Maldives: the Best 5 Family Resort Experiences

maldives for family - best resorts and activities

Undecided on where to take your loved ones for your next family vacation?

You’ve always been dreaming of visiting the Maldives, but you’re afraid that might not be the right destination for a holiday with children. Well, don’t worry!

In this article, we will highlight 5 awesome family experiences that you’ll love to enjoy with your family while staying in a family resort or one of the many Maldive’s family villas! 

Not sure where to begin? Take this as a mini Maldives family vacation guide 🙂

Discover exactly why the Maldives and its family-friendly villas offer such a wonderful escape for families of all ages looking to enjoy an idyllic seaside vacation together 🙂

Let’s dive right in!



5 Family Resort Experiences in the Maldives

1. Immerse Together

in the Maldive’s Natural Beauty! 

nature of the maldives - why it is safe and fun for families

When one imagines a beautiful tropical island paradise, they’ve probably got a replica of one of the Maldives’ many private islands in mind!

Comprising over 1,200 islands, this archipelago in the Laccadive Sea offers plenty of inhabited and uninhabited islands that are a picturesque combination of sand, coconut palms, and shimmering sea and blue skies.

The Maldives islands don’t host any dangerous animal, the sand is fine and white (which children always love!), the water is shallow for hundreds of meters and most places are semi-deserted (with the exception of the resort’s personnel!).

All in all, from an environmental perspective, the Maldives are an ideal place for children to play in a safe environment and for adults to relax, sun dive and enjoy the crystalline sea with peace of mind 🙂   

2. Many Resorts offer

Kids Entertainment for the little Ones!

maldives kids club and water sport - best family resort activities in maldives

Another reason to go with the Maldives for your next family adventure, is because so many resorts there are well-suited to cater to families!

Some resorts focus on honeymooners, others more on families and many to both.

The philosophy here is simple: “happy children, happy parents!” ;D

To check if a resort is right for your family, take a look at two things first: the kid’s club and the watersports activities offered onsite.

The worst thing that can happen on vacation is for your kids to be bored – they tend to be miserable, or worse yet, might end up being glued to their devices, despite being located in the middle of a veritable island paradise.

Therefore, a good family resort will invest in a classy, fun-packed kids club.

This is usually meant for younger kids who are offered a range of indoor and outdoor activities that they can enjoy with children of a similar age under the supervised guidance of trained childcare professionals (while the parents and older siblings are free to enjoy time off on their own).

Activities that tend to be offered include things like face painting, movie time, treasure hunts, pool time, and so on 🙂


3. The Maldives offer Watersports

for all Tastes, and Teenagers will Love Them!

water sports in the maldives - kayak - jetski - scuba

For adults and for older kids, it’s all about how many different kinds of watersports are on offer on your resort!

The most common experiences you might expect to be on offer at family resorts in the Maldives, just to name a few, are:

  • jet skiing,
  • stand-up paddleboarding,
  • surfing,
  • flyboarding
  • kayaking
  • scuba-diving
  • etc.

Another thing to check when it comes to water-based activities would be to see if the resort has a house reef – this would keep the older kids busy snorkeling.


4. The Maldives Family Villas Experience feels

Like being Home, but in Paradise!

maldives family villas - resort for families best

Discover luxury and comfort at Maldives family villas! 

Sometimes called “residences”, these abodes are the epitome of luxury and convenience for families of all ages and sizes. 

Choosing to book a Maldives family villa instead of a hotel room, is an experience that will transport your loved ones into a world of bliss, where every little thing is thought of.

After all, the Maldives are famous for luxury accommodations, where comforts are the norm, and villas are no exceptions!

From multiple bedrooms and bathrooms to keep the adults and children happy, to swimming pools and shared dining and entertainment spaces, Maldives family villas are always luxurious homes away from home.

The main benefits of getting a villa (also within resorts!) instead of a simple hotel room are clearly more intimacy with your own family, larger spaces for privacy, and increased comfort!  

With enough space to spread out over, each child and adult can have their own space and privacy – something that can help avoid tensions running high as sometimes happens on long family vacations. 

Family villas in the Maldives tend to be located right on the beach or a hop skip and jump away from it, so that your family can have easy access to the sand and water all day! 🙂

5. In the Maldives you can Enjoy one 

among the Safest Places on Earth!

maldives benefits for families

The Maldives are known for exclusivity!

After all, villas and resorts are usually always spread out on private islands, which can be only reached by floatplanes or private boats. 

The absence of large cities or towns on resort islands, make the Maldives extremely safe for families, as there is almost no risk of meeting anyone else except other guests and the resort staff 🙂

In the same fashion, on the Maldive islands, there are not dangerous animals, while in the waters surrounding the Maldives is true that there are over 30 different types of sharks, Most are innocuous and they don’t come near the beach (as the waters are too shallow for them to swim!



why maldives for families is good and best resorts- conclusion

And here we are at the end of the article!

In this article, we’ve seen 5 experiences that might bring you to consider the Maldives for your next Family Holiday!

Stunning nature, superior safety, games for children, watersports for teenagers, comfortable villas and idyllic backdrops to relax mind and body are all reasons why everyone who travels there describes the Maldives as so unforgettable!

What do you think about the article?

Have you already had the chance to experience the Maldives before?

Did you go with the family or alone?

If you’d like to share your experience, let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, and as always…

See you in the next article! 🙂


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