Travelling to Brunei: How much it Costs?

Cheaper than you may think!

Given its high GDP per capita (5th in the world in 2018) you may expect Brunei to be more expensive than what it really is and you would be wrong!

In the last few years, the country finally started to diversification its oil-based economy and betting on tourism development. Although not a popular destination yet, budget options emerged in the country which makes it an unbeaten, yet backpacker-friendly destination.

So, How much does a Short Getaway in Brunei cost me?


For a 4-night stay from Singapore, I spent a TOTAL 360,20EURO with flight included. My travel cost was divided as follows:



From Singapore, I paid only 160 euros to go and back. I was flexible with the dates and I traveled only with a hand with a small backpack (hand-luggage is more than enough) and my laptop case. From other popular SE Asia destinations, flight prices are still competitive (Bali, Manila, KL, etc.).



Staying in a hostel, I spent 11 Euro per night and I was able to keep my travel cost low. Other accommodations possibilities are available (Airbnb, Hotels, etc. refer to article Brunei: Where to Stay and How to Move around for more info about related prices) and in general, the accommodation quality is pretty standard.



Yes, I only got two buses from the airport to my hostel  (1B$ a ticket) and that was my transportation. I walked a lot in Bandar. The city is small, the streets are wide, safe, and quiet. If you are not fun of walking or adventurous enough to dare to understand the intricated Bus Route Map, taxi fares are not prohibitive too!



The only attraction I paid for, has been the “Ulu Temburong & Canopy Road” tour which although costly (90Euro), is entirely worth the price. All other entrances (Museums, Mosques, Stilt Village, etc.) are free of charge and sponsored by his majesty.



Eating street-food in night-markets and small shops, I paid very few to sustain myself. Brunei is full of low-cost options and they’re not hard to find. Not having the temptation of cold-beer, helped me keeping this cost lower than expected. Tap water in BSB is safe to drink too, so you can replenish your bottle during your stay.



All in all, being alone I didn’t splurge at all (and for sure not as the Sultan of Brunei) but still discovered an entirely new and unique country without missing any of the most iconic hotspots.

Being fit and flexible with the dates for sure helped me, but even if you’re not, Brunei makes for a definitely accesible destination as it’s plenty of budget possibilities. Not the cheapest country of the SE Asian region, but certainly not exhorbitant too.




Did you like my article and found it useful? Do you have any question or would you like to leave further information?

Leave a comment below and let’s get in touch! 🙂



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