Ireland: Hotspots Map and How to Move Around


The Hotspot Map

Here is the Ireland Hotspot Map that will help you navigate the island. You can click on the different pins for more information about the places. I included the Top 10 Most Beautiful Places from the previous article and added some more highlights that you may find interesting to visit if you are planning a longer trip.

If you’re interested in the exact names of the main attractions within or nearby any of the pinned hotspots, refer to the previous article too, where I compiled a full list for each one.

Ireland: How to Move Around?

Moving around Ireland is relatively easy as roads are well-maintained and public transportation is reasonably priced,  generally reliable, and efficient. Furthermore, given the small size of the island (200km from East to West, 400km from North to South), travel times result never exaggerated too.

Hereafter I’ll go through the different alternatives, their convenience, travel times and give you my honest opinion about which is preferable to take to the different locations. 

Trains: Iarnród Éireann


It’s hard to see trains in Ireland. Here, the railway network is not branched out like in most European countries and is built mainly to connect the capital city of Dublin to the other Eire’s major cities (Cork, Limerick, Galway, Sligo, Westport, Waterford).

On this railway map, you can see ALL of the train stations and train lines in Ireland. The ticket prices and the travel times are comparable with the ones of buses on the same routes, choosing between one or the other just a matter of preference. Only note, that the frequency of buses is two or three times higher than trains (depending on the route).

Personally, I was always inclined to go for buses as the bus stations are always well-located in the city centers and it makes eventual connections with regional buses easier. Still, trains running in the countryside are a suggestive experience and a good alternative to buses on the main connecting routes.

Public Buses: Bus Eireann


Buses are the blood that runs through all the arteries of Ireland. Intercities, regional buses, touristic coaches, express coaches, commuters buses, school buses… Bus Eireann, the largest bus company in Ireland, has them all.

Reasonable and affordable prices, high frequency, and quality service are the reasons that make choosing buses an excellent choice to move around Ireland and the surely one that can recommend. If you’re looking to go from place A to place B, you’ll surely find a bus that’ll bring you there; also in the most remote parts of the island.

Buses won’t give you the total freedom of movement that self-driving gives, but still, they’re plenty of advantages too.

First of all, you won’t need to care about the streets, you won’t have to learn to drive on the left (if in your home country it’s different) and thus, you’ll have more time to admire the panorama outside of the window or recharge your batteries before reaching the next destination.

Secondly, within cities, buses are convenient: you don’t have to deal with traffic and don’t have to look (and pay) for parking. Furthermore, a bus ride can be combined with walking and may save you from unexpected downpours.

Last but not least, and perhaps even more important, buses are sweet and convenient friends that can bring you home when you’re tipsy (or smashed) after hitting the pubs without the danger of an accident or being caught. As every second house in Ireland is a pub, the temptation to drink a pint too much is always there hovering upon you. Think about it!

Here you can search for any bus timetable and connection in Ireland: Bus Eireann.

Self-Drive: Rent a Car


If you don’t mind driving on the left, if you’re looking for the ultimate freedom to go at your own pace wherever and whenever you want and if you promise you won’t drink in excess before putting yourself behind the wheel, renting a car is your best pick!

Rental prices in Ireland are relatively low (you can easily find deals between 12-20Euro per day) and finding a rental place is easy in all the main towns. For moving around small, cars are perfect: although the rural areas are often hilly, roads are in good conditions everywhere.

If you’re two or more people to share the rental and fuel cost, then renting a car becomes also economically-appealing (or at least, competitive) compared to buses and trains. If you don’t feel like renting a car for your whole stay, still I would suggest you to consider if you’re willing to experience excursions off the beaten track (especially on the West Coast). 

Transportation Times & Cost

Here I leave you the transportation times and cost to ride the Irish routes by either bus or train (times and cost are very similar, I’ll put you here the faster and cheaper between the two) as I believe it’ll help you with planning and budgeting your upcoming trip.

Dublin – Galway approx. 2.45 Hours – ~20Euro

Dublin – Cork approx. 2.30 Hours – ~16Euro

Galway – Killarney approx 2.50 Hours – ~15Euro

Cork – Killarney approx. 1.30 Hours – ~12Euro

Killarney – Dublin approx. 2.50 Hours – ~25Euro

Cork – Galway approx. 3 hours – ~17Euro

To check the exact prices and mode of transporation available for your dates on the routes you need, have a look at Rome2Rio, a great website/app for comparing transportation alternatives from anywhere to anywhere (if you want to know more about my favourite apps, make sure to check my article Top 15 Essential Apps for Smart Travelling 😉 ).




This was the list of my favourite Irish places and what I believe should absolutely not be missed! Do you have any further suggestion? You think something else should be included or you just need more information on some of the previous? Let me know in the comment belows 🙂

Also don’t forget to check out the next articles if you’re looking to plan a trip to Ireland like a boss! Keep in Touch!

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