5 Unknown Beaches of Sri Lanka that will Charm you!

unknown secret beaches of sri lanka

After a few years of hyperinflation and economic turmoil, the country of Sri Lanka seems to be slowly recovering its stability and so, the tourism toward this gorgeous country-island in the Indian Ocean seems to be once again on the rise.

Sri Lanka’s southwestern beaches such as Bentota, Hikkaduwa, and Unawatuna have always been a hit: After all, long beaches, lazy palms, fine sands, and emerald waters are everywhere to be found!

Relatively easy to access from the commercial capital of Colombo and the international airport, both of which also lie along the west coast, these beaches see a lot of local and international visitors alike every year.

But, what about more private and less touristy beaches?

If you’re willing to travel a little farther, you should know Sri Lanka is not just the South-West!

By going off the beaten track, you can unravel the hidden charms of the island’s more distant coastlines that lie farther south, north, and east.

What’s your reward if you take the plunge? Pristine shores feel largely untouched and promise all the peace and serenity of a relaxing and idyllic oceanside escape.

In this article, we see five secret paradise beaches that Sri Lanka has to offer in the deep south, the northwest, and the east coast, that you might want to consider visiting while on the island ;D

Let’s dive right in! 🙂


Let’s get started!

1. Tangalle Beach, Sri Lanka


tangalle beach sri lanka - unknown beaches in sri lanka

If your ideal beach vacation involves scenic solitude, Tangalle is sure to not disappoint.

Comparatively isolated, this beach is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Located in the deep south of the island, it’s a place where you can enjoy quiet walks on the beach and hear yourself think as you listen to the soothing sounds of nature.


Travel Time from Colombo & the International Airport: Approx. 3 hours

Travel Time from Galle (a major city in the South): Approx. 1 hour 15 minutes

2. Pasikudah Beach, Sri Lanka


pasikudah beach in sri lanka - secret and unknown sri lanka beaches

Located diagonally northeast of Colombo, all the way on the opposite side of the island from the country’s main international airport sits Pasikudah.

Pasikudah is a beautiful stretch of coastline that’s located at the center of Sri Lanka’s east coast.

The particularity of this beach which is renowned among locals are its crystal clear waters and its generous expanse of shallow ocean: perfect for safe wading, swimming, and relaxing!

Out of all the beaches in Sri Lanka, Pasikudah is one of the most reminiscent of the waters of the Maldives, one of Sri Lanka’s maritime neighbors.


Travel Time from Colombo: Approx. 5 hours 45 minutes

Travel Time from the International Airport:  Approx. 4 hours 45 minutes

Travel Time from Trincomalee (a major city in the East):  Approx. 2 hours 15 minutes


3. Nilaveli Beach, Sri Lanka


nilaveli beach in sri lanka

Sitting further south of Pasikudah Beach and not far from the town of Trincomalee, also on the island’s eastern shoreboard is Nilaveli.

This is arguably one of the island’s cleanest beaches.

The epitome of peace and quietude, escape here to spend lazy hours on a beach that feels like it’s located in the middle of nowhere in the most wonderful of ways.

If you go when the waters are calm, you can safely wade out for hundreds of meters…and in the evenings the Nilaveli sunset: well that’s something indescribable!

Nilaveli’s location is fairly remote, and one of the best ways to enjoy continued access to it is to stay at a hotel nearby, such as one of the Uga Escapes luxury resorts in Sri Lanka which is a mere 20-minute drive away.



Travel Time from Colombo: Approx. 5 hours
Travel Time from the International Airport: Approx. 4 hours 30 minutes
Travel Time from Trincomalee (a major city in the East): Approx. 20 minutes



4. Kalpitiya


klapitiya beach in sri lanka

A picturesque beach located on the northwest coast of the island, Kalpitiya is not always the first beach that comes to mind when people plan a seaside escape in Sri Lanka; however, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be!

If you’re happy to make the journey up north along the west coast, you’ll arrive at this peaceful beach that offers the perfect conditions for activities such as kitesurfing.

It’s also a great set-off point for excursions such as dolphin and whale watching at certain times of the year.


Travel Time from Colombo: Approx. 3 hours 20 minutes

Travel Time from the International Airport & Negombo (a major city in the Northeast): Approx. 3 hours


5. Carp Heaven Lake, Hungary



Pigeon Island is a very tiny island (4,7km2 acres) off the North-Eastern coast of Sri Lanka.

The island is today a national park and can be reached only by boat (or swimming… although it’s not the easiest deed as it sits at over 2km from the coast).

The highlight of a trip to Pigeon Island are both its green nature and cute hilly walk, and one of the most gorgeous remaining coral reefs in Sri Lanka, with high live coral cover.

This alone makes Pigeon Island one of the most ideal locations for scuba diving and snorkeling in Sri Lanka: of course, don’t forget to be respectful of the place, don’t litter, and leave everything better than you found it! 😉


Travel Time from Colombo: Approx. 6 hours




And here we are at the end of this article 😀

In this post we have seen 5 of the most gorgeous Sri Lanka’s secluded beaches which usually fly off the tourist radar: If you’re looking for peace, wilderness, and relax, here you can’t go wrong!

As always, I hope this short article was of use to you! 🙂

Before going I’d like to ask you what you think about this article.

Have you been to Sri Lanka before?

Have you visited one of the above-mentioned places?

Do you know other hidden and secret beaches that could make the list?

If yes, then let me know in the comments below! (I always like chatting and meeting new people!).

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a happy life!

See you in the next article 🙂


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