About Me

Few Words Short and Crispy

Hello Beautiful People,

I am Dani!

I am 31, Italian and a traveler at heart, I started when I was 17 and never stopped.

In-between these (almost) 15 years travelling, I learned to speak 6 languages and graduated with two masters in Sustainable Business and International Management (CEMS), but never really considered seeking a job in a large company.

Instead, I spent most of my carreer working as a tourist entertainer: singing, dancing, presenting, acting, organizing parties, playing sports, painting, laughing my heart out and overall, spreading happiness!

As of 2021, I decided to invest my savings in bulding an orange campervan DIY and to start traveling the world full-time, nice to meet you!

Ps. I forgot to mention, yes…I love ice-cold BEER too! ;D

– Dani

Why I Started

Lost on the Route?

I always admired other people’s travel blogs.

In the same way, I always wished that one day, I could open one too to share my adventures with the people I love and to meet other people in the process.

I felt for a long time I never had time to put my head to it, and I was making excuses (for years!).

Then Coronavirus came along, and took away all my the excuses: now I had the time (lots of it!)  to do what I always wished for, and so I did it!

The name “Lost on the Route” came to me because it links to my burning passion for travelling, but can be also related to the life journey that every person has to walk, and which often throws us out of our planned ways.

You’re welcome to stay, until you’ll find a way back to your Route! 🙂

PS. I am very bad travel blogger at taking pictures, but I’m working on it!