Chart a Yacht in Turkey | 10 Reasons why it is the PEAK of Luxury

yacht in turkey

Sailing the sea on board of a private Yacht is a dream for many, and a life-time experiences on many people’s bucket list, to try at least once in life!

While decades ago, yachts were exclusively owned by rich millionaires and flashed out as opulent symbols of wealth, in the  past years the sharing economy reached in big storm as the yacht sector, and today it’s completely possible to charter and enjoy a yachting holiday without having to own one!

As you can rent out short-term apartments on Air-BnB, take a ride on shared Uber cars, or rent-out office place on WeWork when you need it, today there are also companies, such as Mirya Yachting for example, which can charter your yachts for a limited amount of time, with extreme ease and competitive prices!

In this article, we would like to show you 10 reasons why choosing a yacht charter experience might be an incredibly unique and memorable idea to spend quality time with your loved ones or celebrate a special occasion with a large group of friends.

Not only that, we will also tell you why Turkey right now is the hottest destination for chartering big boats, and why this country has surged to the n.1 spot for enjoying a luxurious vacation in the Mediterranean Sea!

Let’s dive right in!

1. It’s an Out-of-the-Ordinary Way to Celebrate

a Special Occasion with Loved Ones or a Large Group of Friends! 

yacht with family

The vast majority of people never had the chance to step foot on a yacht in their own life: after all, it’s a “luxury” experience, which comes with a cost that not everyone can or is willing to afford.

That, for this same reason, sailing on a Yacht for most people is an out-of-the-ordinary experience, which makes it an incredibly unique idea to celebrate an important event with your family, group of friends, or working colleagues!

Whether it’s for a special birthday anniversary, a once-in-lifetime bachelor/stag party, a team-building event for your company, or a simple splurging desire, you can stay assured that no one will ever forget his days of navigation on a private yacht till the day the die!

Last but not least, you might think that charting a yacht or a gulet alone might be expensive and completely out of budget: well…for many it is, but not as much as people normally think it is, and not everywhere!

Of course, charting a luxury yacht on the Blue Coast in France, or in Sardinia in Italy, is quite prohibitive and honestly exaggerated (here we talk about dozens of thousands of euros a day!). Still, there are countries in the Mediterranean which offer beautiful deals!

One of these, the most sought-after for yacht chartering in 2023, is Turkey, where the price for private (Yachts and Gulets) boats ranges between 1.000 and 20.000Euro a day.

Of course, prices seen like this seem high, but if you consider splitting them among 8-12-16-24 crew members, you can easily see how prices per person range between 150-700Euro/day: still not cheap, but surely more sustainable for most people willing to invest in a lifetime experience!

2. In Turkey, you can Choose between

a Yachts, Gulets and Trawlers

gulets in turkey

Turkey is definitely a maritime country, with the Turkish Riviera (the souther-western coast of Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea) measuring a whooping 1600km!

A few decades before, international tourists were traveling to Turkey just to see the main on-land sights, such as the Aya Sofia in the chaotic Istanbul, the lively markets of Ankara, or the Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia.

As of today though, things have changed.

Turkey bet heavily on valorizing its tourist sector with easier Visa requirements and by promoting the beauty of Turkish with both traditional marketing and by promoting Turkish movies and TV series abroad.

Now the word is out, the secret gems of Turkey are being discovered, and more and more tourists are traveling to the country to discover the raw beauty not only of its land sites, but also of its incredible coast (Turkish tourism peaked in 2023 with over 45Million tourists!).

The most popular route on the Turkish Riviera is surely the “Blue Cruise”, as it has been nicknamed the 500km stretch of sea between Bodrum and Antalya, famous for its distance far from modern life.

To enjoy it, there are several Turkey Blue Cruises options, but the main ones are either renting a yacht, a gulet, or a motorized modern trawler:

  • Yachts are the peak of luxury, modern, and powerful motorized vessels with every possible luxury, from large outside dining tables, to jacuzzis on deck, barbeque, and anything you can dream of true moving houses on the water!
  • Gulets are Turkiye’swooden classic yachts, built usually in Bodrum or Marmaris from the southwestern coast of Turkey. The average size of gulet is 20 to 30 meters in length and they normally feature 4 to 8 cabins. Although slower than modern yachts, they don’t have anything to envy in terms of luxury, and they’re generally cheaper than yachts.
  • Motorized Trawlers are small-sized yachts: high-end economical options for tiny groups of up to 10 people. As with larger boats, they usually provide a jacuzzi, BBQ, paddle boats, kayaks, and the like, but they offer an overall much more intimate and private experience!

Choosing which type of boats works for you depends mainly on your group size, on your needs and your preferences. 

When chartering a yacht, also be sure to carefully read what is included and what’s not, as every company and boat is different from one another (food, drinks and land excursions are usually excluded from all kinds of vessels).


3. You Draw the Map,

and the Skippers will Bring you There!  

yacht in turkey

A main reason why chartering a yacht or a gulet is an awesome experience is because all you need to do is to draw on the map where you want to go and where you want to stop, and the skippers will bring you there!

Skipping a yacht, normally requires an international accreditation through the Royal Yacht Association or International Yacht Training, so not anyone can maneuver one.

Said that, the chartering price usually includes the costs of a navigation crew (which normally ranges between 1-6 persons – depending on the size of the yacht!).

The navigation crew, which normally comprises skippers, a captain, a steward, a hostess, and/or even a chef; will take care of all your needs and allow you to navigate 3-4 hours a day in complete relaxation: after all, yacht tours are the peak of luxury, meant for making guests feel completely cuddled!

If you’re wondering whether might be awkward to have staff people on your private boat, worry not: yacht crews are trained and discrete professionals, employed with the sole objective to make you feel comfortable and at home wherever you sail to! 🙂

As the charter yacht and the Turkey gulet cruise etiquette go, be sure to leave a gratuity at the end of your journey as a thank for the crew (normally, 5-15% of the total cost of the rent is considered a well-thought tip!).


4. The Turkish Coast is jagged

with Idyllic Beaches and Secluded Bays

peak of luxury

One more reason why Turkey is so popular for yachting is the immense richness of its coast and the vast number of idyllic and secluded beaches where you can stop and spend a day in complete loneliness!

The stretch of coast from Bodrum to Antalya especially (but all the Southern Coast in general), is far far away from modernity and mass tourism cruises are almost non-existent: finding a private emerald bay on the Turkish Coast is like finding a pizza in Italy: it’s so inhabited and desolated, yet so overflowing with nature and marine fauna!

Of course, you might encounter some other private boat from time to time, but nothing that would make the experience less intimate and special! 🙂

Among popular routes instead, where you’ll probably want to stop over, there are:

  • the gorgeous town of Fethiye with its unbelievable crystal sea,
  • the Greek island of Rhodes,
  • the Icmeler Beach, in Marmaris,
  • the Blue Lagoon and the Butterfly Valley in Ölüdeniz,
  • the Cirali Beach in Cirali,
  • and the Mermeli Beach in Antalya.

If you’re unsure about the travel times between stops or you need further information, don’t forget that the skippers on your boat will also be your best travel guides: no one can better than them (which LIVE this places!), to counsel you the best route, secret sights and experiences! If you have a question, simply ask them: they are there for you! 😉


5. On the Southern-Coast of Turkey,

Summer Lasts for over 6 months!

bengala tiger in rahjastan, India


The weather is perhaps the most important variable you’ll want to keep in mind when chartering a private yacht!

After all, renting out such a big toy is expensive, and it would be a pity to risk spending days below deck and “wasting” your precious money. 

Luckily for you, Turkey enjoys 6 months of summer (from May to October), where rainy days are rare and, in case they present themselves, temperatures remain hot and downpours are mild (in July, the average rainfall is just 4mm of rain per month!).

Compared to the French or the Italian coasts (other popular hubs for yacht charting in Europe), where rain can suddenly appear also in the middle of summer; on the Turkish coast the rainfalls are concentrated between November and February, while summers are completely dry: the ideal statistics for chartering a lifetime experience with peace of mind!

Of course, don’t forget your suncream, as in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea it takes five minutes to get you sunburned in summer! 😉


6. From Turkey, you can Easily

navigate to Gorgeous Greek Islands,

such as Khos, Rhodes or Santorini!

greek islands

Have you ever noticed on a map how many islands there are in the proximity of Turkey? Dozens!!

Well… fun fact: they are almost all Greek islands! 😀

If you’re wondering why, that is because in 1923, Greece and Turkey defined their boundaries by signing the Lausanne Treaty, and several islands, islets, and other major territories in the Aegean Sea beyond three miles from the Turkish coast were ceded to Greece, except three groups of islands.

When you see it on the map it’s crazy: beyond a mere 3 miles (5km) from the coast of Turkey, and perhaps more than 300-400km from Greece’s mainland, these islands belong to Greece and the people living on them are as Greek as it gets!

While it’s not the point of this article to delve into the cultural curiosities that the Lausanne Treaty created, a positive note is that the relationship between Greek islands and Turkey is going well, and when traveling on a private boat there’s the possibility to approach and stop on the islands.

Among the most gorgeous Greek islands you might want to consider for your  itinerary in the Aegean Sea there are:

  • Lesbos (with an area of 1630 km², Lesbo is the 3rd largest Greek island, with plenty of dream coves to stop! Curiosity: the island also gave roots to Sappho, a Greek author who wrote books about homosexuality, and gave birth to the term “lesbian”).
  • Lemnos (ideal island for windsurf and kitesurf, famous as well for wines and bird-watching)
  • Chios (a small island famous for its picturesque villages and isolated bays)
  • Kos (only 5km away from the Turkish coast, this little Greek island is loved by photographers for the colors of its water)
  • Rhodes (4th largest Greek island)
  • and Samos (among many others!)


7. Enjoy all the Included Watersport Experiences in

Intimate and Otherwise Inaccessible Coves

red fort dehli

Do you think sailing all day might be boring for you? Think again!

In Turkey, charter yachts offer all kinds of comforts for their guests, and that includes watersport activities!

Larger yachts, generally provide jet skis to explore the surrounding areas and approach the beaches with speed and style!

Smaller trawlers and gulets instead, usually provide more laid-back and chill options, such as kayaks, stand-up paddle-boards, ringo wake-boards, and bananas.

With all these options to choose from, there’s only the embarrassment of choice!

Despite what many people might think, an integral part of the yachting experience is not only sailing but actually living, diving, and touching the sea: no journey would be complete without a full immersion in the beauties you’re exploring and without some salt-water taste on your lips! 😉

Snorkeling, Scuba, Wind-surfing, and Kite-surfing might also be viable watersport options, but be sure to organize well in advance with your charterer to get all the required gear ready before your departure!


8. Turkiye is an unending Mine

of Cultural Heritage Sites

bollywood in mumbai

Turkey’s roots date back millennia: from Göbeklitepe to the Hittites, from the Byzantine Empire to the Ottoman Empire, and to modern times, Turkey saw many populations crossing its lands and leaving a lasting footprint on its culture.

As of today, what remains is a country split on the crossroad between two continents (Europe and Asia), with a cultural and historical heritage that finds very few parallels in Europe and the rest of the world.

Taking a Yacht tour around the Southern Coast of Turkey is not only about the waters, but also an enormous chance to witness first-hand some of the the most iconic landmarks and milestones that survived the centuries!

Among the places you might want to consider are:

  • half-day tour to Pamukkale, the “castle of cotton” and the archeological site of Hierapolis (UNESCO World Heritage Site),
  • the ancient city and the anteater of Aspendos,
  • the ruins of Perge and its impressive rows of stone columns,
  • the Xanthos ruins, (UNESCO World Heritage site),
  • Ephesus and the ruins of the Temple of Artemis.

Some sites are doable in one hour, while others might require a full half-day to visit thoroughly 🙂

9. You can Pamper yourself with Turkish Food,

one of Hottest Cuisines of this Decade! 

turkish food

Born on a crossroad between Europe, Asia, and Africa, Turkish cuisine is a rich explosion of tradition and taste that offers something for all palates!

From the traditional kebabs (various types of grilled/skewered meats) and to Shish kebab (cubed meat), from the Manti (small meat-filled dumplings with yogurt, garlic, and paprika) to the sweet Baklava (a sweet pastry made of layers of filo dough, filled with nuts and honey), passing through the Kofte (spiced meatballs), the Pide (Turkish piadina-like flatbread) and the Lokum (Turkish delight flavored sweets): Turkey is every foodie’s paradise!

Food in Turkey is cheap, and when traveling with a Yacht you can shop the ingredients that you most like and have a chef cooking it for you! Be sure to make the full list of things you’ll need (drinks too!) in advance, and give it to your charting company if you wish they’ll make the grocery shopping and arrange everything before your arrival!

Stopping in a secluded beach after a day on a jet ski and visiting an ancient ruin, with warm weather and traditional Turkish food and wine ready to be savored while enjoying the intimate panorama: can it get more “PEAK” luxury than that?! ;D

Short answer: yes, it can! There is one last reason why chartering a yacht in Turkey can be a bomba idea for a lifetime experience (read the next point to find out ;D).


10. The Turkish Hospitality is incredible,

and You will Feel Welcome Everywhere! 

rajasthan palace, india

The last (but best!) reason for why you should choose Turkey for a memorable Yacht experience is the Turkish people’s hospitality, which welcomes everyone with curiosity and an open heart

The warmth that Turkish people can give is something I would like to strongly underline, as in my opinion it tops the good weather, the food, the comforts, the competitive prices and all the landmarks and secluded beaches you might see and explore!

From the crew on board to the people in the small seaside villages and large cities, in the popular restaurants, and the middle of nowhere; Turkish people are friendly and even if you don’t speak a word of Turkish (download Google Translator, thank me later!) they will always try to approach you, help you, and perhaps offer you a traditional tea (“çay“).

I truly don’t know how many çay we were invited to drink during our journey in Turkey, but thinking back I believe that’s one of the main reasons that made us fall in love with this country: the friendliness of people who don’t know you, but willing to open their home and share with you what they have: their precious time and a cup of tea! 😀



Indian Train

And here we are at the end of this long article! 🙂

In this post, we have seen 10 good reasons why chartering a Yacht in Turkey is an awesome experience!

The weather, the many boat options, the tasty cuisine, the warm hospitality, the possibility to map your route, the historical sites, the secluded beaches, the proximity to the Greek islands, the watersports, and the exclusivity of the experience are all that make yachting in Turkey an experience to remember!

Of course, chartering a Yacht or a Gulet is a splurging experience, but if you are looking for an epic, unique and memorable splurging experience, choosing a yacht charter in Turkey is the absolute PEAK of luxury! ;D

Before going I would like to ask you:

  • Did you enjoy the read?
  • Have you been to Turkey or tried chartering a Yacht before? 🙂
  • What were the things you liked most and which challenges did you encounter?
  • Would you like to share your experience with the other readers and leave some personal tips?

LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! (We always love receiving feedback and exchanging a chat 🙂

Last but not least, before going, I will leave you here some articles you might want to check out too:

As always, thank you for reading,

And see you in the next article! 😀




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