salty waters that become your backyard when you check in at a water villa?

No matter what you do, if you avoid using your phone for your stay you will see how you will slowly get back the time, Mornings will be richer and afternoons slower: you’ll find out that boredom can sometimes be a true treasure to get back to the present and enjoy the moment right before your eyes!


4. The Solitude of the Environment,

sparkles Mindfulness, Reflection and Creativity

mindfulness in maldives

Being alone (or with your loved one!), in nature, with the absence of distractions, and maybe also through digital detoxing, can all lead to increased mindfulness.

When you dedicate time to observe and reflect, your mindfulness grows: you become more conscious of yourself, your thoughts, your emotions, your true self, and the things you like and dislike.

Stopping, thinking, reflecting, elaborating ideas, and breathing quietness are all excellent ingredients to spark your creativity, dream, enjoy the present, and plan the future.

Maldives, for many, are this kind of heightened once-in-lifetime epiphany 🙂


5. Heightened Senses and Emotional Connection

emotional connection in the maldives

Your mind is what rules your senses, and a relaxed mind will make you “feel” and “absorb” your surroundings more than you normally would.

When you find balance, mindfulness, and peace within yourself, this is the time when you can truly open up to other and create a strong emotional connection that goes beyond words.

In our modern life, we are always running, partying, chatting, rushing, planning… so much that we hardly ever find time to truly listen to the people we love and dedicate ourselves to them.

The minimal and natural environment of the Maldive Water Villas is thought to create the right conditions for bounding, connecting, and overall healing body, mind, and soul 🙂



water villas in the maldives

And here we are at the end of the article!

In this article, we’ve seen 5 not so obvious benefits of spending some time in a Maldive Water Villa!

The absence of distraction, the gorgeous surroundings and unobstructed nature, the silence, the solitude, the safety, and the chance to detox from the rush of modernity are all reasons why those exclusive experiences make for an incredible chance to relax and easing the mind, body and soul 🙂

What do you think about the article?

Have you already had the chance to experience the Maldives before?

What did you like most about your holiday there?

If you’d like to share your experience, we would be happy to hear it! 🙂

So please, let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, and as always…

See you in the next article! 🙂


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